The Best Way To Wear Danskos This Fall…


44681-p-DETAILEDYup, you read that right:  Danskos.  As in the much-hated (at least previously, by me), much debated (here and again here – and don't miss the reader comments), mom-shoe.

And what brought about my change of heart?  Two things:  first of all, Danskos came out with a version that looks like an actual clog, styled enough to make – dare I say it? – my heart beat fast (I'm such a sucker for a camel shoe)…and the recent trends that give a nod to '70's fashion at its best.

Mom, if you're reading, dibs on your old leather fringe vest.  As soon as I have this baby, I'm wearing that vest out & about!  With, possibly, some new, crazy-comfy Danskos.  Yikes. 

So my perfect Fall Dansko outfit?  Voila….

Start with a pair of flare jeans (I'm loving the look of Gap's Vintage Flares).  Bootcuts will work in a pinch, but I encourage you to try a pair with flare!  The newer flare jeans are more reminiscent of '70's fashion…complete with a slightly higher rise (without veering into scary mom-jean territory).  The slightly higher rise is now a must for me – I hate bending down to pick up the babe, only to have my bum fall out.  Not. Good. 

Pair your flares with your Danskos (I love the clog style, but any will work for this look) and any decent layering top (v-neck tees, turtleneck, cowl, button-down, whatever).  Then add a crazy-fun (and inexpensive!) '70's inspired topper.  Look for crochet, look for fringe…Forever 21 is great for these inexpensive pieces.  Extra points for pulling it all together with a fab hat.

Oooooo…if I weren't pregnant, this is exactly what I'd be wearing tomorrow…

Ok Dansko lovers – what do you think?  Do-able?  And does anyone else love this Dansko clog as much as I do?