The Color Combo You Probably Haven’t Tried (And An Update To One You Have)


Hey hey, friends. Coming to you straight off the plane from Calgary, Alberta this time and what a fun trip we had. Sienna and I visited a friend of mine there and her family, had a ton of good food and finished the week off with a trip to the mountains and Banff National Park. So lovely!

My friend Nicole whom we were visiting is a fabulous photographer and we teamed up to show you a few great looks for fall with the fun backdrop of downtown Calgary for a little change. If you visit, definitely hit up their gorgeous central library. It’s stunning! These were taken just outside. They have a fun kids area and a great coffee shop so, also per usual, I’m strolling with-latte-in-hand. 

All Black, Per Usual, But Softened With Silk

I love a good monochromatic look these days and washed black counts as a color in my book. I love that the washed silk and the faded black denim here give a softness to what could otherwise be just a black outfit. These shoes are like BUTTER and the light gray is a perfect neutral that pairs with light or dark jeans. The lovely top is flattering and creates a waistline and these high rise jeans are so on-trend and great. 

For an office look, I’d pair the top and shoes with these pants that look amazingly comfy and yet chic. I love that about all of Everlane’s items…they have the perfect blend of classic and modern and polished and wearable, not fussy.

The Washable Silk Wrap Top (4) // Super cute and washable silk so, yes. Love the washed color and the tie. Tie it tightly for the best/most flattering fit. TTS.

The Cheeky Bootcut Jean (27) // Super cute and a great alternative to all my skinny jeans. They have a bit of stretch but should fit tightly at first because they will relax some with wear. Love these and will wear with my higher boots this fall, too!

The Day Loafer // SO soft and comfy and doesn’t slip on the heel. I wore these for quite a while this day and they were great! Size up half a size. Comes in a gorgeous array of colors.

Pops of Fall Colors With Ivory

This look was fun to pull together with a pant color that I keep being drawn to over and over again. That mustard color is just a fun interesting color that works as a neutral and is lovely paired with blue. I like how the ivory jacket looks with these pieces, too, and I can tell it’s going to be the denim jacket I grab all fall. I’ve been wanting a white denim jacket, but this color is just much easier to wear and blends a little more seamlessly with everything from colors to neutrals, but still gives that fresh modern vibe. I’m excited to try it with white pants and jeans this winter, too, for that fresh, wintery monochromatic look.

Oh, and can we talk about these rad sneakers? They’re fairly new to Everlane and I’m totally digging them. They come in an array of gorgeous shades, but this butter color is another easy shade to throw into any outfit. They’re great for moving out of summer-white shoes and into warmer fall shades. I’d go up a 1/2 size in the sneakers if you’re between sizes. I’m a solid 8 typically and these fit just right with no wiggle room.

The Cashmere Crew in Indigo Donegal (s) // A classic piece that’s not too heavy and not too delicate. Love it. I always love a good heathered tweed for wearing with my other solid pieces.

The Slim Leg Crop (4) // A great pant in a great color. 

The Denim Jacket (s) // in Ivory. LOVE! Just boxy enough and a nice length. 

Tread by Everlane The Trainer // in color Butter. Size up 1/2 a size, but oh so cool and comfy!

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Bonus Photo: Mom Face

Sienna was…I guess really six this last week. We had a lot of power struggles on our otherwise fabulous trip and Nicole captured me in full mom-mode here, so I had to include for solidarity. School starts Wednesday, friends…

Just keeping it real, folks.



Thank you so much to Everlane for sponsoring this post. I could not be more impressed with the simple, modern style and fabulous quality of your pieces…not to mention your refreshing, honest business practices. I can’t wait to work these gorgeous items in with the rest of my Everlane items for fall! And thank you TME readers for your continued support. It doesn’t go unnoticed!

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Pictures by the fabulous Nicole Breanne