I Tried On…5 Sporty Sherpa Coats


Cozy time in cute sherpa coats? You don’t have to ask me twice. This try-on is for everyday, wearable, cozy sherpa jackets that – honestly? – we all want to live in this time of year.

I’m gonna get right to it because I don’t have to convince y’all that a soft cozy jacket is something worth diving into. But it did dawn on me how valuable these try-ons are not just for getting sizing and fit and feel right, but also for the benefit of really being able to compare multiple options next to each other at once. You don’t get that ordering one at a time.

Found: The Best Sporty Sherpa Jackets

So, here’s a quick list of the jackets I tried, if you want to click right through to them. For more details and pics, keep scrolling.

The best

Coat (S) | Jeans (28) | Ugg Minis

5 Fuzzy, Sherpa Jackets With A Sporty Vibe

Below are 5 sherpa (or fleece? or fuzzy?) jackets that caught my eye. Most are mid length (or longer), since that’s what I naturally gravitate towards.

1 | Athleta Cozy Day Hybrid Coat

The best sherpa jackets for women. Athleta hybrid coat.

Coat (S) | Jeans (28) | Ugg Minis

I mean, winner winner you-know-the-rest…this one is so fabulous. So cozy, long enough, just oversized enough, soft…and wait until you see the back. SMART.

Pros: Double-zipper, soft wristbands, great collar, covers your butt, comes in 3 colors, super cozy inside and out, offered in Reg XXS – 3X + Tall + Petite, back made of nylon material will hold up better over time than sitting on sherpa.

Cons: No hood.

Coat (S) | Jeans (28) | Ugg Minis

2 | Anthropologie Long Sherpa Teddy Coat

I almost didn’t include this Anthropologie jacket because it took longer to arrive than the rest, but I’m so glad I did. While it’s got a slightly different vibe to some of these here I like how it provides some variety in the try-on. It’s like if a barn jacket, a sherpa jacket and a lady jacket had a baby?

On the site I thought it was more of a true faux leather trim and placket here, but it’s kind of a textured synthetic fabric. It feels like it would hold up well. The sherpa might shed a bit here at first, but feels well-made otherwise. This color!

The best sherpa jackets for women. Anthropologie long sherpa teddy coat.

Coat (S) | Jeans (28) | Ugg Minis

Pros: Gorgeous color, zip-off hood, awesome construction, chic style, comes in Petite sizing, too.

Cons: Super cozy outside, but not as cozy inside; faux leather looks slightly inexpensive up-close.

Coat (S) | Jeans (28) | Ugg Minis

3 | Zella Cozy Faux Shearling Jacket

This is such a soft jacket but maybe it’s…too soft. It’s not bad for under $100 but it did feel less structured and maybe not quite as well-made as the rest of the options I tried. I think this is fine if you need a true super soft jacket, but if you’re looking for something to last you years and hold up to lots of wears, I don’t know if this is it.

And honestly while patch pockets look cute and trendy right now, they aren’t the best for jackets you really want to put your cold hands in-to. They’re an awkward angle. I’m typically impressed with Zella’s jackets, but while this one looked so cute on the website it wasn’t as impressive in person.

Coat (S) | Jeans (28) | Ugg Minis

Pros: Super soft, under $100, pretty taupe color, at Nordstrom.

Cons: No hood, no double zipper, runs small in hips, slightly lower quality.

Coat (S) | Jeans (28) | Ugg Minis

4 | The North Face Extreme Pile Coat

This green is what drew me to trying this lovely The North Face option. I mean, gah, it’s a good green.

I wasn’t stoked to see how the neck kinda lays weirdly with my crewneck tee, but check how they have it styled on the site here…love how it’s zipped. And it would be perfect for someone who wears hoodies all the time, so the additional hood or collar wouldn’t get in the way of that.

The best sherpa jackets for women. The North Face extreme pile coat.

Coat (S) | Jeans (28) | Ugg Minis | Scarf

Pros: Beautiful green shade, high quality, double zipper, some stretch to fabric, elastic at wrists for warmth, neck is perfect for wearing hoodies.

Cons: No collar or attached hood.

For that neckline reason, I tried my recent giant Free People scarf purchase on with it and oh my. They are a match made in heaven, eh? It’s giving real Lenny Kravitz vibes that I am here for and have tried to channel for years.

Coat (S) | Jeans (28) | Ugg Minis | Scarf

5 | LL Bean Mountain Pile Fleece Coat

This style is pretty classicly outdoorsy (it’s right at home here in the PNW) and is cozy while still being super high quality. Unlike the Zella jacket above, this LL Bean Fleece (also at Zappos) feels structured and solid. It has

Coat (S) | Jeans (28) | Ugg Minis

Pros: High quality especially for the price, cozy outside, double zipper, hood, outdoorsy style.

Cons: Runs small in the hips, feels a bit less on-trend.

Coat (S) | Jeans (28) | Ugg Minis

And for comparison, here is the Patagonia Dusty Mesa jacket I’ve had for a few years. It doesn’t get daily wear here (honestly no sherpa jacket can in the rain) but it has held up seriously well. But as much as I love Patagonia as a company, I’d say the LL Bean option is just as well-made and you can’t beat that its $70 less.

Coat (S)

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If a sherpa jacket or coat has been on your list, I hope this is helpful in your search! As always, let me know if there’s anything you have tried or owned in this realm that you adore!



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