The Cutest Summer Clogs: A Mini-Review of 6 Brands


I have to admit something. I am a self-proclaimed clog lover, but I REALLY only wear “fake clogs”. Or at least “fake” in my own brain’s categorization of clogs. I’ve worn Swedish brand wooden clogs like the ones above for short to medium amounts of time, but they’re never my go-tos. My go-to clog style shoes are…wait for it…wait for it…surprise, surprise…Danskos!

Danskos were modeled after the traditional Dutch wooden clog, but provide a cushier footbed, aren’t as rigid in their feel, and many styles have the American Podiatric Medical Associations (APMA) Seal of Acceptance. Cue…Shana yawning! Sorry…but you know I get really fired up over truly comfortable shoes.

Recently, I’ve been a bit disappointed though, in Dansko’s styling. My newer pairs have missed the mark of “total cuteness” by a few small details, which isn’t that big of a deal (at least to me), but I’ve been lusting over the style and look of all of the “real” wooden clogs for summer. I decided to take a look at several different brands of clogs including some traditional wooden clogs, some fashion brands, as well as my trusted Danskos, in order to get a better feel for who has the cutest summer clogs and which ones I could actually wear on the daily.

1. Fashion Brand Clogs: The Ones That Are Super-Fun

The fashion brands definitely offer the most variety in styling. My favorites are from Free People and Boden. Free People has the best styles by FAR for fun and more edgy clog styling. From my experience, they’re comfortable enough. I’ve walked to dinner in them or walked to a friend’s without any problems, but I wouldn’t necessarily pick them as my go-to daily comfort shoe. Last summer, I wore my bright blue Boden clogs all the time as my “dressier” clog. This year, their color options are more neutral (a little disappointing to the bright blue shoe wearer), but definitely more versatile. The gold below, though, is still pretty fun and the navy is gorgeous.

Summertime clogs — it's on! Hasbeens, Lotta, Sandgrens, Mia, Dansko, Free People & Boden, we're trying all the wooden clogs to dress up & dress down.

Boden Gold Clogs | Black Dress | Earrings 

2. Mia: The Surprisingly Good Clog Option

This was the surprise find of my clog research. Mias are a more budget-friendly option for clogs (at least when comparing to Hasbeens, Sandgrens, Svens, etc.,). I’ve never worn them before because they often have a thicker tread on the bottom that isn’t my style. These super-cute red ones, though (which come in a lot of other color options too), have regular tread and I love them! Soft leather and cute styling. No cushion like Danskos footbed, but a good more “traditional clog” option for sure.

Summertime clogs — it's on! Hasbeens, Lotta, Sandgrens, Mia, Dansko, Free People & Boden, we're trying all the wooden clogs to dress up & dress down.

Red Mia Clogs | Black Dress | Earrings

3. Dansko: The Most Comfortable By Far

Dansko is one of my absolute favorite shoe brands. I wear their booties all winter long, their closed toe sandals during spring and fall, and I pretty much rotate between Dansko sandals and FitFlops during the summer months. For my feet, they fit perfectly, give just the right amount of support, don’t need breaking in, and are at a decent price point (for comfort shoes). They are far more comfortable (to me) than all of the traditional wooden clogs. I will say it, though. I don’t think they’re as cute as the Swedish brand clogs. My feet, however, are screaming at me right now that they are TOTALLY cute enough. 

Summertime clogs — it's on! Hasbeens, Lotta, Sandgrens, Mia, Dansko, Free People & Boden, we're trying all the wooden clogs to dress up & dress down.
Black Danskos | Black Dress | Earrings 

4. Sandgrens: The Real Deal Clog

Sandgrens is one of the brands I think of when I think of “real clogs.”  Hand-crafted in Sweden, they are known for their quality materials and craftsmanship, and therefore have a huge fan base. The footbed is completely wooden, but fits perfectly up against the arch of my foot (like they were TOTALLY made for me). I will warn you, though, at least some of the styles do require some breaking in with the leather. These were instantly pretty comfortable, but these I’m still breaking in. The top strap unfortunately hits my foot in the wrong spot on the side and needs to be stretched out quite a bit. I definitely picked the wrong style for my on-the-wider-side foot (or maybe I should have tried the next size up) but they’re SO cute, so (for once in my life) I was okay with going through a breaking in period. Will let you know if they ever perfectly mold to my foot (as they are supposed to). Sandgrens has such a nice range of beautiful more traditional clogs with lots of color, base and heel options. I find their styles really easy to wear in terms of style — I’ve been wearing these with EVERYTHING!  

Summertime clogs — it's on! Hasbeens, Lotta, Sandgrens, Mia, Dansko, Free People & Boden, we're trying all the wooden clogs to dress up & dress down.

Sandgrens in Nude | Black Dress | Earrings |

5. Lotta: A Budget-Friendly Option

I have been very impressed with Lotta. First of all, they have very similar stying to Sandgrens and Hasbeens, but are MUCH less expensive. I tried them for the first time this winter and wore these boots on repeat. They were a bit dressier that my Dansko booties, and I loved the higher shaft. I wore a thicker sock with them to give me a bit of cushioning (walking with only hardwood under your foot does take a bit to get used to). They have a decent selection of styles, and the leather feels softer to me than the Sandgrens and Hasbeens I’ve tried. Maybe the softness and lower price means they won’t last quite as long? I don’t know that yet, but for now, this is a great more budget-friendly traditional clog option.

Summertime clogs — it's on! Hasbeens, Lotta, Sandgrens, Mia, Dansko, Free People & Boden, we're trying all the wooden clogs to dress up & dress down.

Black T-Strap Lottas | Black Dress | Earrings

6. Hasbeens: Beautiful, But A Bit Rigid

Hasbeens is the other brand that I think of when I think of “real clogs”. High-quality, natural materials, sustainability-focused…all the good stuff. I love the style choices for Hasbeens, and people RAVE about their comfort once they are broken in. The particular pair that I tried though, was so squeaky and the leather was so stiff that I wasn’t even game for walking around the house in them for a day to see if they got better. I’ll say it again, though…other people do LOVE their Hasbeens, and I think maybe if I would have put in the effort, I may have too? They ARE really pretty. Cici Marie does a beautiful tutorial about how to break them in here. I may try again with another style. Hasbeens lovers, chime in…how long does it take to get them to soften and stop squeaking? Or did I just get a funky pair?

Summertime clogs — it's on! Hasbeens, Lotta, Sandgrens, Mia, Dansko, Free People & Boden, we're trying all the wooden clogs to dress up & dress down.

Swedish Hasbeens in Nature | Black Dress | Earrings

So…are you more confused than when you started? Just think…I could have also tried the gorgeous No. 6’s, the SUPER budget-friendly LeatherWorldDesigns, or the much beloved Svens!! To sum up—Danskos are still my go-to for all-day clog walkability. But, I do pull out my more traditional wooden clogs (Lotta and Sandgrens) or fashion clogs (Boden or Free People) if I want to step up my style, and only need to walk a mile or two. So Dansko…if you’re reading…can you let Shana and I know when you want to collaborate and make the world’s most comfortable AND stylish shoe? We’re ready!!  



  1. Linzi- for the love of God, please please give Sven clogs a try! They are the most amazing things I have put on my feet. The optional Bendable base makes all the difference. It is basically the same wooden clog base with a small strip of bendable material where the ball of the foot is. Sven makes different tones of wood- the natural tone makes the bendable strip bear invisible. No blisters. No breaking in period. Just pure wooden base clog heaven! Plus, no mega stomping clomping sounds.

    • LOL! Okay, okay–I know I need to give them a try. Was thinking maybe this winter…their shearling boots look incredible, but SO expensive! My clog price range has been inching its way up, though, so I’m guessing “pure wooden base clog heaven”as you call it might be worth the “investment”. Which ones do you have, Rebecca?

  2. Thank you Linzi, I have been in love with the clog style for years. SO helpful to have a thorough review before spending $200-ish

  3. I want to give another shout out to Lottas. I’ve had several pairs for over 3 years and they’ve held up really well and are a good way for new clog wearers to try out real wooden bases. I also agree with you about Dansko being the best for overall comfort. I really like the look of Delphina style of Dansko’s but am hesitant to pull the trigger because of the heel height.

    • They’re definitely not going to be as comfortable as your regular Danskos, but from my experience even the ones with a taller heel are quite comfortable.

  4. Help! I got some cute (to me) Dansko open-back clogs and was all ready for comfort but they hurt the top of my feet! Like my feet are too tall? The first time I walked a mile in them the top of my arches sill hurt the next day, almost like I’d bruised them. I’d try a size up but my big feet are already the biggest size. Is this normal? How can the super-comfortable shoe hurt so much?

    • Oh no!!!! That’s terrible. That definitely doesn’t happen for me, but I will say…I think comfort shoes are a very personal foot specific thing. There are other brands that people love that do NOT fit my feet at all. I’m sad to say maybe Danskos aren’t your brand…they definitely should not be bruising your feet! Are there other comfort shoe brands that work well for you? I’m curious for anyone else having that issue and so I can include some foot friendly brands for you in the future.

  5. Great reviews! Troentorps are another great Swedish-made option for low-heeled clogs. More comfortable than Hasbeens and Svens IMO and less expensive!

  6. Linzi, what jeans are you wearing in this post? Are they your usual Luckys? I really like the dark wash color! Also, that dress is perfect, I’m always looking for 100% cotton clothing items….

    • Unfortunately, the jeans I’m wearing are an old pair of Pilcros from Anthropologie that sold out SUPER fast. I will post on facebook if I ever see them back in stock or if I find something similar because they are pretty great. I’ve actually been annoyed with Lucky because they haven’t had any interesting washes in a while in my favorite Haydens…maybe soon.

  7. OK Linzi – I have spent the better part of a day trying to make a clickable link to Sven from this comments section, but I know when to cut my losses. Sorry, girl- you are going to have to cut and paste to see their wonderfulness.
    Here is one of the pairs I own: (The red pair gives a great example of the Natural tone wood base with the invisible rubber bits that make it bendy)

    And also these: (but in spruce smooth leather).

    I also really want these:

    One BIG thing I learned the hard way: Only get the Natural wooden base color ( which is their lightest wood tone). Do NOT get their Brown tone (which is slightly darker wood tone). The rubber sole sections of the wooden base in the Brown Color do not blend as nicely as the Natural Color choice. Oh also, if you get on their mailing list, they occasionally have 20% flash sales.

  8. I second the Troentorp suggestion. They are my favorite brand for comfortable wooden clogs. I also really love my Bryr Clogs, though they are crazy expensive and have a long wait between order and delivery. I also have a couple pairs of Zuzii clogs which are good but a bit chunkier than some of the other options. Finally, there’s No. 6. Expensive? Yes! Surprisingly comfortable? Also yes! They’re a really robust resale market for No. 6 clogs as well, which means that you can often get a lightly worn pair for a whole lot less.

  9. Tried on a pair of comfortable dansko’s at a local store (they didn’t have the colour i wanted) but since, i have been reading reviews on line of Dansko’s falling apart – split soles and heels disintegrating. Does not sound like you’ve had this experience in the least but I am nervous to spend the money if there is a chance this could happen! Any input is helpful….

  10. Oh no, Anya! This makes me so sad to hear! I have never had any problems with any of my Danskos, but I will admit that most of my Danskos are pretty old, so I guess there’s a chance there’s been a change in manufacturing. The Dansko booties I bought last year, though, are just fine and I wore them ALL the time….and all the Danskos I’ve had for years are also fine. If Nordstrom carries the Danksos you are looking at, their return policy is amazing or if you have a local store that has a good return/replacement policy…you could always take them back if you had problems. Would be interesting to contact Dansko directly also with your concern and see what they say…maybe they would offer you a return/repair guarantee. Totally get your nervousness in buying such an expensive shoe. I always get nervous trying a new brand. Hope it works out and thanks for the comment.

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