The Best Suits For Little Boys (They’re WASHABLE)


Over here, we suit up.  We suit up for holiday parties and Christmas Eve service, we suit up for weddings and kid’s plays, we suit up for Ballet X, and occasionally we suit up for a fancy-ish dinner out.  I want my boys to understand that sometimes an occasion calls for a suit.  (For Pax, this “occasion” is also known as “everyday” during his must-dress-like-Dad phases that pop up every few months.  It makes preschool dropoff highly entertaining.)

At this age, any suit I buy for my little guys have to meet the following criteria:

1. Affordable

2. Machine Washable

3.  Slim-fitting (none of that boxy suitcoat nonsense)

Well.  I found it.  The most perfect boys’ suits.






(Pax’s shoes are c/o locally made Mason Dixon)

The boys’ suits are from H&M. Specifically, this blazer, these pants, and – oh help – now they also have this adorable velvet tux jacket.  I DIE.  I’ve washed (and dried) their suits countless times.  They’re amazing.

If your kiddo is bigger than a size 10 (Raines is close, not there yet), you might need to try the big boys selection here.  Same stuff, but goes up to a size 14.

Cheers, H&M.  You nailed it.




Shop Boys’ Holiday Dressing

I basically follow the same formula every year:  suit from H&M +  button-down from Crewcuts (they’re the best fitting and the softest – I always try to find them on sale) + quirky tie or bow tie that they pick themselves.

Matching optional.

Happy Holidays!



This article was originally published in 2015, but was updated for the 2016 Holiday season.  All links should work.  xo!

photo credits:  the insanely talented Vafa Photography, based in Marquette, MI.  


  1. ADORABLE!! I have been searching for a stylish affordable suit for my little guy since my sisters wedding in May, and here it is <3 LOVE! I am buying one for my little man as soon as I'm in a city that has an H&M!! (They don't do online orders in Canada. I know. It's horrid of them.)
    I just had to say, San Diego? Love. Best city ever.

    • Lori – H&M just started offering online shopping in Canada (finally). I just took a quick peek and there are some boys jackets available in case that saves you a trip to a store!

  2. We’ll be home, as in actually with extended family in the PNW this holiday. Usually we don’t make the treck home from Asia, but finally after years and years we are!! I. CANNOT. WAIT!

    Anyway, when I told my 13 year old son that Christmas eve was formal, and he’d need to wear a tie and his suit, he didn’t bat an eye. See, I think these guys, they like to dress up too!

    Way to start ’em young Shana. It will definitely pay off, they are so handsome, and who doesn’t like a little dress-up time!?

    Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

  3. OMG, be still my heart is right!! I so want to do this with my two little boys, although at 2 1/2 years and 8 months we don’t have that many formal occasions to go to. Any tips to get my husband on board with this? He is anti-suit really, doesn’t wear one at his office and it was like pulling teeth to even get him to buy his first (and only) suit for our wedding!

  4. Boys in suits!!! LOVE it. All of our boys have blazers without the matching pants, just like papa. The jackets for the older two are from Zara, knit style, less structured and they made kick ass first communion outfits (although the husband prob wouldn’t approve of the words ‘ass’ and ‘first communion’ together). The younger two have more structured blazers from Boden. And occasionally they will just pop them on. I have not properly checked but I have machine washed them all. I love how your boys are styled with tee shirts and floppy bow ties. Looks great <3

  5. They look unbelievably cool AND cute — perfect combo. And YET ANOTHER REASON to adore H&M, right?! At this point, I’d say about 90% of my son’s clothes come from there, from his winter coat to his pants to his shoes. It looks great, it fits great and it’s so affordable.

  6. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! Well that’s it. I literally *have* to buy tuxedos for my dapper little dudes. They love dressing up (can’t imagine where they get it from!), and this just exploded my brain. They are both known to rock blazers, bow ties, and suspenders on the regular. Yes, suspenders! I’ll be sending a pic for your viewing pleasure Shana… <3 We've found some great and inexpensive bow ties and regular ties at Target and H&M, and most of our suspenders come from Amazon. There is nothing I love more than little dudes in fancy duds. It *almost* gets me over having no girl children. 😉

  7. Ahhhhhh!!! (that was me screaming in excitement)
    You just saved me from sewing a tuxedo for my 8-year old, who told me last week that he “really hopes Santa brings me a tuxedo so I can look like James Bond. And also wear it on dates.” hahahaha

      • I felt the need to update you, since he LOVED his gift!
        He was beyond excited to open his new outfit…”Holy crap, you got me a TUXEDO?!”
        He has since worn it as much as possible, including the night his 14-yr old sister had a group of girls over for a sleepover, changing into it with hopes to impress them enough to be allowed to hang out and watch movies with them. (it didn’t work, but he was damn cute)

  8. Thank you for this post Shana! I jumped online and bought the tuxs/suits for my boys before they sold out. You are so right! These suits are sharp, a nice not itchy fabric, and a modern cut to fit skinny boys. My boys loves them! Thanks again.

  9. Years later but I wanted you to know I got my son this suit for a wedding almost two years ago and he has worn it DOZENS of times, including to every school picture day. Because that’s what real boys wear. He just outgrew that one and I’m buying the next size up for his birthday present. Thanks again for this tip!

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