The Trunki Ride-on Suitcase – A Review


Summer! Traveling! Fun! Three year old meltdowns!

This has been our summer so far:  fun and 3 year old drama. While I cannot promise this amazing little ride-on suitcase will get rid of the drama, I can attest to the fact that it makes tromping through airports with kiddos way more fun. Follow me for all you ever needed to know about the Trunki and whether it’s a worthy purchase.


The Trunki…I was skeptical at first. Is it just another gimmick preying on parents’ fear of traveling with toddlers?

As it turns out, it’s great. Your kiddo can ride on it through the airport (or around the house!) giving you the option to go stroller-free in the airport and eliminating the need for you to carry your 30 lb child on your hip while pulling a suitcase and wearing a backpack because even though she runs all. day. long. she just can’t manage to walk one more step when you actually want her to… because she’s three.

Sienna thinks it’s a blast and it carries a bunch of stuff to keep her occupied on the plane. We had checked bags on our travels, but it could easily carry enough clothes for 3-4 days, too. What I love most about this thing is that we don’t have to wait for our stroller when we deplane and we can get to our connection in peace instead of running through DFW or ORD like crazy headless chickens. Travel = stressful, right?

The strap works as a pull handle as well as a shoulder strap…just clip it to the other side of the suitcase. Sienna can pull the suitcase herself if she needs to get some energy out and she also loves the little key mechanism you can use to lock the side clips that close the case. That in itself can keep her busy for a whole 5 minutes. The handles, a.k.a. bee antennae, give your little one something to hang on to while speeding to your gate.

This thing fits easily under the seat in front of you or in the overhead compartment on the plane. Just be sure to take care when opening those overhead compartments as items may have shifted during flight and you could chance a giant bee case beheading the person next to you. You can tell I’ve been traveling a lot lately…and watching a lot of GOT.

I included a few action shots for you (and an appearance by Pinky! Woot!) The case comes in quite a few different animal choices, so your kiddo can pick their favorite. Personally, I love Bernard the Bee because he’s easy to spot anywhere. But other options are: Pearl the Pig, Bronco the Horse, Tipu the Tiger, Frank the Firetruck, Frieda the Cow, and Hello Kitty. There’s also Zimba the Zebra for $10 more for some reason. But it’s super cute.



And here’s a little (really little) video of the suitcase in action. For your viewing pleasure…



Overall, I give this suitcase a big thumbs up. It was a worthy purchase because we fly at least 3 times a year and we rarely have direct flights. The case feels quite sturdy and has traveled well twice already with the only issue being steering. It’s a little tough to change course when you get a good pace, but seeing as most airport hallways are wide and straight it wasn’t a real problem. It was especially helpful when Sienna and I traveled by ourselves without daddy to Arkansas earlier this summer. Seriously helpful.

And, can we talk about this adorable tee shirt Sienna is wearing? It is from the lovely people at Roman + Gemma. I adore their little tees for S. She has the robot love shirt, as well. They are offering our wonderful readers of The Mom Edit a nice discount, too. 25% off with code SIENNA25  This cute Keep Swimming design also comes in a precious little dress. I’m also madly in love with the Bonjour pup shirt. Check out all of their cute stuff!

If you have any favorite kiddo travel items, as always, I’d love to hear them. Let me know if you have tried the Trunki out, too!

Happy Travels, friends…



  1. We have these for our 4 and 5 year old girls and hands down the best travel purchase we ever made for them. Going through the airport is so much easier and more fun. They love them!!

    • Hit send too soon. We’re a military family with 3 kids who travels cross country at least twice a year, and we’ve discovered that small backpacks with chest straps (North Face Sprout), a very small capsule wardrobe, and under packing like crazy works great for traveling. Thinking about getting my oldest (5) a real backpacking backpack for Christmas–Deuter makes some cute ones that look super functional too.

  2. They are such cute cases! We have two trunkis, one for each kid. We live abroad, so we travel frequently. When one of the latches broke, Trunki replaced the whole thing for free for us when I called just asking for the replacement latch. Good customer service! My boys love them and use them as much scooting around in the house as when travelling. Should note, when we travel beyond cars and planes, like buses and trains, I have them use a backpack instead just for ease of boarding smaller spaces. But these are a very cute product and like you said, can keep kids occupied riding them around and latching and unlatching them .

  3. Damn you! I just got two shirts for my S! I hope they fit him, Robot Love and Robot Parade Hoodie because, duh.
    I’ve debated Trunki and instead got four Tokidoki JuJuBe Starlet bags for my boys, each in a different print. I thought, foolishly, that each boy would latch on to one print and henceforth that would be their own personal travel bag. Alas, they switch each time we go somewhere and I usually have to be involved so no one gets upset. The prints are super awesome and the bags hold a ton. I usually share with the youngest. I have visions of them walking off to college with the bags…

  4. My kids (6, 4) have had Heys hardshell mini (18″) suitcases with light up wheels for about 2 years now. These have been great for us as they each can pack and carry their own stuff for plane and car trips. We take about six 7-hour car trips/year and 2 plane trips. Plenty of space for a week’s worth of clothing plus a stowaway stuffed animal, and easy for the kids to maneuver. When flying, the suitcases go up on top, and they each have their own backpacks for Mom-approved stuffed animals and flight activities. I looked at Trunki, but I went with Heys because it gives them something to be responsible for — I have enough to carry/pull/push/juggle on trips without having to pull the kids. The Heys’ colors are bright and awesome. We’ve started collecting stickers from our travels and putting them onto the suitcases. The kids think it looks super cool.

  5. Thanks for sharing-looks affordable too! And you got the famous PDX carpet in the photos! We were just in Portland and I guess it’s a tradition to get a photo of your feet on the carpet. (Also, tried the McMenamins soaking pool with my sister in law-so fun! Cocktails and salt water for the win!)

  6. Like KB above, also have three kiddos and am a huge fan of extreme under packing. I really dislike having a lot of things to pull or carry through airports, including strollers. Kids wear a backpack, I would wear the smallest child (although now she is four so walks–yay!) E bags have allowed us to pack one suitcase for all three kiddos (plus me–although sometimes I have to use some of hubby’s bag). Each person has their own color of bags so when we arrive at a destination can claim their cubes and keep relatively organized.

  7. Love the blog and content! (And we love our Trunki!) I can’t tell, though, whether this post is sponsored or written “in partnership” with Trunki. Either way, when a particular brand of product is being highlighted, it’s helpful to know…

  8. Love trunkis. We have three for our kids (6,5,3) and travel often as expats. They are seriously life savers. You can also take them out from under the seat and put them in front of your kids seat for them to use as a foot rest…the short little legs rarely make it to a comfy place on the big seats. I would recommend the internal organizer to keep things in place, but it’s not really necessary.

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