The Best Way To Wear Danskos This Fall…


44681-p-DETAILEDYup, you read that right:  Danskos.  As in the much-hated (at least previously, by me), much debated (here and again here – and don't miss the reader comments), mom-shoe.

And what brought about my change of heart?  Two things:  first of all, Danskos came out with a version that looks like an actual clog, styled enough to make – dare I say it? – my heart beat fast (I'm such a sucker for a camel shoe)…and the recent trends that give a nod to '70's fashion at its best.

Mom, if you're reading, dibs on your old leather fringe vest.  As soon as I have this baby, I'm wearing that vest out & about!  With, possibly, some new, crazy-comfy Danskos.  Yikes. 

So my perfect Fall Dansko outfit?  Voila….

Start with a pair of flare jeans (I'm loving the look of Gap's Vintage Flares).  Bootcuts will work in a pinch, but I encourage you to try a pair with flare!  The newer flare jeans are more reminiscent of '70's fashion…complete with a slightly higher rise (without veering into scary mom-jean territory).  The slightly higher rise is now a must for me – I hate bending down to pick up the babe, only to have my bum fall out.  Not. Good. 

Pair your flares with your Danskos (I love the clog style, but any will work for this look) and any decent layering top (v-neck tees, turtleneck, cowl, button-down, whatever).  Then add a crazy-fun (and inexpensive!) '70's inspired topper.  Look for crochet, look for fringe…Forever 21 is great for these inexpensive pieces.  Extra points for pulling it all together with a fab hat.

Oooooo…if I weren't pregnant, this is exactly what I'd be wearing tomorrow…

Ok Dansko lovers – what do you think?  Do-able?  And does anyone else love this Dansko clog as much as I do?



  1. Hi Shana — huge, huge fan of your blog — LOVE it. May need to talk to you about a private mojo-boosting style consultation down the road (after you and I both have our second kiddies)! Had to chime in on the Danskos — I’m a fan. Have been for 10+ years. I totally get why people are NOT fans, and why some of their newer (super cute 70’s style clog you featured, i.e.) styles are turning some to the Way of the Dansko. Back in the day, I even wore mine barefoot with skirts…all kinds of crazy. I am a little more jeans-with-Danskos now, but they are soooo comfortable, which is really what makes them so fab. I was a kid in the 70’s, with Scandinavian parents, so I wore old-school navy leather and studs clogs with my courderoy bell bottoms and turtle necks. That might be why I have never been offended by the Danskos. 🙂

  2. Not sure if these are as comfortable as Danskos, but I think they’re pretty cool.
    I’m planning to buy them in black, but the camel is more trendy – these would work with above outfit as well.
    What do ya think?
    Love your blog – I’m a SAHM (two boys – almost 3 and 5) ALWAYS searching for perfect mommy outfits that fulfill practical obligations and maintain my style.

  3. New blog follower here. I love my Danskos especially now that I’m 7 months pregnant and the weather requires closed toes. The arch support is great for my lower back, especially if I have to be on my feet for a while. I bought one pair brown like your picture, and one in black patent leather to wear with black pants. Love them!

  4. Stephanie – Seriously, Chicky, what’s not to love about, “old-school navy leather and studs clogs with my courderoy bell bottoms and turtle necks”? LOVE it, LOL!
    Madeleine – LOVE the clogs!! Camel is always my fav (I wear camel with everything, including black) but all of the colors would work!
    Welcome, Kate! Glad you found us…and you are not the only Dansko lover here. Many a stylish mum swears by her Danskos….

  5. I am a recent Dansko convert – I avoided them but bought black patent last year and they are awesome and keep my back from hurting thru the day like other shoes. I am not sure if I can do the True Clog – I always go for the ones with backs. I feel like the clog might be harder to wear – but I have never tried.
    What are your thoughts on these?
    While not as cute as the ones you picked I am wondering if they would be a good alternative. The are the Dansko Solstice in Saddle

  6. Let me start by telling you that I am a nanny, a very busy one too :o) I LOVE my Danskos and would die if anything ever happened to them…even now, 4 years post traumatic pelvic injury, i can wear very few other shoes and manage to bust out a normal 9 hr day with a baby, a super 3yo and twins.
    So fear not! you too will fall in love!

  7. Rachel – I like those! The button detail is a nice touch. Like all Danskos with backs, I probably wouldn’t wear them with anything other than jeans, but the color is fantastic.
    EmmaKate – that’s a heck of a recommendation! Good for you, Chick! Wow!

  8. I have to admit, when I first saw the shoes I though OH NO. But when I clicked to read the rest of the post, I was pleasantly surprised with a very cute outfit. Well done!

  9. Oh, S, I just don’t know……Danskos? Really?
    ……nail-biting nervously……
    (Those backless clogs are definitely the cutest/least horrific I’ve seen, though!)

  10. Elle – your comment cracked me up!
    And Amy, I always look forward to your so very honest comments!! Youll appreciate the call I just got from a girlfriend: DANSKOS???? Honestly, shana, have you lost your d@mn mind?. Lol
    I am a clog lover, though. And while I still much prefer the cool Ugg clogs (or miu miu for that matter)….I thought these Danskos were crazy-cute!
    And if youre going to wear them….flare jeans, no?
    Sent from my iPhone

  11. Absolutely flares. With flares, I think they might even reach cute territory!
    I think I’m more scared about the idea of Danskos than the shoes themselves. Case in point: this morning on the way to work, I saw a mom walking her little boy to school. She looked adorable–embellished tee, boyfriend jeans rolled up, cute messy braid…and Danskos. The shoes ruined the whole thing. Probably would have worked better with flares!
    I’m sorry if the honesty veer too far into “brutally” honest sometimes–I just love y’all so much I get carried away!

  12. Oh my goodness Amy – We LOVE the honesty (even the brutal honesty) here!! Fashion and style are SO subjective, that when I get a brutally honest comment it either cracks me up, or makes me think. Or both. So keep em coming! We love it!!

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