Home Decor Inspo: The Elephant In The Room


Elephants seem to be sneaking up on me everywhere I look these days, and I’m so happy to see them! These social creatures are symbols of loyalty, companionship, unity, good luck, power, success, wisdom and experience, all over the world. A trunk-down elephant is also considered to be a symbol of fertility; trunk-up is good luck. Who doesn’t need a little more of some, if not all of that? Here are some fun ways to work these beautiful creatures into our homes without creating a zoo.

Elephant Decor Inspo

Elephants are symbols of loyalty, companionship, unity, power, success, wisdom & experience. We're bring 'em home for fun, lucky decorating.


Elephants On Walls

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Each of these are available in two frame finishes so that you can create a matching set — and yes, I love them most side-by-side, one for fertility, and one for good luck!

Elephants Under Foot

3 | 4

Obviously the large rug is great for a kid space, but the neutral colorway is also a fun pop for a family seating area, too! The doormat — I just love the happy color of!

The Elephants In Our Room

5 | 6

Why not lighten up and light-up a side table, console or nightstand with a little elephant love? The tray is a great addition to a welcoming entry console, or for use on a poof or coffee table as well! No secrets here! These guys add plenty of fun that’s easy to talk about.

Elephant Pillows

7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13

A fun way to add a pop of elephant love to any seating area or bed! A couple of these are kid room-friendly, and all of the others work in all of our other spaces.

Take A Seat On An Elephant

14 | 15 | 16 | 17

The woven is a lidded storage basket and so sweet! The others are stools and poofs you can actually sit on and, which make great, fun accent pieces in any room!

Sleeping With Elephants


Simple baby rooms in calm colors are my favorites. Am I the only one who believes that they also encourage babes to sleep too? I could absolutely see myself suggesting a nap-resister count the elephants while mommy checks on something…

Elephant Zhushing

19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24

Whether it’s as a nightlight, magnifying glass, wall hook, planter, or just something pretty for the open shelves, these are all fun objects to add to any space randomly or in keeping with a theme.

Shop More Elephants To Decorate With At Home

As for the expression, I’m not sure how you handle the elephant in the room, but my guess is it’s probably better than I do. My East-Coast-limited-filter always comes right off as I (not so) patiently sit on the edge of my seat waiting for someone else to call it out and if they don’t, I typically just burst. The patience has grown and the burst lessened as I’ve aged, but um, yeah, I could still use a little work in this area. For now, I’m going to add this guy to my own office, and I’ll giggle thinking about the expression every time I set eyes on him, practice the fine art of biting my tongue and walking and talking gently, and hope he brings me good luck and wisdom.

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