The Case For Faux Leather Leggings As A Post-Partum Staple, and This Game-Changing Nursing Tank


Hey Gang! My sister Scotti is going to start contributing to The Mom Edit, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. She just had her first kiddo this past July (baby Greenlea if you follow me on Instagram), and I think you’re going to love her perspective.



When I was pregnant with my daughter, leggings became my best friend.  Not only were they comfortable, but they expanded along with my butt, thighs and belly as the weeks went by.  Regular leggings get old, though, so on a whim, I bought a pair of maternity leather leggings from H&M that I LOVED.  They instantly made me feel more put-together and fashion-forward than the old leggings I was wearing on a (almost) daily basis.  After having Greenlea, I found myself reaching for leggings again in my postpartum days and knew that I needed to purchase a pair of non-maternity leather leggings stat.

Faux leather leggings are as comfortable and as versatile as regular leggings, but add an extra bit of attitude and style to the same outfits.  I love dressing mine up for date night by adding a blazer, fancy shoes and some stylish accessories or dressing them down for lounging or running errands by pairing them with comfy booties, fabulously soft t-shirts and cozy sweaters.  They’ve been a saving grace with styling my postpartum body, hiding my pooch and replacing my pre-pregnancy jeans (um, made the mistake of trying them on too soon!) until I can fit in them again!


Faux Leather On Date Night










Leggings: (Similar) Michael Kors Faux Leather Leggings (currently 40% off!)

Nursing Tank: Undercover Mama

Sleeveless Tank: Old, but I loved this Step Hem Tunic Tank (covers the bum!), this Metallic Tank from ASOS and the vibrant color of this Sateen Cami, also from ASOS

Blazer: Old, but this ASOS Blazer or Slouchy Boyfriend Blazer are both similar and I loved the details on this Vince Camuto Collarless Jacket

Shoes: These Madden Girl Sandals or these Sam Edelman Heels would both look awesome

Earrings: Old Stella & Dot but these Silver Hoops from Urban Outfitters (on sale!) are perfect

Rings: These Stackable Rings are a little dressier than the simple sterling silver shown

Necklace: Silver-Leaf Pendant Necklace (under $20!)

Bag: Fringed Drawstring Bucket Bag from Express


Faux Leather On Weekends








Leggings: (Similar) Topshop Faux Leather Leggings

T-shirt: Alternative Apparel Ideal Tee in Eco Grey

Jacket: Gap Knit Moto Jacket 

Boots: Nine West Booties

Stacking Rings: (Similar) Melissa Joy Stacking Rings in Sterling Silver


On The Nursing Cami



The nursing tank I’m wearing is another FAVORITE postpartum piece of mine.  Being a first-time mom, I was so nervous about breastfeeding in public and finding shirts that would make it easy to do so.  Undercover Mama’s Nursing Cami turns any shirt into a nursing shirt.  The tank attaches to your bra via clip or elastic band, allowing your shirt to be pulled up while having your stomach covered when you have to nurse.  I love the longer length and the fact that I don’t have to stress about shirts being low enough when I’m racing to get ready to leave the house (which has become significantly harder after having had Greenlea!).  Product pics of the cami are in the collages below.


To Recreate the Looks



1.   ASOS Blazer

2.  Stackable Rings

3.  Silver Hoops from Urban Outfitters

4.  Step Hem Tunic Tank

5.  Undercover Mama Nursing Cami

6.  Madden Girl Sandals

7.  Michael Kors Faux Leather Leggings

8.  Fringed Drawstring Bucket Bag from Express




1. Gap Knit Moto Jacket

2. Alternative Apparel Ideal Tee in Eco Grey

3. Silver Hoops 

4. Sterling Silver Stacking Rings

5. Nine West Booties

6. Topshop Faux Leather Leggings

7. Fringed Drawstring Bucket Bag from Express (Big enough to carry a couple diapers and some wipes!)






  1. First-you look awesome, and congrats on the baby! About nursing tanks: I wear the Be Maternity brand basic tank (from Target) under EVERYTHING. Super thin straps, pulls down easily, and always snaps right back up, and really long. I found myself reaching for them over my actual nursing tanks every time (mainly because I like wearing an actual bra, which I’m assuming you do too). My baby is 10 months old now (

  2. LOVE the looks- and LOVE having Scotti here- welcome!! Where oh where did you get the leggings? I am coveting that moto detail on them. You are gorgeous Scotti- runs in the family.

    • Beth, your comment made my day! Thank you! I linked to a couple of options in the comment above . . . I am so bummed they sold out before I could get my post up!

  3. You read my mind. I’m post-partum and I got some faux leather leggings this weekend. I tried on several pairs and of course liked the most expensive ones. The waist band hit at just the right spot to hide my muffin top and they are stretchy enough to work 13 pounds from now when I get down to my pre-pregnancy weight. I got the BCBG Bayle color block legging in medium. I’m 5’9″ and currently 165lbs, and I carry most of it near my waist.,default,pd.html?dwvar_ONW2F059-003_color=003&cgid=clothing-by-category-pants-leggings#start=3

  4. Thanks for more picks on the faux leather leggings. I was wondering if there was an age limit on those though? They are so cool looking, but at 43, even though I can wear them, I’m not sure if I should.

    • Lisa- I am 40 and I find that if I wear clothes that I LOVE and that fit well, my age isn’t an issue. When I do, I receive tons of compliments- when I don’t and play it safe- I get comments like, “Are you feeling okay? You look tired.” I think wearing what I love (and is appropriate for a situation) works.

      I’d love to hear Shana’s take on it- but I think that there is a way to wear anything if you are true to your own sense of style. That being said, I do understand what you mean- I for one won’t rock a crop sweater without a button down or cami underneath it. I say if you love the faux leggings and feel good in them, go for it!

      • Amen, Beth. I’m also 40 and (past pigtails and a few other things that need to be left in decades WAY past) am all over things that work for ME. Sometimes that’s an interpretation (your cropped sweater over shirt) and sometimes it’s a different (heavier weight, better drape, etc.) piece, but I’m pressing purchase on some faux leathers, and my 60-something Mama is rocking skinnies, so go for it, Lisa!

        Scotti…July? Seriously?!?! Looking awesome, Mama!

        • I think that faux leather pants of any kind (or heck, even real leather) are perfect for any decade (and yes – I’m trying to get my mom into a pair). I mean seriously: If a 60-something woman walked by in leather pants and a cashmere sweater (heck, we can even throw some pearls on her)….wouldn’t you think she was the biggest badass around? Leather pants are totally democratic. Leather for all! 🙂 (BTW – I loved E. Jean’s response to a reader who wrote in asking about the age limit on miniskirts. Perfection: )

  5. I love your blog, but the using the phrase “DATE NIGHT” is getting insanely repetitive. Or maybe I’m just bitter because I rarely get one! 🙂

  6. I found the undercover mama camis when I was nursing my 5th baby and I was like “where have you been my whole life?!” They’re a game changer.

    • Absolutely!! I actually just ordered more . . . in grey and nude and I also tried the black “slimming” one. I’ll let you know how they work out!

  7. I’m also going to chime in saying the leggings with the moto detailing are a hit. It’s a pity none of the linked ones are the same- without the detailing they really fall flat.

    • Alena, I linked to a couple of leggings that are similar in the comment above . . . unfortunately the exact pair I wore sold out before I could get my post up!

  8. Ahhh, I just bought an almost identical pair from Nordstrom Rack for $25. I hope they look this awesome. I most say, I am not postpartum since my youngest is almost 2 (sob) but I’ll rock this look for sure. Scotti, you make postpartum look amazing!

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