The High Rise Flare Trend And Maternity: Let’s Discuss



A reader recently asked about maternity flares – whether they can actually be styled in a way that looks good, even with a bump…considering that the BIG thing right now is high waists and tucked in tops. Since tucking in a top is literally impossible for those of us that are pregnant (ya know, the whole no-waist no-hips thing), unless we make a bold maternity style statement and show off the oh-so-hot bump panel (ha), we are sh*t outta luck when it comes to styling anything with a high waist.

So yeh, maybe everyone is wearing the high waist flares right now. Let me just go ahead and ask though, for all of us expecting mamas, do they really have to be high-waisted to work? I mean, isn’t it entirely possible to look just as rockin’ in a pair of flares (bump and all) with a more flowey, untucked top or even a fitted top?

I made it my mission to find out.

(Truth: Ive been dying to find a temporary replacement for my Madewells that I miss… [sob], so this was actually my excuse to shop around and order a couple of pairs to try out. “It’s for wooorkkkk, babe”😉 )



These flares. Winners. They’re the Citizen’s Of Humanity ‘Kelly’ Maternity Flare. If you’re looking for a flare to wear during pregnancy, I’d give these a try first.

I don’t even need to talk about this top. It does all of the talking. I LOVE IT. I think S can wear this one as a dress?…I’m pretty sure? ha.

This is a really good maternity combo. I wore it all day. I even went to a movie (By myself. Amazing, by the way. Feel free to ask me about my heavenly experience) and felt comfortable the entire time. That good. Which is crazy, because at this point in my pregnancy I’m ready to take my clothes off and get into pjs every chance I can get.





top: Free People ‘Tree Swing’ high/low top – this is one of those tops that has to be worn to be understood. I wasn’t sure about it and then I put it on. yes. This is the top I have been looking for all of my life. It has the relaxed feel, with the boho look…and I even felt a little sexy with the deep-ish v.

jeans: Citizens of Humanity ‘Kelly’ Maternity Flare – like I said, if you’re looking for a pair of maternity flares, these are the way to go. If you’re shorter, you may have to shorten them a bit, considering they just hit the ground (with me wearing heels). However, if you’re tall…oh, girl…these are your jeans.

booties: Dolce Vita ‘Garim’ Wedge bootie – can’t sing my praises loud enough about these. For a wedge with a considerable heel, these are comfortable. I recently posted about how I wore them for four hours straight on my feet and they did not kill me. That’s pretty darn cool. I could never last that long in a stiletto. Wedges seem to be the way to go this season for the ladies that need a little more support, but want a heel.

I think it’s safe to say that I now a HUGE fan of the maternity flares and loose, untucked top combo. That was easy.

I still wanted to do some further testing with a few other tops though…

Slouchy Sweater + Flares



Mmmm hmmm. Again, easy…with the slouch and the boho-vibe of this cozy sweater. Who needs a waist anyways?



sweater: Free People ‘Pretty Pointelle’ Sweater – this sweater. Goooooodness. It has just the right amount of slouch and cool and comfy…all wrapped into one. Plus– amazing over a baby bump. There is just one thing about it – it sheds…these little balls of fluff. It may stop doing that after being worn a few times, so I am still considering keeping it. Ugh, because it’s the sweater I think I’d keep throwing on all Fall and Winter. >> you’ll probably want a tank for layering underneath, btw. I wore a simple black one. You could also do a long sleeve tee…maybe? (for when it gets even colder) Oh! Also, I originally tried on a Medium (for growing bump), but it was too big. Free People tends to run large like that. A small fits me perfectly and that means it’ll fit postpartum, too. score.

jeans: Citizens of Humanity ‘Kelly’ Maternity Flare – you may want to consider going up a size in these…IF you get a booty during pregnancy, like me. I seem to gain two bumps while I’m pregnant – the baby bump and the…back bump (my husband says “dayuuum. look at that a**” when I walk into the room ;). Anyways. I am wearing my normal size here…and it works, but I could use one size up for a bit more room. This is a great maternity jean for Fall. I love it – the wash, feel, length and style. All of it.

shoes: DV Odetta Pump – so sexy. I don’t wear them often, but when I do…wowza. I like having them on hand for those random times I feel like wearing a higher heel…a.k.a…the times when the kids are tucked away in bed with a babysitter at home. 😉

tank (underneath): H&M maternity tanks – you get two – a black and white one. Awesome…and they are nursing tanks. Super awesome. I’m thinking about getting some new ones to wear after baby numero 3 arrives.

Tunic + Flares


A tunic top has always been one of my go-tos during pregnancy, but I was unsure about how one would work with flares. I’ve only ever worn them with skinny jeans. I like it! Quite a bit, actually. I did have to go up a size to get the right fit, but other than that…golden. It’s another simple option to throw on for everyday or I could have easily dressed up this outfit with pumps and a clutch, too…

and maybe a blazer?…


Now we’re really talking. I think a yes to a heel more like this though (wearing in outfit above). Both work, in my opinion, though!



top: Lush Tunic – lightweight and comfortable. I went up a size to a Medium.

jeans: Citizens of Humanity ‘Kelly’ Maternity Jean – wearing them again here, because…ummm. Well, when you find a good maternity jean you don’t take it off.

booties: DV ‘Garim’ Wedge (same as above) – such a great wedge bootie to have for Fall + Winter. I wear them with dresses, too.

Fitted Top + Flares


Hmmm. Not my favorite. Does my face tell all? ha-ha.

I can’t decide if it’s the length of the jean or if it’s the top. Maybe a necklace or statement earrings would have helped this along a bit more? I’ve worn the top with skinny jeans and a bootie and really liked it a lot, but I’m not loving it with flares. Also, if I’m going to be serious about a flare, I want them to at least touch the bottom of my shoe. I like the more relaxed look…and I think that’s what it comes down to here.



top: Isabella Oliver Celeste Maternity top – I could definitely do with a larger size in this top, I think, even though I went with my normal size…which usually works with Isabella Oliver pieces. You can see that it’s just a bit too tight on me (boobs and the bump are stretching it a tad). That said, it’s a great top to have when you’re pregnant – comfortable and comes in handy when I want to look put together, but don’t have the time (so every day). I’ve been throwing it on with maternity skinny jeans and a pump or the DV booties.

jeans: Paige Skyline Maternity Flare – too short for me (with a heel), but I did like the way they fit everywhere else. If you’re below 5’10, I’d consider these.

booties: DV ‘Garim’ bootie – again. because. awesome.

Black Turtleneck + Flares


Okay, now this I can dig. Even though the top is fitted it really works well (I layered it over a long maternity tank, by the way). Also, I switched back into the Citizen’s of Humanity jeans and yep. They are definitely my favorite of the two pairs of flares I ordered and tried on.

I can still get away with wearing open-toed shoes here some days, so these happened…


I mean, really. Look at them. STUNNAAAS. They add something a little unexpected and I love that. I realize not everyone has mild southern Falls, so I could have just as easily worn a pair of closed-toed pumps.

Now, biker jacket…


…and um. Hellz yes.

Maybe not my far-off-in-space expression, but the whole look…YES.


top: J. Crew Tissue Turtleneck – have always loved this turtleneck since I got it last year. I now just wear it with a maternity tank layered underneath.

tank: Three Seasons Maternity tank – this is the one from my maternity capsule wardrobe. It’s a great basic to have for layering.

jeans: Citizens of Humanity ‘Kelly’ Maternity Flare – yep. again.

jacket: old. This ASOS biker jacket is very similar to my own,

shoes: ZARA, old old old. I know, sorry…but I did find these Nine West metallic pumps that would rock with flares. They make more sense for colder weather anyways.


…and the maternity flares testing is now complete.

I’d say they work! Really well. Maybe not with everything, but there are options for making them look cool. What say you?

The Citizen pair (that I never took off) may even compete with my beloved Madewells…? I don’t know. Let’s not get too crazy here. I will be happily rockin’ them until the end of this pregnancy though.





photos – Brandon Brown Photography


  1. I have been looking forward to this post! (Since I was the one that got a pair of maternity flares and immediately returned them. O_O)

    These looks are great. (Except the fitted top one, which I agree with you was a little meh.) I think the black turtleneck combo is my favorite. That said I still can’t forget the feeling I got when I put on those maternity flares and felt like I’d transported myself back to 2002. To me there’s not much exciting about flares without the “new” feel of high rise trend. I thought the leg would do it for me, but it didn’t. 😛 I think I’ll just stick to skinny and straight denim for now, until I stop having children and have a waist again…so…in like ten years? XD

  2. I love it! I’m headed to Chicago today for a trip while 30 weeks pregnant, definitely in need of some style inspiration while packing! I have lived in that Lush tunic from Anniversary sale this pregnancy, I got 3 colors! I keep waiting to invest in some new maternity denim (I have 3 pairs already!), but I love the look of the flare!

    I recently posted a maternity of incredibly stylish budget finds, pregnant mama’s would love it!

  3. YES!!!! Thank you Cam!!!!! I’ve been trying to play with the styles from Shana’s post and this one had stumped me! I am 5’2″, but otherwise built similarly, so this is super helpful. The looser tops you don’t actually look particularly pregnant, just stunning!

  4. You look great! I think the reason why this works is that the pants are very fitted in the thighs and you happen to have very long legs. Not sure this would look so good on somebody with shorter or wider legs.

  5. THANK YOU for this post. I stare at all of my blousesa and tunics in my wardrobe and just kept asking… “can I REALLY wear them untucked with my maternity flares?” And the answer you gave here is a resounding yes. It’s funny too, because my first pregnancy I was all about the fitted top and flares, and now I’m really loving the flowy, bohemian look with the flares. THANK YOU!

  6. So I know old thread, but I bought this exact outfit (different brand jeans (James Jeans) but identical look including that top) and I’ve now worn it for date night, thanksgiving, Christmas Eve party, and looking at New Years Eve… So yeah, fabulous!

    • YES. I love hearing this. Thank you for commenting and letting us know. I know I felt awesome in it and was hoping others would too. May I ask how tall you are? I am curious to see if this look works on other body types. Cheers.

      • I top out at 5’2″ but am very slim built (size 24 in jeans & similar on top). I keep trying to get a photo to post of me in it, but haven’t yet. But I felt great in this outfit, and since I have another month to go, will wear it next for my birthday and maybe get a photo then!

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