The Easiest Way To Wear White Pants In Winter







Gang, I’m beat.  Mike’s been working a ton, school’s cancelled tomorrow, my poor nanny has been sick, and I’ve re-written this article five different times.  It turns out that I have nothing witty to say about white pants (new professional low point:  my attempt at a ‘white pant haiku’).  I give up.  Instead, here are a couple quotes heard ’round the Draugelis nuthouse:

Pax:  “MOM!!  A wego fell down a wack!!  Put it otay –  you can get it wuf your sharp CWAWS.”

translation: it’s time for a manicure.

(Just kidding – I don’t get those.)


Raines:  “Pax, that’s supposed to be a secret!  A secret means you can only tell ONE person and that’s MOM.”

That’s right, buddy.  THAT’S RIGHT.

Ok, now that the pressure of wit is off the table, let’s talk white pants.  My fav white-pant uniform is insanely easy:  Mix white pants with black, gray, and – here’s the key – GOLD.  Weird but true.






sweater: old Vince, but try’s clearance section – everything is an additonal 25% off with code THISISIT.  I love the Vince Double V Thermal Wool/Cashmere sweater or the Vince Cashmere Ladder Stitch Double-V Sweater (size XS for reference)

jeans: old Rag & Bone….but the reviews look amazing for this pair of Paige denim white jeans

boots: Clark’s Desert Boots in gray

hat: Sole Society c/o but I love the look of this gray Plush Beanie

necklace: J.Crew Shaped Choker

socks: Smartwool snowflake socks



Also?  Date night.  Same formula.







sweaterZady Essential Sweater c/o (size XS for reference)

jacket:  French Connection c/o (sold out – but this French Connection hooded puffer looks AMAZING and on sale)

jeans: old Rag & Bone….but the reviews look amazing for this pair of Paige denim white jeans

boots: Marc Jacobs booties – sold out almost everywhere except for Bloomies (just a few sizes left), or wow – the exact same pair (Marc Jacobs) but with a lower heel for 50% off…or Guess has a reasonable knock off on sale for $68: Guess Quilted Platform Lug Boots

necklace: J.Crew Shaped Choker

bag: old Madewell clutch, try Joie’s large orange leather clutch (ignore the pic – the clutch comes in either black or a gorgeous orange.  52% off)

lipstick:  Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Zinfindel


It’s only MONDAY? EFF.



white glowing like snow

in so many orbs, stacked high

i am the snowman


(photo credits:  Kim Coxhead) 


  1. My only question is: how to keep white pants clean with young children???? I wear mine for an hour and they get a smudge of some kind.

  2. So my 60 year old boss sets a firm stance against stark white pants after labor day. (She says “Winter white” is okay.) Is she as out dated as I think she is? These are bright white, summer-style jeans, no? Needless to say I won’t be wearing my white jeans to work (wouldn’t want to offend her delicate fashion sensibilities!) but I think I’m going to pull my jeans out of storage and wear them on the weekends.

    • It sounds like your boss is friends with my old boss who told us that if we were going to wear open toed shoes we had to wear nylons with them. Huh? In 90 degree heat in an un-air conditoned school. It makes me sweat just thinking about it.

  3. Google translate says the comment in Kanji says “Carefully read it, expressed support!” — seems like a good comment to me?
    I like your white pant formula! I will try it when I am not hugely pregnant anymore, and can go on a date night! (I’m hoping maybe like 2016? HA HA HA sob.)

  4. I love your style and while I lack your chutzpah, seeing your posts are great fun for me. I don’t want to seem “negative” at all, so please know that I think that this is daring and admirable. For some reason, the bright whiteness of the pants and the darkness of everything else is a little off to my eye. Maybe the photos don’t portray it as well as real life. Interesting, but not practical or as flattering as your other looks. (And probably not something that those of us with leg meat will want to pull off).

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