The Best Wooden Clog Boot — No. 6 or Swedish Hasbeens?


*This post has been updated for 2020, but you can see my latest comparison post from October 2020 here!

I’ve long time been a fan of the clog boot. And when I say clog boot, I mean the true, wooden-soled clog. It’s kinda the quintessential Portland boot. Maybe it’s because it keeps you up out of the weather, maybe it’s because we all have a slight obsession with anything Scandinavian here. #guilty We have multiple stores that sell them year-round. (“Big summer blowout!” just popped into my head. haha. #howmanytimeshaveyouseenfrozen)

But, for those of us who may be new to this style shoe, it’s a little tricky to figure out how to wear them comfortably. After years of having a couple different pairs, I’ve learned a few things that may be helpful if you also wanna go the clog route. First though, let’s check out two pairs I’ve been wanting to try recently.

1. The Lined Wooden Clog – No. 6 Shearling Clog Boot

Shop All No. 6 at Shopbop

Mamas, we totes dig the wooden clog boot — it's a classic. So we're comparing the No. 6 shearling-lined with the unlined Swedish Hasbeens. The best boot?...
Mamas, we totes dig the wooden clog boot — it's a classic. So we're comparing the No. 6 shearling-lined with the unlined Swedish Hasbeens. The best boot?...

No. 6 Shearling Lined Clog (runs small, size up)

The Fit

I’ve been eyeing this gorg boot for a couple of years now. My friend in Brooklyn LOVES hers. There are only a couple of problems with these pretty boots: they’re almost sold out everywhere, and the sizing is off. I got a 39 in these, but the toe box is very narrow. I think it would break in with wear, but my big toes are actually a problem area, so for me it’s not worth trying. The shearling lining is INSANELY soft and lovely, and if you don’t have a wide toe box these would be wonderfully worth it. UPDATE: I sized up to a 40 for the winter of 2020/2021 and they became my favorite boot!! You just definitely have to size up.

This Swedish Hasbeens Shearling Plateau is quite similar and more fully stocked (also at Anthro) AND my new current favorite (2018/2019). The upper is so, so soft that it doesn’t’ dig into your leg and because the footbed isn’t lined, the fit is actually much better. The upper is lined and cozy and I love the tread.
*See below.

Mamas, we totes dig the wooden clog boot — it's a classic. So we're comparing the No. 6 shearling-lined with the unlined Swedish Hasbeens. The best boot?...

Swedish Hasbeens Slip On Bootie

2. The Unlined Clog Boot – Swedish Hasbeens Zip It Emy

Mamas, we totes dig the wooden clog boot — it's a classic. So we're comparing the No. 6 shearling-lined with the unlined Swedish Hasbeens. The best boot?...
Mamas, we totes dig the wooden clog boot — it's a classic. So we're comparing the No. 6 shearling-lined with the unlined Swedish Hasbeens. The best boot?...

The Fit

Hasbeens Zip It Emy (or at Zappos!)- Swedish Hasbeens are the classic clog shoe company. They make lovely sandals, as well as these amazing boots. I’m a solid 8 in US shoe sizing, but I went with a 39 here. I’ve read NOT to size up for Hasbeens, but I think that was referring to sandals. For the boots, I say yes. Size up. These are so much more comfortable than a couple of other pairs I’ve had in the past that must have been 38s. I’m not sure why some websites say a 38 is an 8. It’s not; at least not according to my foot. I have a narrow heel, but a wide toe box, like I mentioned, and these fit that wide toe area much better. They’re even fine without socks. I know. Weird, but some kind of Swedish magic. The only time they are a bit hard to deal with is going downstairs. The front ankle area of the boot doesn’t move. If you have to deal with a ton of stairs everyday, I don’t recommend these. For me, they’re great.

The Wooden Clog Boot I Love Most

Mamas, we totes dig the wooden clog boot — it's a classic. So we're comparing the No. 6 shearling-lined with the unlined Swedish Hasbeens. The best boot?...

So, my favorite  — and the one I will be wearing for the rest of the winter — is the Hasbeens Zip It Emy. I so wanted the No. 6 lined boot to work because comfy lining, but it was just too narrow and uncomfortable across the toes. I would imagine sizing up to a 40 would probably work (update: it did!!), but I realized I would also get more wear out of the unlined boots throughout the year. If you’re somewhere quite cold, the No. 6 (or the Shearling Hasbeens) are worth a try, but if you want a boot you can wear for at least three seasons, I’d go with the unlined clog.

Mamas, we totes dig the wooden clog boot — it's a classic. So we're comparing the No. 6 shearling-lined with the unlined Swedish Hasbeens. The best boot?...
Mamas, we totes dig the wooden clog boot — it's a classic. So we're comparing the No. 6 shearling-lined with the unlined Swedish Hasbeens. The best boot?...

*2020 Update: I loved the Hasbeens Zip It Emy for a long time and wore them quite a bit, but my current absolute favorite is the Hasbeens Shearling Plateau. The upper is just so soft and comfy, and I was able to wear them right out of the box. Hooray! I love the tread on these for rainy and winter weather. They’re true to size and though they’re not lined on the footbed, they’re somehow so much more comfortable than the pair that are. If you have narrow feet and a narrow toe-box you might find the No. 6 to work just fine, but otherwise give these a try if you’ve been out of luck with the others like I was.

Tips For Wearing Wooden-Soled Clog Boots

Main tip? Get the right size. I previously thought I should suffer through breaking in a more fitted size, but for me, sizing up has been key. Most clogs come in European sizing, but after trying the No. 6 boots, I see now that even all Euro sizing is not equal.

Check the manufacturer’s size chart and read reviews to know how they will fit your shape foot. Try a couple different sizes if you’re unsure, and don’t give up on them because they’re too small. Just try a bigger size.

Get Otter Wax Leather Salve to help break them in (recommended to me by our shoe store here).

Break them in over shorter periods. This was also recommended by the store clerk. She says now that hers are broken in, she’d be fine walking a couple of miles in them! She adores them for working on her feet in the store all day on hard concrete.

Shop More Clog Boots

Clog boots aren’t for everyone, I realize that. If you don’t love their style, this post isn’t for you! Ha. They’re probably like Birkenstocks. You love ’em or hate ’em. But after not having a pair for a couple of years now, I  found myself consistently wishing for some. They add height like heels without putting your foot in an elevated position all day. They are amazing for standing and help with posture. They are classically cool, in my opinion, and haven’t gone ‘out of fashion’ for years now. They’re a solid investment and they last forever. People always compliment me when I’m wearing them, so I know there are other clog lovers out there. I’m super-happy to find this pair now that I’ll wear with my overalls, jumpsuits, dresses, and of course, jeans. Long live clog boots!



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  1. Laura, as a fellow Portlander, I’ve always worried about the rain and warping the wood soles. I’ve been holding off on wearing my mules for that reason. Any advice from the store you bought them from?

    • Hello fellow, Portlander! Ah good question! I believe since they’re made in Sweden for snowy weather I don’t think that’s been an issue, but I haven’t specifically looked this up! I see people wearing them all over town, so I have a feeling they hold up just fine!

  2. CLOGs!! My favorites!! So, my very , very favorite brand is Sven. Their shearling lined clogs and boots have ruined all of my other winter shoes forever. I highly recommend their bendable wooden platform- it’s basically a traditional wooden platform with this magic invisible band of flexible material which results in zero clomping. Zero.
    The Sven website does say to order one size if the boot is shearling lined. Maybe that is true for shearling clog boots in general.
    I tried on Swedish Hasbeens and felt like ( at least for me), the Sven leather to be much softer. It felt like the Hasbeens were going to require a major break in commitment. My red shearling clogs have been my winter staple this year. 🙂

  3. FYI, Sven is the manufacturer for No. 6 (in the USA in the Midwest!), so their sizing is going to be similar. I’m also a true 8 and get 39s from them, although I haven’t gotten the shearling lined boots. I have also had a few pairs of different Sven’s over the years and agree, the quality and comfort is top notch. To me they’re now the secret secret cool girl clogs, because they’re basically No. 6s without the No. 6 Brooklyn mom hype.

  4. I’m a duck footed person too – narrow heel, wide forefoot – and I gotta tell you, sizing up only works to a certain point. If the length of the shoe is right, it’s not the size that’s the problem, it’s the shape. I have spent years getting shoes that are too long for my feet just to get my feet in them, but that just causes other problems, because the shape of the shoe isn’t right. I spend so much time now looking for shoes that _actually_ fit, often not finding styles I like. Maybe if everyone decided to stop wearing ill-fitting shoes manufacturers would get better about sizing.

  5. I have a few pairs of No.6’s (shearling boot, new school clog, and a sandal) and one pair of Hasbeens (basket weave sandal) and I have to say that my No.6’s are my favorite shoes ever. My feet are wide, but I buy my usual size (41) and while they are definitely tight for a few days, the leather is such good quality they soften and fit like a glove within a week or so. I have to say I am definitely eyeing t\ bryr clogs, and if I can come up with an excuse I will definitely be ordering these!

    No.6’s are definitely having a moment right now, but all of my pairs are 3+ years old and are still great shape! I actually wore my shearing boots this morning, on my 2.5km bike ride to drop the kids at school in the snow and then up my 5th floor walk up (elevator is broken 🙁 ) and my feet were cozy and I looked goooooood 🙂

  6. Ahhh. Good to know about the No.6 and Sven connection. I actually look through the No.6 website ( super cool and hip) for my favs and then hightale it to the Sven website to find their version. Not sure why, but the Sven website is kind of like looking through a medical catalog- a little daunting and slightly uninspiring. But hey, the clogs are good, so I don’t care that that the Sven website looks stuck in an Olin Mills time warp. It’s kind of endearing.

  7. I am a huge Hasbeens fan and I own several pairs; my feet are small and narrow and for me, they run true to size (sandals and boots). Only in the flat sandals I needed to size down. I love all my clogs, but I recommend especially the Lacy sandals and the Lotta. My European size is 37. I think that’s a 6 in US sizes.

  8. I love love love my Maria Dankso boots! I have them in two colors and I literally wear them every single day from roughly October through March. Haha. I will sing their praises from any available nearly rooftop. They’re classy enough for work, cute enough for wearing out, and functional enough for trudging around in inclement weather. You can also find them for less than retail on Poshmark if you’re lucky!

  9. I am also a big Dansko boot fan. I have the Markie boots (same as Maria but with a side tassel) and they are so comfortable. I am a nurse and have worn Dansko clogs to work for years, and the boots are just as comfortable and supportive of your foot as the clogs are. I’ve had good luck with finding my Dansko boots on Ebay for about half the price of a new pair, if you’re ok with slightly used boots and can wait until a good deal in your size pops up.

  10. Hi! As a clog obsessive (I wear my high heeled shearling No. 6 boots every day, November through April!), just want to mention that Sven actually manufactures No. 6 clogs!

  11. I LOVEd my No6 lined clogs but just wanted to hop on with a word of caution I fell ALOT in them. From walking with groceries from Fairway on 73rd street to CPW and splaying out to actually twisting my ankle just walking down the street one morning on the way to work. Maybe I had the wrong size but everytime I think about another pair I can’t help but remember how many times I lost my footing and fell, as an adult, on the streets of NYC 🙂

  12. Great post but I wish you had shown some Dansko boots, just for comparison. Also, what are those fab faded black jeans you’re wearing?

    • I know a lot of people are fans but I just prefer the look of the higher heeled clog boots I tried above to Danskos. I believe Linzi may have tried some of their boots out though! The mom style jeans are BDG from Urban Outfitters and the skinnies are our favorite Everlane!

  13. So few retailers get it right with US-to-Euro sizing… the key insight is that the *scale* (difference between sizes) is not the same! So a US5=EU35, but US8=EU39. Retailers don’t like that because it means they end up “skipping” whole sizes in US terminology. I’ve resorted to just knowing my EU size and trying to suss out whether the shoe is “actually” sized on an EU last, even if the website lists US sizes.

    • Agreed I wish it were more seamless from brand to brand, but add this shearling lining and it for sure adds some bulk and even more sizing craziness!

  14. So good to see Camper in the background! Where has that good boy been hiding? Are the clogs good for dog walking?

    My daughter lives in Brooklyn and just bought the No. 6’s for her winter boots. Loves them but she is a 6.5 and has narrow feet. My Mother (92yr old) recalls living here in Seattle durning the late 40’s and the large Scandinavian population wore clogs the way we wear sneakers. All the time and in the rain!

  15. I love my Lottas! For me, the Lottas are comparable to the Hasbeens. No. 6 are more comfortable for my feet than either of these, but for a “bargain” clog, Lottas over Hasbeens for me, for sure.

  16. Oops, clicked before finishing. Thanks for the post, Laura. Some days I wish I lived somewhere where shearling clogs made sense (Los Angeles here) because they’re damn cute.

  17. I would say try Svens because they are the same company as No 6 but significantly less money and are running a 25 percent off Valentine’s Day weekend sale til Monday! Also, I definitely am obsessed with my Swedish Hasbeens ‘grunge’ platforms even though they are so chunky and my husband hates them! lol! Clog life! xx

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