The Holiday Table, Set Three Ways


The Holiday Table!!! Oh, where do we start with this piece of home decor?

With Thanksgiving just 1 week away…let’s start here: We love to eat. And we love it most when we all sit down at the table.

We actually sit for breakfast and dinner daily — is that crazy? Sometimes it feels like it is. Take breakfast every morning: everyone must have their shoes on before they sit to eat (and if you are the adult, the one responsible for getting a gang of kids and yourself out the door on time, then you appreciate this small detail!) And often for dinner we are a table, or three tables put together plus a counter of 20, so yes, that feels a little crazy in the making and clean-up, especially on a school nights.

Mostly though, for us, it’s the opposite of crazy. It’s when we stop doing everything else and we focus on one another, share a common meal, come together and count our blessings for being able to do so. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for ‘chores’ for young kids: set the table, fill the glasses, make the plates, pass the food, sit, eat, love, laugh, then clear the plates. All kinds of great life lessons work themselves in there.

Given that this is our ‘normal’, when the holidays roll around…we like to make the experience feel even more special. Not necessarily fancy…just special. Shana asked me to be fancy for something next week and I asked if she would be happy with my fancy jog pants. That’s about as fancy as I get these days. We like our homes full of life and kids and fun, so again…fancy isn’t our thing necessarily. But special? Special is. So here’s how we took the same simple table, and layered it 3 ways to special for the holidays.

The magic recipe is basically this: grab everything that’s somewhere in the house that could go on the table (candles, pretty bowls, beautiful baskets, linens, and greens from your garden, the neighbors yard, or the local florist), and play with it until your are happy and the table feels special. Done!

(A few basics, like white dishes and edgy stemware dress-up ‘fancy’ really well when set with other things you love.)

We’re so excited to share holiday with our loves and hope yours are so special too!

An easy, elegant, and modern way to set your holiday table. (This technique works for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any holiday — it's THAT gorgeous.)

– Table One –

– Modern Minimalism, Layered –

modern holiday tablescape

– Table Two –

-The Rustic White Cloth Layered with Love-

simple thanksgiving table

– Table Three –

– Stormy and Romantic-

modern thanksgiving table

– Shop the Tables –

A special thanks to T, S, L, and E for letting us take-over your table for this fun! T, we noticed you noticing the white ceramic vases (our favorites too!) There’s a set on it’s way to you as a token of appreciation!

xo, A


  1. Beautiful! But I have a silly question to ask; where do you put the serving dishes of food? I love a pretty table but struggle with that part and usually end up moving all the decor once everyone is seated. Or do you pass the dishes around the table the set the down someplace else, like a buffet?

    • Not silly at all! Feeding an army is always a challenge!!! What seems to work best for us is a ‘buffet table’ or ‘buffet counter’ where everyone plates their own food and then we sit, or where we help the kids plate and then plate ourselves! It’s also fun to decorate the counter or a buffet table in the same spirit as the table…just lay a runner on a counter or long table, and add some greens between the serving dishes, lay some apples or lemons or whatever you have between. If you table is big enough though, it’s also nice to just leave some space and let the food and serving dishes be part of what’s beautiful on the table!

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