Classics Made Modern: How To Style A White Shirt and Stripes Now




Online shopping can be seriously overwhelming.  Especially during Spring when temps are wildly swinging around, carelessly playing games with our hearts and giving us mood disorders. (YAY IT’S SUNNY I LOVE EVERYONE!! boooo it’s cold go away.)

Anyway, one of the goals of this blog is to help edit.  To cull through the seemingly infinite amount of products and highlight only those worth spending time – and money – on.  (Admittedly, some days we do this better than others.)  Personally, I love when retailers do this, too.  Curated lists of their staffer’s favorite pieces helps to draw attention to something I might have otherwise overlooked.

It’s all about the edit.

So when Nordstrom asked me to take a look at their latest featured shop, The Essentials, I was thrilled.  It was beautifully curated list of exactly where my head was: modernized stripes, cool trench coats, drool-worthy wood-block heels.  My Spring edit, in this case, became a whole lot easier.

So.  Let’s focus on fresh new twists on classic pieces:  the white shirt, and the striped shirt.

A Perfect White Shirt

Perfectly soft, drapey, and meant to be a little wrinkled?  Sign. Me. Up.   Style a made-for-everyday white shirt with a menswear watch, a white (or light) bag and navy heels.  (If you follow me on Instagram, @shanachristine, you’ve seen these ah-mazing heels before….)

This navy shoe + white bag combo will look fresh now….and alllll summer long.


I chopped the hem off of a pair of tomboyish jeans to better show the shoes.  #withscissors #sofancy

I’m thinking of taking the hem of these jeans one inch higher…thoughts?










Outfit Details

shirt: Leith Oversized Shirt (size xs)

jeans: Rag and Bone Tomboy Jeans in Roscoe wash (size 25 – In general, these jeans fit more like a pair of men’s jeans – there’s no stretch, and the legs are straight.  Also, I chopped several inches off.)

shoes: Lucky Brand Leesha Sandal in navy  (soft leather, padded footbed, and sturdy heel.  They’re high, but comfortable.  Not Sorel-wedge-boot comfortable, but very comfy for high heels.)

bag: Filly Stag Saddle Bag (white is sold out – BOO, but try this similar bag)

bra (since that matters in this case, haha):  Cosabella Bralette in beige (there’s a nursing version, too)

lipstick: Nars lipstick in Rita

on Raines: Original Penguin polo (love how these are nerdy-cool rather than preppy – here’s the current version), old Peek cords, Nikes


Modern Striped Shirts

Stripes and flares will forever be a classic.  I changed it up a bit with vertical stripes and distressed flare jeans (ooo…gettin’ crayzee)…but then brought it all back around with a solid trench and gorg saddlebag.

(Wait until you see the shoes.)

Once again, this classic combo of trench + saddlebag + wood-heeled shoes will make virtually any outfit.  And a modern striped shirt?  Well.  It is the outfit.











My date for the night



Outfit Details

trench: Halogen trench (I’m wearing a petite xs, but it comes in regular sizes as well.  Also, the hood detaches.)

sweater:  Topshop Pinstripe Sweater

jeans: Paige Bell Canyons in Brady Deconstructed (petite!!) – gang, these are amazing.  SO soft, a nice high rise, and a seriously pretty gray/blue.  I’m obsessed.  If you need regular (not petite) length, try the silas deconstructed (only size 31 left) or these seriously cool bell canyons with stars.

shoes: Halogen Willow Colorblock Sandal (frankly, I need another pair of high heels like I need a hole in the head, but these are nicely padded and made of super soft leather and I couldn’t resist the colorblock and fringe tassel detail.  I mean.)

bag: Rebecca Minkoff Saddle Bag (drool)

sunglasses: Persol

lipstick: Nars lipstick in Rita


Shop The White Shirt Edit

Find a soft and drapey (read: comfortable) white shirt.  Pair with cropped jeans, navy heels, and white (or light bags).  Balance it all out with a menswear watch, and you have just nailed the white shirt edit.


Shop The Modern Stripe Edit

Find classic stripes in an updated, unexpected shape, or go with vertical (or diagonal) stripes.  Pair with flares (distressed if you dare), and a timeless trench.  Finish with a drool-worthy saddlebag and wood block heels.



Shop Nordstrom Essentials

The best part of the Nordstrom Essentials Boutique is that it is constantly changing, providing a ongoing source of inspiration.  It just switched over to focus on pretty lace details, soft shoulder bags, swingy sweaters, and cropped jackets and pants.  Here are my current favorites from the collection:


Oh and hey – if you’re in Philly, go check out Jerry’s Bar.  It’s so good.




photo credits:  The talented and fun Amanda Danziger

A huge thank-you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!  I always love when retailers find ways to make shopping easier, and Nordstrom, you do this so well.  I was thrilled to highlight your Spring edit.  As always, all thoughts, opinions, styling ideas, and products choices are my own.  And readers, thank you so much for your continued support.  It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated.


  1. Something about you with a purse on your shoulder was so unsettling to this long time reader sometimes commenter. Not until the pics with the bag across your body could i breath.
    I also have Blank flares and they are super.

    • OMG @houseofboys, DYING over this comment!!! LOLOLOL But yeah – I’m loving this new phase of life. I’ve even left the house sometimes with….NOTHING. No bag at all. Just keys and phone and credit card in my pocket. I’m all FREEDOM, BABY.

  2. I love both of these outfits so much! Also your shoe picks are always so spot on, I really want to grab up those navy tasseled heels. I already have the perfect white shirt like that, so I am dying to try that outfit tomorrow!

  3. I love it all Shana! You style so easily! Hmm, can I pic a favorite? Nope. But I did see on Instagram how you mention you look like you grandmother in the Jerry’s taxi pic. Isn’t that awesome!? Love that pic of you. I would love it if I wore and looked anything as glamorous as my Grandma Soogie too. Oooh! She had style!!

    Keep up the great editing!

    Love, Ann

  4. About cutting off the hem of those jeans, have you seen those skinny jeans at free people that have the high/low chopped off hems?

  5. Every. single. thing. about the white shirt update is IT. And more than justifies my nagging “time to upgrade my uniform white button down” thoughts. My wallet does not thank you. 🙂 And are you two-fishing or does your “date” have excellent taste in stouts? 🙂 🙂 🙂

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