The Best “Unofficial” Nursing Shirt Ever!


Br shirt

So, I hate to admit it, but I am a total Banana Republic
junkie.   But now that I am a SAHM, Banana's not always the look I am
going for . . . Anyway, I just happened to find this shirt and couldn't
resist.  It's the Dolman-sleeve jersey top, $59, in aubergine. 
I was wearing it the other day and had to feed my little one and
discovered that it is also the BEST nursing shirt ever.  So now it gets
even more points.  I LOVE when they make real clothes that work for
nursing and pregnant moms.   So see, even nursing moms can shop in real
people stores!  It also comes in a very pretty deep vanilla which would
work great for those of you who have babies that still spit up,
fortunately, we are passed that stage! 

– J

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