The Best Shoes and Boots From The 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


One of my very favorite parts of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? The shoes and boots. I typically look for two pairs: First, a new go-to for Fall — something comfortable, chic, easy to wear everyday….as well as one exciting pair. And I expect my exciting pair to be both statement-making and comfortable because I’m a girl who wants what she wants.

Since footwear is such a big deal, I decided to come up with some sort of scoring system for this Mother of All Shoe Try-ons. I’m calling it the “TME Comfort Score” and here’s what I’m thinkin’:

TME Comfort Score 1 – You can walk – like really walk, not hobble – for at least several hours in this shoe. It doesn’t rub, it doesn’t pinch, yet it meets (or exceeds) our minimum quality control for cool and chic.

TME Comfort Score 2 – It still meets our baseline for cool, but there’s something wrong: the heel is slightly too high, or maybe it’s comfortable only in small doses, etc.

TME Comfort Score 3 – BOOO we hate it. Buy at your own risk.

It’s worth pointing out that while the brands and styles may seem intimidating, there’s a range of price points in our picks, and many of these are a delightful bargain waiting to be had.

I’ll be updating this list as more pairs arrive (I’m still waiting on…two?)….and, if you catch this article in time, we’ll be doing an Instagram live tonight (Wednesday, July 18 at 7PM EST) on @themomedit to talk about alllll the shoes and boots.

If you don’t want to read through my entire dissertation on the many facets of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Shoe & Boot edition (and I can’t imagine why not #snort), allow me to summarize, briefly:

My Top Five Shoes and Boots in The 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

These five pairs of shoes and boots below all meet TME Comfort Score 1. They also hit that sweet spot of practicality and chic, and are the ones I’m seriously considering adding into my closet (or own already).

1. Vince Sneaker Boots

Mine are from two years ago, but I have even higher hopes for this year’s model, the Vince Coleman Sneaker. They feel like sneakers, but have a sleek, chic look — they look more like a Chelsea boot than a sneaker.  I get tons of compliments on mine, and readers who have also taken the plunge have raved about them. This year’s version has a longer, sock-like shaft, making these boots even more on-trend (and perfect for pairing with cropped jeans).

Vince Coleman Sneakers

2. Stuart Weitzman OTK Boots

I wear these Stuart Weitzman boots all winter long. They make leggings look like real pants, they make skinny jeans badass, and dresses and skirts warm enough for winter wear. This year’s Weitzman OTK boot has a slight heel and a rugged sole that I totally appreciate, as well as updated strings at the top to keep the boots up (the new ones won’t be messy and untied like mine).

Stuart Weitzman OTK Boots

3. Jeffrey Campbell Coma Stretch Bootie

Since I already own the Vince Sneaker boots and a pair of trusty Weitzmans….this plaid pair from Jeffrey Campbell was the one I was most excited about. They’re a game-changing, outfit-making boot (especially if you are as into all-black as I am), but the heel is walkable and the upper is soft, making these boots honestly comfortable – even with bare legs. (I styled them a ton of different ways in my huge dressing room selfie article if you are interested).

Jeffrey Campbell Coma Stretch Bootie (Black White Plaid) – TTS

4. Lewit Flats With Ruffle

This was a reader recommendation, and I’m SO GLAD Allison gave me a head’s up: “I absolutely loved the Lewit Alessia flat so much that I bought them in black and pink. The little ruffle on the toe is surprisingly a game-changer. They are beyond cushy and don’t pinch the toes at all, which I find rare for a pointy toe shoe.”

Allison nailed it – I totally agree with everything she said.

Lewit Alessia Flat (Black)

5. Eileen Fisher Heels

I’m always on the hunt for comfortable heels, ones in which I can actually walk Philly’s cobblestone streets. These Eileen Fisher heels are so freaking comfortable that I almost labeled this section BREAKING NEWS: COMFIEST HIGH HEELS EVER FOUND.  And I’m loving the lighter shoe — it just feels so modern.


Eileen Fisher Tilda Stacked Heel Pump (Earth Suede)

The Best of the Chelsea Boots

1. Frye Carly Chelsea Boot


I really love these Frye Chelsea boots. They’re a traditional Chelsea boot, but with a cool zipper detail, and the trademark gorgeous Frye leather.  I also threw on a pair of socks, just so you can see how I’d actually wear them.

Frye Carly Chelsea Boot (Cognac Leather)

2. Joe’s Mica Chelsea Bootie


These Joe’s booties are actually navy.  Which means they’re perfect for jeans + gray sweaters. Not that anyone we know here who likes gray sweaters…. #hahaALLOFYOU

Joe’s Mica Chelsea Bootie (Space Cadet Suede)

3. Sorel Lolla Cutout Bootie


These SOREL booties are maybe the most comfortable out of the bunch. And the soles feel nice and grippy with good traction. But I was surprised by how they looked: not exciting, necessarily, but kinda cool and rugged. (Photo against the white floor is the most true-color photo. )

These are actually more brown than olive (see center photo).

Sorel Lolla Cutout Bootie (Ash Brown)

4. Cole Haan Leopard Print Boots


It’s hard to beat Cole Haan when talking about comfort. Wear these leopard boots like a neutral (Laura so perfectly illustrated this point last winter when she wore her leopard print boots with….wait for it…literally everything.)

Cole Haan Harrington Grand Buckle Bootie

5. Dolce Vita Tommi Perforated Bootie 


I had reallllly high hopes for these Dolce Vita Booties. They even came home with me. However….see that back zipper?  When I walk around for a while, it starts to rub against my heel. GRRRRR. Am hoping they just need to be broken in???

Dolce Vita Tommi Perforated Bootie (Tan Nubuck)

6. Blondo Verona Waterproof Bootie


These waterproof boots are comfortable, and there’s something about the lines…a subtle design detail I like. They’re reminiscent of desert boots. Why not a comfort score of 1? They fit a little tight with socks, and the leather is a tiny bit stiffer than the others (but that might be the waterproofing).

Blondo Verona Waterproof Bootie (Taupe Suede)

7. Vince Camuto Pevista Bootie


I have two issues with these boots: One, the color is very….nondescript.  One could recover from this, however, except for my next issue: They are horribly uncomfortable on the instep. Granted, I have a high instep, but with each step I am basically stepping on the lowest part of that side-braid detail and it was actually painful.

Vince Camuto Pevista Bootie (Foxy Suede)

The Best of The OTK And Tall Boots

My favorites, as mentioned in the Top 5, are the Weitzman OTK boots.  But here are a few others to consider….

1. Sam Edelman Caprice Knee-High Boot 


I featured these in my dressing room selfies article, and, as mentioned, these are a great way to try the slouchy boot trend.  I especially love them with dresses and skirts. They’re currently sold out, but are definetely worth stalking.

Sam Edelman Caprice Knee-High Boot (Golden Caramel Suede) *sold out – TTS

2. Steve Madden Brinkley Over-The-Knee Boots


Scotti likes her OTK Steve Maddens! She likes the pointed toe, the walkable heel, and the fact that they stay up on her leg.  (I just like that her cute pregnant self looks adorable in mini dresses and OTK boots.)

Steve Madden Brinkley OTK Boots

The Best of The High-Heeled Boots

If you recall, my very favorite high-heeled boot is the plaid Jeffrey Campbell featured at the top.  But if that isn’t your jam, or you were just curious about another pair…here are the others worth talking about:

1. Steve Madden Boom Hiker Boots


Another pair I featured in my dressing room selfies article. These Steve Madden Boots are a bit quirky – not for everyone, perhaps – but I LOVED them.  Comfy and cute, and a fun option for dreary winters.

Steve Madden Boom Hiker Boots (Cognac Multi) – TTS

2. Louise Et Cie Sonya Pointy Toe Bootie


OH MY GOSH HOW FUN ARE THESE BOOTS?  I swear…throw on with jeans and a tee et voila:  Date night, done. I’m obsessed.  That heel height is as high as I’m willing to go, but they were surprisingly walkable.  Not sneaker-walkable….but sexy high-heel walkable.  Because I’d wear mine over a pair of black Smartwool socks…I do think I could walk around Philly at night.

Louise Et Cie Sonya Pointy Toe Bootie (Leopard Pony Hair)

3. Aquatalia Carrie Weatherproof Bootie


Scotti and I both tried on the Aquatalia sock boots. We love that they’re waterproof (seriously, how handy is THAT?, with a completely walkable heel.  The sock boot part comes up nice and high, but runs a tiiiiny bit loose (but Scotti and I both have pretty scrawny ankles).  These are an on-trend, really solid choice for Fall/Winter.

Aquatalia Carrie Waterproof Boots

4. Kork Ease Elfa Bootie


Umm…I really liked these Kork-Ease booties! They look like something a librarian (who is secretly a highly trained marine) would wear…but I’m totally into that vibe.  The heel is high, but is it too high?  Nyet!  (haha – too soon?)

Kork Ease Elfa Bootie (Burgundy Suede)

5. Vince Camuto Kentvi Sandals


Ok, these Vince Camuto sandals are ah-mazing in every way…except ONE: they are a tiiiiny bit too high for me to easily stomp around Philly. Should they have gotten a TME Comfort Score of 1? Perhaps. One could argue. But I’m a TOUGH JUDGE and I don’t hit that gold button for nuthin.

Vince Camuto Kentvi Sandals (French Taupe) – TTS

6. rag & bone Romi Chelsea Boots


Here’s the thing with these rag & bone boots: On, they’re perfection. They’re also some of the cutest boots in the sale.  Which turns out to be a good thing, because if you’d like to ever take them off…HAHAHAHA!  Removing these stupid boots requires sitting down and wrestling your own foot for wayyyy too many minutes on a 90 degree day in your 3rd floor room where the air conditioning doesn’t work.

Best to just leave them on.  Forever.

rag & bone Romi Chelsea Bootie – TTS

7. Steve Madden Rumble Perforated Bootie


Pros:  These Steve Madden boots are suuuuper lightweight. It feels as though your feet suddenly lost weight. (In hindsight, that may have just been the delirium caused by foot wrestling at 90 degrees with previous boots.)  And you can actually feel air through the perforation. They’re comfortable to walk in, too.

Cons:  See the top? That little rolled hem at the top of the shaft?  It rubs uncomfortably against my ankles when I walk. You could wear socks of course, but…I AM KIDDING DO NOT WEAR SOCK WITH THESE.  OMG Steve Madden, you were SO CLOSE.

Steve Madden Rumble Perforated Bootie (Taupe Suede) –

The Best High Heels In The 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

AKA the category of shoe that is most likely to never leave my house.  Unless it’s a Lyft kind of date night, the rarest of the rare. Then these babies come to PAR-TAY.

1. Vince Camuto Joryln Mule


Um.  I like these Vince Camuto Mules. They are a little bit wide on my foot, but only the tiniest bit, and I think I could walk to a restaurant?  I mean…not an Old City or even a Center City restaurant but perhaps one a few blocks away?  Also, the suede is soft and these just get a mad amount of fun points for being red and studded. (Available in other colors, too, but the red is calling my name.)

Vince Camuto Jorlyn Mule (Tomato Tango Suede)

2. Rebecca Minkoff Galyn Mule


I found these Rebecca Minkoff Mules even more comfortable than the red studded mules (above).  They fit my foot perfectly, which means that I could actually walk in these.  Not like I walk in heeled boots — all STOMP STOMP STOMP – but more of a dainty mule-prance.  Still, these are Walking Mules, rather than just Sitting Mules or Standing Mules which, if I’m being honest here, make up at least 80% of the mule population.

Rebecca Minkoff Galyn Mule (Black Suede)

3. Gentle Souls Charlene Peep Toe


Scotti loves the Charlene, Charlene, Char-leeeene. This heeled sandal has a super comfy footbed (memory foam?) and a walkable heel. I can’t decide on which color I like better, but am leaning to the lighter one…??

Gentle Souls Charlene Peep Toe

4. rag & bone Matteo Mule


Well.  These pale suede leather mules is just asking for some red wine to be spilled on it, but these are summer shoes and I’m a white wine drinker, soooooo…OK.  My biggest issue (and the reason for the TME Comfort Score of 2) is that they were so wide they were falling off my foot.  Making these decidedly NOT walkable (despite the lower heel).  The outside of the shoe has a buckle which I tried to tighten, but the design is such that the strap won’t actually fit through the opening to get to the smallest hole.  I gave up.

rag & bone Matteo Mule (Light Grey Suede)

5. Marc Fisher LTD. Valen Sandal


AHHHH….I really wanted to love these Marc Fisher sandals. They were in the catalog, and when they fit properly, they just look strappy and cool.  When they fit wide and sloppy (like on me, below), they end result is poorly bandaged feet.

Marc Fisher LTD. Valen Sandal (Taupe Suede) – TTS

6. Lewit Marta Slingback Pump


The leather is super soft and the front (despite the pointed toe) doesn’t pinch. I’m obsessed with lines the lines of these Lewit pumps — so modern and fresh. The only reason I gave these a TME Comfort Score of 2 is because I couldn’t get the back strap to stay up while walking.

Lewit Marta Slingback Pump (Black) – TTS

7. Louise Et Cie Tweed Pumps


Gosh I love how these tweed pumps look. And if you are One Who Happily Breaks In Shoes, I suspect these will be fine.  I just found them a tiiiiny bit stiff when walking around.  Nothing that a couple days of breaking-in wouldn’t cure, and if I was still working in an office I’d probably snap them up (TWEED OMG YES) but that is not my life at the moment.

Louise et Cie Jayant Pump (Lotus Multi Tweed) – TTS

8. Sam Edelman Orlane Sandal


Disappointing. The fabric isn’t nearly as cute close-up, and the front of the sandal is too tight and scratchy….nope.

Sam Edelman Orlane Sandal (Dusty Rose Jacquard) – TTS

9. BP Heeled Mule


Gang, I know everyone has been recommending these BP Mules on IG…but I found them wildly uncomfortable.  Too high, too stiff, and the front part rubbed against the top of my toes.  (They’re pretty, and really flattering on, though.)

BP Heeled Mule

The Best Sneakers

My very favorite sneaker is the Vince Coleman High Top Sneaker, featured in the TOP 5 section of this article.  But there were a few others worth talking about….

1. The Ones With The Swoosh


These are an easy win.  So easy, in fact, that they’re currently sold out.  But worth stalking, just in case.  I love when a sneaker looks equally chic with jeans or bare legs.

Nike Blazer Low Essential Sneakers – TTS

2. UGG Sydney Sneaker


I keep trying to order this darn sneaker, but my order keeps getting cancelled.  Annoying.  But I really love how this sneaker looks – the espadrille-like bottom is especially cool, and I was comfortable rating it a TME Comfort Score 1 because several TME readers have raved about this shoe.

UGG Sydney Sneaker (Black)

3. Vince Cantara Slip-On Sneaker


These are so freaking sleek, they make everything look cool, and you can walk for miles in them.  My only beef is that when I put them on, the tongue got stuck behind that knit panel and I had to go dig it out.  Every. Time.

Vince Cantara Slip-On Sneaker (Black)

The Best Flat Shoes in the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

You’ll notice I don’t have any flat mules in this list.  Well.  I tried on roughly 6-8 pairs in-store and then came to this realization:  I’m skipping this trend.  Every pair I tried either wasn’t comfortable, or it would kick itself off of my foot when I tried to walk like a normal person.  I’ve had more luck with slide sandals than I do with the backless loafers.  And while I’ll give a high-heel a little room in the comfort department…overly precious flat shoes?  No bueno.

That said, there were a few pairs worth looking at….

1. Eileen Fisher Hutton Ankle Strap Shoe


These Eileen Fisher flats are nice and cushy, with a very soft leather upper.  The overall design, however, is such that the ankle strap pulls a bit while walking.  If these shoes also gave me some height I’d put up with it…but a flat shoe needs to be COMFORTABLE or I just switch to sneakers.


Eileen Fisher Hutton Ankle Strap Shoe (Black Suede)

2. Vince Darlington Flats


Another pair of flats that need to be broken in.  Vince leather just gets softer with wear so I have no doubt that these would end up being amazing…but I don’t have the patience to break anything in.  Also, I had some sizing issues:  my normal size wouldn’t stay on my foot when walking, but a half size down started to get tight on my toes (hence the break-in period).

Vince Darlington Flats – run big

3. Sole Society Talbia Loafers


Scotti really liked these Sole Society loafers.  Unlike most loafers, which tend to be really structured, these were a little stretchier and softer.  She had to fiddle around with sizing, though – her normal “boot size” was way too big, but her “sandal size” (a half-size smaller) was a bit tight.  She thinks that the smaller size, with a little breaking-in, will be perfect.

Sole Society Talbia Loafers

Happy shopping!




  1. This is great! Thank you! Too bad the tweed pumps only got a 2, I think they are so cute, but a tad too high for me. When I shop for shoes I also see how much one side weighs. If it weights a lot, like some platform sandals, or stacked sneakers, I don’t bother trying them on.

  2. The Vince high tops were one of the first things I purchased this year. I have the same pair you do but wanted this updated version and in the grey. I have a high arch and the shoes are impossible to get on. I struggled to get one on and gave up. They are cute but they are going back.

  3. Awesome shoe post. I wanted to love the Vince Darlington but I too don’t have the patience to break them in. I did however fall in love with the Marc Fisher Yentia Chelsea boot in black. Comfy with a kick of bad ass.

  4. I must give you a round of applause. I can only imagine how much time it took to try on all the shoes and write such an informative and lengthy post. Honestly, this is amazing.

  5. I had same problem and had to size up in these because of this and they seemed to run shorter than my other Vince shoes. I do love them once on…except I can’t quite decide what I think about the higher shaft. I stand all day at work teaching so if I can get away with them with a blazer and like silk cami I’m keeping them. Thoughts?

  6. I picked up the Sofft Wyoming bootie in Anthracite. Really comfortable and neutral without being dull. LOVE Sofft shoes. I teach and I’m on my feet ALL day and they never disappoint. Thanks for all the hard work you and TME put into sales week. Y’all must be TIRED!

  7. Another stellar post!! I just received my Aquatalia ( chocolate) boots in the mail yesterday. They are a beautifully made boot (the seaming really is impressive), the color looks great with lighter wash jeans, and the heel height is very walkable. I just didn’t love them- the sole is just a little too delicate looking and I didn’t love the square toe. While I just can’t get on the super pointed toe band wagon yet, I think maybe the toe box would have felt a little fresher if it were more rounded.
    After reading ( and re-reading) this post and having my size sell out briefly for a day ( which made me want/stalk them even more) I ordered the Weitzman OTK boots. ?

  8. This is a very helpful post. Did you try the Toms Leila mules? Or the Gentel Souls Eugene flat? I ordered both of those so we’ll see how they fit.

  9. I also ordered the Dolce Vita perforated booties and am having a hard time deciding if that back zipper rub is going to bother me! Have you had enough time to see if it’s going to be okay after breaking them in? Thanks!!

  10. How do you style the Vince Coleman sneaker? It my first high top sneaker buy and I’m not sure if my eye is just not used to the proportion? Do you wear it with a tight skinny jean, a looser fit? I assume bottom of the jean has to hit above top of the sneaker?? I want to love them, they are sooo comfortable but I can’t figure out how to wear them….

  11. Shana, thanks for this post. This must have taken so much time and effort. Very appreciated.

    I ordered the Louise et Cie booties in the leopard print. They are GORGEOUS. I echo what Shana said about them being more comfortable than expected. I typically do not ever buy any heel over 3.5 inches, but made an exception in this case. They definitely do not feel like 4″ heels. Just beautiful.

    I took the advice of prior reviews and sized up. Typically 6.5 and occasionally 6. I bought 7, and they are perfect.

  12. I want to purchase the Sorel Lolla Cut Out Boots for fall and early winter…what socks do you recommend??…was thinking some Smartwool Low Cut socks but wanted to get your opinion…thanks, love your post.

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