LOFT has All the Summer Dresses (nursing-friendly ones, too)



Sorry, Summer clothes budget. You’ve been tapped out already.

Soooooo…I ordered a bunch of LOFT dresses to try on, promising myself that I would only keep one or two (or three), but then I put them on…and well, I now have a good selection of dresses to choose from.

Apparently it’s really too hard for me to say no to an easy dress these days, especially when they’re pretty…and nursing-friendly. When it comes to a dress that can just be thrown on…any given day…and makes me look and feel sort of like a real human, one that tried a little bit that morning…I BUY THAT DRESS.

Or rather, I buy ALL the dresses.

What’d you say? You want to see how and for what I’ve been wearing all of these dresses?


Good, because this took me forever…

Backyard Soirée





Yeh, hmmm. Looking at the outfit now, I would have totally swapped out the black sandals with a tan pair of fringed sandals, like these SS fringed sandals. I like the black sandals I had on, but it’s almost…too black with the grey. A neutral would have looked really nice with the soft grey. Hind sight they say, right?


dress: Lou & Grey (LOFT)…and it’s now sold-out. *gasp* nooooooooo. I am so sad about that, because it was totally nursing-friendly. Darn. Okay, but here’s the thing. The aim is a comfortable dress you can throw on and wear with sandals. Lou & Grey is amazing when it comes to both, so here is their Heathered Bare Swing Dress or they have this cool Brushed Linen Wrap Romper. Both look like they could be nursing-friendly. I haven’t worn them or nursed in them, so don’t quote me on that. haha. I do think they’d work though.

sandals: Target, now sold-out. These Sole Society KOA Fringe Sandals are pretty sweet. As are these Sam Edelman’s.

necklace: the Carrie Name necklace – yep, have always loved Carrie’s necklace from SATC…so I got one with my own name. Even on those bad days, when I have this on…I still feel a smidge fabulous. 😉


Outdoor Adventures










dress: LOFT Double V Flare Dress – very flattering. Thank you, nursing boobs for the little extra somethin’ somethin’, which made this dress look even better (and that’s the only time you’ll hear me thank them for that, probably). This dress is comfortable and easy to throw on and nurse in.

sandals: Sam Edelman Eavan Gladiator – you may have heard me wax poetic about these babies before. Well, here I go again…buy these sandals. Buy them now. I wear them with everything.

necklace: the Carrie necklace – love it. Considering starting to buy them as gifts for all of the women I know. Wouldn’t that be cool? I am a terrible gift giver, so this actually really is exciting. ha.

Mom Play Dates

as in, playdates where “mom juice” is served. Mmmm. Mom juice.







dress: LOFT Off-the-shoulder Dress – such a fun dress. It hides things in a cute way. Also, nursing-friendly! Note: it is slightly see through (when you’re outside), so I’d either wear all black unders or a light slip. It would be an awesome beach cover-up, too!

shoes: not shown (because I probably forgot to snap a pic of them after a couple of “mom juices”), but they were my Halogen Dylan espadrilles – almost sold out, so I would also consider these Topshop Espadrilles, as well. Very pretty with the wrap laces.

necklace: neighbor’s necklace…that she so kindly let me borrow. Thanks, Raegan! ;). I found this Chunky Turqoise Howlite Necklace , which is similar, but not a multi-strand. Here’s another one on Etsy that is a multi-strand and is absolutely beautiful. I’m not a jewelry person, but I felt awesome in a necklace this, because it’s a bit funky and it was the only piece I really needed to add. Simple.



Amazing. Gorgeous. Now, the only thing is…I accidentally ordered it in a LARGE and a TALL size at that. So…you see. It’s a bit too big (under the arms) and it’s a bit too long.


In the proper size, I do believe it would look so ravishing. It’s such a nice color…and it also has tassels on the side. Really…such a pretty dress. I felt like a Grecian goddess in it. A Grecian goddess that promptly got spit-up on right after this picture was taken and I picked up my 4 month old.


dress: Tasseled Halter Maxi Dress – gorgeous. Note: I ordered a size L and Tall – too long, even on my 5’10 frame. I’d go with the regular, if you plan on adding it to your day-to-day rotation.

shoes: Sole Society Flatform Espadrille, almost sold-out – these Sarto Ravenna Espadrilles are similar (and have a lower heel. Oh!…and these Soludos Espadrilles.

bag: Sole Society, old – but oh my goshthis Mezi Saddle Bag from FP…love it in grey or ivory. I’d wear it dressed up or down, tooooo.

The Everyday Dress



dress: LOFT Embroidered Split Neck Dress

shoes: Sole Society Flatform Espadrille, almost sold-out – these Sarto Ravenna Espadrilles are similar (and have a lower heel. Oh!…and these Soludos Espadrilles.

arm party: old, old and I made the jeweled cuff.

Work to Play


I picked this dress, because it looked like a great office-to-weekend dress. Now, yeh…it does seem a bit basic, butbutbut I knew it’d work well with a blazer and heel for a more professional look…and then with flats for a casual outfit. It’s also so darn comfy! I think with the right accessories it can go farther than just being a basic dress. Maybe add a fringe bag for a bit more edge? Think Shana’s coveted Rebecca Minkoff backpack (I think that’s the one?…it’s at least a similar one) or this Sole Society cross body.



dress: LOFT Leafy Flare Dress – comfortable and fits well on my postpartum bod.

shoes: (heel) Steven Vienna Sandal – a must. I wear them all of the time, as does Shana (and I think Scotti?) / (flats) Halogen Espadrille

blazer: Banana Republic, sold out. LOFT’s On Duty Blazer is on-point though.

An Off-the-Shoulder #

chambray-off-the-shoulder-dressYehhhhh, so about this dress. You might be thinking, umm…sack much? It is sack-ish looking on me. Here’s the deal though, ya’ll – I ordered it in a TALL…and that was a big mistake, apparently. Usually a tall is a good thing on me, but no…nonono. Not with this dress.


This dress needs to be shorter. As you can see by my super helpful demonstration, it would be a lot cuter if a little more leg was showing. It’s very comfortable. It wears well with a nice bright lip, too, for Summer and you can pair it with allthesandals.



See. It’s cute. It just needs to be the right length. (I kind of just wanted an excuse to share my bangin’ new head shots, soo….yeh, thaaaanks)


dress: LOFT Chambray Off-the-shoulder dress – a nursing-friendly dress. Order it in a regular length…unless you’re over 6 feet. I would then maybe consider the tall size.

sandals: Sam Edeleman Eavan Gladiator – my favorite pair of sandals. Hands down.

lip color: Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm – these are great. I get a new color every so often and it’s a great little color pop. I also love that it doesn’t leave my lips feeling sticky or weird.


Shop LOFT Dresses for Summer

Here’s hoping we all have sun drenched Summers, full of good dress moments…and sangria. LOTS of sangria.
Do I always sound like an alcoholic?


  1. Thank you thank you for this! I just ordered a bunch of double v dresses to nurse my 1 month old for the summer and now I have a bunch of loft cash to spend! Is the halter maxi nursing friendly? I love the color!!

    • Yayyyy. That’s the one that isn’t really nursing friendly – heh. I know, such a bummer. It’s beautiful though…great for any random times you don’t have to nurse…which is…when?? lilllll

  2. You look amazing! Thanks a lot, Cam, now I want ALL of these dresses, but live in a country where I can’t order from Loft online. 🙁 If anyone sees applicable look-alikes from H&M or Forever21, I do have access to those.

  3. The Sam Edelman gladiator sandal!! I’ve been lusting after these since seeing all of your posts with them last year but I think they were sold out back then if I recall. I’m so glad you featured them and they are In Stock!! I just ordered. This made my day!

  4. Fellow tall mama here – what’s your guideline for dress length? How short is too short? Finger tip length? Anything goes as long as your cheeks aren’t hanging out in the breeze? Tights are great in the winter, but I don’t want to shelve all my dresses in the warmer months . . . buuuut, also don’t want to be the talk of the playground after school. Thanks!

    • Hi Robin! Yes, I typically say finger tip length…or just above (like the first Lou & Grey dress I’m wearing in this post). It does get a little dicey at times, especially toting a baby around, so I just try to pay attention when I’m bending over. I do try to stick with no shorter than finger tip though. Cheers.

  5. Okay, you got me! I order the sandals. They were on sale on the Nordstrom site, and lucky for me, my SIL works there so I got an additional 20% off. Thanks for the recommendation! I can’t wait to get them.

  6. I would love to know what bras you’re wearing with all these nursing friendly dresses! Both strapless and with straps- your “girls” look a lot more supported than mine do in the shapeless nursing bras I have. Share your sources?
    Thanks a mil!
    -stuck under a nursing baby right now!!

    • I am in LOVE with Soma’s Nursing bras – – wear under the dresses with straps. I have one in black and one in nude.

      As for strapless, they do make strapless nursing bras. Motherhood Maternity has them.

      I, personally, don’t have one and am fine with wearing a straight up strapless bra. It works to just pull it down. However, I am a 34C while nursing, so not huge up top…but not teeny.

      Hope that helps! Cheers.

      • I second the Soma nursing bras. I have all three… The padded wireless gives surprisingly good shape and support (34dd), the wired is super comfy, and the wireless with no padding is great for sleep and around the house. If only they would bring back black…I need more options than nude 🙁

  7. I am in LOVE with the black strapless dress. But it’s only available in my size (either S or M) in the petite. (I’m 5’4, 125 lbs). What size did you get, and do you think the petite would be super short? Thanks for the advice and all the research. (all in the name of research, right?) 😉

  8. I have the first dress in black and I just wore it to a wedding last weekend. I can verify that it is not only nursing friendly, but pretty sexy too! It looks great it the cleavage area and camouflages the belly quite well

  9. I love the dresses and I keep looking at my dresses thinking I may need to wait to wear them for more than a quick jaunt somewhere. I’m curious though about how to nurse in some of these. How do you nurse in the embroidered split neck dress? Pull it up? That doesn’t seem nursing friendly. What about the leaf print work dress?

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