The Trunki Ride-on Suitcase – A Review


Summer! Traveling! Fun! Three year old meltdowns!

This has been our summer so far:  fun and 3 year old drama. While I cannot promise this amazing little ride-on suitcase will get rid of the drama, I can attest to the fact that it makes tromping through airports with kiddos way more fun. Follow me for all you ever needed to know about the Trunki and whether it’s a worthy purchase.


The Trunki…I was skeptical at first. Is it just another gimmick preying on parents’ fear of traveling with toddlers?

As it turns out, it’s great. Your kiddo can ride on it through the airport (or around the house!) giving you the option to go stroller-free in the airport and eliminating the need for you to carry your 30 lb child on your hip while pulling a suitcase and wearing a backpack because even though she runs all. day. long. she just can’t manage to walk one more step when you actually want her to… because she’s three.

Sienna thinks it’s a blast and it carries a bunch of stuff to keep her occupied on the plane. We had checked bags on our travels, but it could easily carry enough clothes for 3-4 days, too. What I love most about this thing is that we don’t have to wait for our stroller when we deplane and we can get to our connection in peace instead of running through DFW or ORD like crazy headless chickens. Travel = stressful, right?

The strap works as a pull handle as well as a shoulder strap…just clip it to the other side of the suitcase. Sienna can pull the suitcase herself if she needs to get some energy out and she also loves the little key mechanism you can use to lock the side clips that close the case. That in itself can keep her busy for a whole 5 minutes. The handles, a.k.a. bee antennae, give your little one something to hang on to while speeding to your gate.

This thing fits easily under the seat in front of you or in the overhead compartment on the plane. Just be sure to take care when opening those overhead compartments as items may have shifted during flight and you could chance a giant bee case beheading the person next to you. You can tell I’ve been traveling a lot lately…and watching a lot of GOT.

I included a few action shots for you (and an appearance by Pinky! Woot!) The case comes in quite a few different animal choices, so your kiddo can pick their favorite. Personally, I love Bernard the Bee because he’s easy to spot anywhere. But other options are: Pearl the Pig, Bronco the Horse, Tipu the Tiger, Frank the Firetruck, Frieda the Cow, and Hello Kitty. There’s also Zimba the Zebra for $10 more for some reason. But it’s super cute.



And here’s a little (really little) video of the suitcase in action. For your viewing pleasure…



Overall, I give this suitcase a big thumbs up. It was a worthy purchase because we fly at least 3 times a year and we rarely have direct flights. The case feels quite sturdy and has traveled well twice already with the only issue being steering. It’s a little tough to change course when you get a good pace, but seeing as most airport hallways are wide and straight it wasn’t a real problem. It was especially helpful when Sienna and I traveled by ourselves without daddy to Arkansas earlier this summer. Seriously helpful.

And, can we talk about this adorable tee shirt Sienna is wearing? It is from the lovely people at Roman + Gemma. I adore their little tees for S. She has the robot love shirt, as well. They are offering our wonderful readers of The Mom Edit a nice discount, too. 25% off with code SIENNA25  This cute Keep Swimming design also comes in a precious little dress. I’m also madly in love with the Bonjour pup shirt. Check out all of their cute stuff!

If you have any favorite kiddo travel items, as always, I’d love to hear them. Let me know if you have tried the Trunki out, too!

Happy Travels, friends…