The Best Santa Pic….EVER. (I Promise.)


We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this little gem….

The picture below was posted on my old collage buddy's facebook wall.  It's of his friend's niece and nephew.  We're re-posting it here with permission.  My friend wrote:

This is a real picture of my buddy's niece and nephew years ago. I dare anyone to present a more amazingly perfect Santa/Christmas picture. Then entire experience of holidays stress, having toddlers and babies, indoor/outdoor environments requiring too many clothes changes, too many people, too much waiting, and all the constant work to make memories are all encapsulated in this gift of a split second. 
Spend some time looking at it, then go away, then look at it some more, then look at each kid individually for 10 whole seconds, only then quickly shift to Santa's face.


OMG.  Priceless.

I can't get over the baby.  And his sister making a break for it.  But the baby.  In his Christmas sweater.  Clearly screaming "F-THIIIIIIIIIIISSSSS" in baby-talk.  

And there are really no words for Santa's face.  No. Words.  (His eyes!!! OMG!  Look at his eyes!! LOLOL)

Happy Holidays, Mamas.




  1. All I can think is poor Santa!
    This is why we didn’t do baby pics with Santa. Too traumatic for both of them! I personally don’t love seeing my babies unhappy but I know some people think the screaming baby with Santa pics are funny. 🙂

  2. Poor Santa, and poor, poor children. I hate pictures like this. I don’t understand why so many parents force their children to sit on a stranger’s lap when they are clearly freaked out by it. “Kids, don’t talk to strangers, except this one with a beard covering half his face. He’s okay.” I won’t even bring up sitting on Santa’s lap with my kids unless/until they ask me about it.

  3. this made my night! i needed that laugh. i love christmas and all that goes with it- the lights (oh, the lights), the wonderment of the kids, celebrating the birth of jesus… BUT i feel like i am the ONLY mom that also believes that ALL moms should be able to pick up a months supply of xanax on dec 1st. it seems every mom i see (online and in real life) during december is full of happiness and glitter-no worries. please tell me someone else feels like the kids in the picture… trying to make a break for it whilst screaming?!?!

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