Throw Blankets to Hygge Up Your Home


Pop quiz: what’s one of the easiest, quickest and coziest way to perk up your home decor? Throw blankets! I have a few in seasonal (or kid food spill-related) rotation, and my faves are the dense, plush cozy ones I pull out when the temps drop. I found some Netflix marathon-worthy throws in faux fur, cashmere, wool and velvet to make your sofa, bed or favorite reading nook the coziest spot in the house.

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  1. I’m with the previous poster on this: I wish there were more options in wool! I have a very old Irish wool throw that the whole family fights over, and I so wish I could find a replacement for it! Anyone has any recommendations for a large 100% wool (or cashmere blend) throw? Bonus points for no fringe (the dog LOVES meditatively chewing on it…)

  2. This is perfect timing! We are in the process of updating accessories and paint in our home while we are in a limbo year. (The are we staying and renovating- or moving kind of limbo.) I am shifting the vibe to be more Scandinavian/modern in with our more classic pieces. New throws and pillows are on the list. I have some of the big faux fur soft throws for my kids, but love the suggestions of wool or cashmere. Does one have a less pill factor than the other?

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