The Best Shoes for Moms Right Now


You probably know me as Shana’s curly haired friend.  I’m also known, though, in some circles as Shana’s practical friend who loves comfy shoes, is not afraid of ending fun when bedtime calls, shrieks with glee over a good check-list, and wouldn’t be caught dead EVER EVER EVER in denim underwear (still love you, though, Shana).  Shana may say I shut down fun too quickly, but I like to think of myself as her personal “Voice of Reason”…sometimes even invoking my teacher voice and a few eye rolls.

So, when Shana asked if I wanted to take a look at the “Best Shoes for Moms Right Now”, I said yes—of course, but only with the stipulation that it would be a full article of comfortable (but cute) “Linzi-Approved” shoes for moms … (says the lady who pretty much only wears Danskos). Shana, of course, is a risk-taker and was willing to give it a shot.  So, my TME friends…here it goes.  Linzi’s curated version of The Best Shoes for Moms Right Now, broken down into six closet-organization categories:


1. Silver Eileen Fisher Sandals // 2. Black (Awesome for Walking) Fly London Wedges  // 3. Blue Boden Beauties // 4. Indigo New Balance Sneaks // 5. Red Saltwater Sandals // 6. Black (Ridiculously Comfortable) FitFlops

And Now for Some More…

A Neutral “Go-To”


Just for Fun


Taking Care of Business


A Good Fashion Sneak


A “Water-Play” Option


Something to Slip On (…As You Are Running Out the Door)



Let me know what other comfort brands you guys love.  Would love to try out some new ones!



  1. I’ll take one of everything! I have been wanting a pair of birks for years…but every summer when I try them on they look ridiculous on my bird legs. I love how they look on everyone else, but they just look clunky on me. And I’ve never seen fitflop, those might be a new go to. Thanks for the post!

    • Thanks, Christa–I’m so happy you liked these. If you like the look of Fitflops, they really are like walking on clouds. I have to warn you, though, it’s very difficult to go back to regular sandals after trying them.

  2. I just added a pair of Pons Avarcas to my summer slip-on wardrobe. I’ve had my eye on them ever since I saw them everywhere in Spain a few years ago. They’re super comfortable and as an added bonus my toes only barely peek out. So if my pedi is on its last legs I can still wear cute sandals.

  3. These are great. All the moms in LA are wearing Danskos and Birks and a bunch of these! Pinning this post for more options. Thank you, Linzi!

  4. I recently bought a pair of Red Saltwater sandals and I love them! As for shoes that are appropriate for work and comfy, I love Rothy’s points! They come in a bunch of neutral colors, as well as some pops of color. They are made from recyclable bottles and are super comfy all day long. (I actually did a pretty intense review of them on my blog if you’re looking for lots of info)!

    I do like the look of the blue-gray Eileen Fishers, but I just can’t justify paying that much for a pair of shoes that seem too casual for my day-to-day work requirements!

  5. I love Fly London shoes. I am a comfortable shoe devotee too. This article is just what I’m interested in for shoes. More please in the future.

  6. My favorite summer slip-ons right now are the Earth Date sneaker – looks super similar to your LOFT pair, but in suede and different colors (I have the blush). More expensive than LOFT, but a wider size range and better construction, probably also more supportive.

  7. Oops, forgot to say – by “wider size range” I mean that it goes down to a size 5. I don’t know whether it comes in *larger* extended sizing, because that’s the opposite of my problem! All of the cute shoes I clicked on from this article were unavailable or sold out in my size 🙁

    • Such a bummer that some of these brands don’t go down to size 5. I know finding sizes on either end of the range can be challenging. Glad to hear that Earth Date has a wider size range–I’m excited to check them out.

  8. Thank you for doing this! I love seeing more practical options on the blog. I hope we can see some styling tips for these since comfy shoes seem to require additional sartorial considerations…

  9. I’ve been craving a shoe post since spring started and y’all delivered!! Glad to hear what Fly London shoes are like; I’ve been too chicken to try them so far but I’m gaga over the orange.

    • Ooooh. If you get the orange ones, Tanaya, send us a pic. I’m fairly gaga over them too and would love to see them on.

  10. Love my Gizeh Birks–the straps are still flattering on my size 10 feet while still being comfortable (classic Birks look awful on me). Those plus some Saltwaters, and I should be good for summer! For work, I agree with Joules that Rothys points are amazing…and I always love Tieks.

  11. Those Fly Londons caught my eye! Glad to hear they are truly comfortable. Do they hold up well? I remember being 14 and wondering why I would need a shoe to last more than a season because I’d want a different style next year anyway. Now I want exactly what I have to last forever. Like, 7 pairs of perfect shoes that never wear out.

    • I have several pairs now (after years of “investing” ha!) and they have all held up great. I also like that most of their styles aren’t super trendy..they just have their own unique style… so I feel good wearing them year after year.

  12. So many shoes to want! I finally got a pair of Saltwaters last summer and I love them. But now there’s a good handful more that I want now too, starting with those navy blue Birks. Thanks for the great article!

  13. Thanks for the great article! Love my birks too. Would also love to see some styling tips on how to wear all these fabulous shoes.

  14. Every pair of Fly Londons that I’ve had have held up fantastically….and I’m VERY rough on shoes. My oldest pair is a wedge Mary Jane that I’ve had for about six years, and I just had them re-soled this past winter. Their shoes are comfortable, funky, and definitely worth the spend.

    • So glad to hear you’ve had the same experience as I have with the Fly Londons. My first pair was also a wedge Mary Jane! 🙂

  15. Linzi…have you checked out Camper lately? I had pretty much forgotten about them until last summer when I friend up mine turned up at a party with a fantastic pair of sandals on. They were edgy and unique…and really comfortable (she let me try them on). I bought a pair the next day, and they are one of my go-to summer sandals again this year (along with my Fly Londons and a pair of Sam Edelman Circus).

    • Yes! Thanks, Michelle. I’ve been totally stalking some Camper flats, but I totally forgot about their sandal collection too. They ARE super good.

  16. I have the same problem (only I call them “chicken legs”). Have you tried Mephisto “Helen” sandals? Amazing footbed and similar look to Birks, but look narrower so are more flattering on me.

  17. A little late to the party, but I just had to comment. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for this awesome post. Linzi, I know you get a lot of grief for extolling the virtues of “comfort shoes”. I get it. I love the trendy, higher-heeled shoes too. I cringe when I think of what I did to my feet in my twenties — four-inch stilettos and other foot-killers on the reg. For a while now, and particularly since I’ve now passed the fifty mark (*gasp*), I have to think carefully about what I put on my tootsies. As to the reader comment about not being caught dead in any of these options, all I can say is, “Ouch”. Some of us don’t have a choice but to embrace comfort brands and styles. I love fashion (probably more than my wallet says I should) and I love so much about this blog, but I inherited my mom’s foot issues and then some: wide, flat feet with bunions. Not only can I not tolerate much in the way of fashion-y heels anymore (even though I’m not immune to torturing myself occasionally — and it is indeed torture), but I can’t even wear most peep-toes or pointy-toed shoes, or even flats without much support. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve agonized over putting together an outfit and having to compromise on the footwear component. But thankfully, somehow, I still often get compliments on many of my outfits and even footwear choices, which often involve Danskos and Sorel wedges, with some Pumas, Born, Kork-Ease, Sofft and Fitflops thrown in for good measure. My most recent summer shoe discovery is Dr. Scholl’s Scout High sandal, and I’m pretty pumped to have found something on-trend with a bit of a lift that’s that actually comfy and relatively supportive. (Woo-hoo!)

    Bottom line is: haters, please don’t hate. I, personally, am so grateful that some of these comfort brands have upped their style game in recent years. And I’m grateful some of these comfortable styles are actually considered fashionable at the moment. I would have had to cry myself to sleep if I had to wear what my mom used to affectionately term her “Minnie Mouse shoes” all the time, when her aging-foot issues prevented her from wearing the more fashionable kicks of her youth.

    Thanks again for addressing the needs of those of us who need to show our feet a little more love and still want to look fabulous doing it!

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