The Mom Edit’s Fall Edit (Your Complete Shopping List is Here)





Hey Mamas.  It’s Fall!  Which means that it’s time for a little Fall wardrobe 101.  Whether you just had a baby, are expecting a baby, had your babies long ago (or heck – don’t ever plan on having a baby)…these are the pieces to consider adding into your daily rotation.

The Tops

Athletic – Inspired

The sporty vibe is huge this Fall.  The easiest way to rock it?  Find a long-sleeve shirt with varsity stripes.  Wear with denim, or even a sleek pencil skirt.  My hands-down fav top is pictured above – it’s Free People’s Game Time linen henley (I’m wearing it here, size small).  Mine came from Nordstrom, but Zappos has my three fav colors in stock:  Charcoal, Navy or Cream.  But you can also find tees with sporty colorblocking, referee-inspired stripes, and cozy sweaters with sporty stripe-sleeve detail.  I love them all this Fall (and my top picks are coming out soon)….


Drapey Sweatshirt

It’s hard to beat a drapey sweatshirt for almost any situation.  Going to park?  Pair with jeans and sneaks.  Going on a date?  Use it to offset a fancy mini and high heels.  It also dresses up via statement necklace oh-so-easily.  My hands-down fav is Everlane’s (pictured), simply because it’s a sweatshirt/sweater hybrid with amazing drape.

pictured: Everlane’s seed stitch raglan


Cozy Sweater

Find one.  Just find one that works for your body, and wear it everyday.  Like….really, seriously, everyday.  I harp on this because cheap cozy sweaters often don’t last, don’t retain their shape, and end up not flattering.  If you splurge in one area….make it a cozy sweater (or boots).  I’ll have a round-up of cozy sweaters coming out soon, but in the meantime….I like Vince.  (This Vince sweater makes my heart beat fast.)

pictured: Vince colorblock sweater


Black Turtleneck

Turtleneck lovers, unite!!!!!  What looks ah-mazing under a denim jacket?  BLACK TURTLENECK.  What keeps booty shorts and over-the-knee boots sexy, not trashy?  BLACK TURTLENECK.   What looks equally awesome with a statement necklace OR a man’s big ‘ol watch?  Yup – you guessed it:  BLACK TURTLENECK.  There are few things more grounding than a black turtleneck…especially if you plan on taking the rest of my advice and amping up your interesting sweater and denim game.  My fav black turtleneck is J.Crew’s tissue turtleneck tee (currently 25% off with code SHOPFORFALL).

pictured: J.Crew’s tissue turtleneck tee


Striped Tee (Long Sleeve)

There’s nothing quite like a long-sleeve, striped layering tee.  Find one with long enough arms so they can peek out from anything you layer over top.  Rag and Bone’s striped tee (pictured) is fantastic – the stripes highlight your shoulders in the most lovely way when on, but I also love J.Crew’s striped turtleneck (IknowIknow but it’s on sale) and Zoe Karrssen’s black striped tee.

pictured: Rag and Bone’s striped tee


Plaid Shirt

Mixed prints is huge this Fall (again)….especially mixed plaids.  Get a plaid shirt, wear it with a plaid scarf.  (Not as crazy as it sounds – I did this a few years ago.)  Finding a good plaid shirt is the key – and it’s tough.  Madewell’s Ex-Boyfriend Shirt in Cherry Plaid is pictured (Madewell is one of my fav sources for boy shirts in general)….but the nervous among you may be more comfortable mixing J.Crew’s large gingham print in black/white.

pictured: Madewell’s Ex-Boyfriend Shirt in Cherry Plaid


The Bottoms

Interesting Denim

This season, if you are going to invest in a pair of jeans, don’t get the plain, dark wash.  Go for something interesting.  Try a pair of destroyed denim, or jeans with patches.  If dark washes are your only jam, then fine:  try a pair of moto jeans, something coated to look like faux-leather, or trouser-inspired detail.   No matter your style, it is time to Branch. Out.  But here’s the good news:  The shape of jean doesn’t matter.  Skinny, flare, boyfriendbootcut or trouser – as long as it’s interesting….your outfit will thank you.  I’ll be doing a denim roundup SOON (but I linked to my current favs above).

pictured: Paige Jimmy Jimmy Skinny Jeans with patches


Not-Quite-Black Jeans

Remember the $300 jeans I’ve been dying over for two years now? (They’re also the pair pictured above.)  I’m drooling because they nail that perfectly distressed black-gray.  Well.  Other brands have (finally!!) caught up.  Including this shockingly affordable pair of washed black jeans from Blank Denim.

pictured: R13 Skinny Jeans


Sweatpant Trousers

We’ve covered sweatpant trousers in the past here, or even on date night here, and they’re still going strong for Fall.  If anything, they’re getting better.  My current favs are Lou & Gray’s Trackstripe pants.

pictured above:  J.Crew sweatpants (currently on sale!)


The Outerwear

A Stylish Jacket

If you have to chose only ONE piece this Fall….get a stylish (yet comfortable) jacket.  I’m not talking about a stiff blazer, or a coat that you “save for good”.  I’m not even talking about a gorgeous wool coat for when the weather turns.  I mean something lightweight that you can wear now.  Something comfortable that you DO actually want to wear.  And something that is not a Patagonia fleece.   Let’s step up our jacket game.  Start by finding something that makes your heart beat fast.  I highlighted a few of my favorite jackets a few weeks ago, and I have more to show you soon.  Cool jackets are so huge for Fall that the sheer volume of choices make my head spin.  (But I found some ah-mazing, totally drool-worthy options, so stay tuned.)

pictured: I CANNOT FIND IT.  Shoot.  But no matter – more options coming…


Chic Vest

Vests are all kinds of fun!  A few ideas:  Throw a chic vest over top of a denim jacket.  Or use it to ground mixed prints (like your plaid shirt OVER the striped tee – let the striped sleeves peek out!).  You can also slip one on over a turtleneck – black faux fur over a black turtleneck is monochromatic dressing at it’s best.

pictured:  Madewell vest


The Accessories

Short Boots

While the style of boot will ultimately depend on the types of jeans you wear the most….I think that a flat, short boot is a solid choice for Fall.  While I see lots of women still rocking the tall-boot-over-skinny-jeans look, it is definitely considered a classic at this point, rather than something new or fresh.

pictured: Jeffery Campbell Brit Wrap Booties


Slip-On Sneakers

So easy, yet so chic.  I covered this trend recently in the article, If You Only Buy One Pair of Shoes This Fall….THESE.  (I’m obviously very opinionated on this topic.)

pictured: Rebecca Minkhoff Slip On Sneakers  


Cute Hats

This is a big, HUGE trend for Fall.  I covered all of my favorites in the article, Fall Must-Have #1:  A Seriously Cool Hat.

pictured: Anthropologie Leopard Print Baseball Hat


Glam Sunnies

As I race Raines to school every morning, I am always thankful for my over-sized pair of glam sunnies.  It’s what I wear in place of makeup to school drop off.  I’m especially loving a colorful pair, since I typically wear neutrals.  The oxblood pair (pictured) would be a gorgeous, on-trend update for Fall.

pictured:  Italia Square Sunglasses in lilac


Plaid Scarf

While scarves are always fabulous, this year I’m sticking with plaid.  As I mentioned earlier, I plan on getting some serious plaid-on-plaid action.

pictured:  J.Crew Plaid Scarf


Kid-Friendly Backpack

Perhaps “mom friendly” is a better term.  But in any case, backpacks seem to hit that perfect note of nonchalant-cool.

pictured: Marc Jacobs backpack


Voila!  That’s my Fall Edit.  I have more detailed articles as follow-up – especially about JACKETS – but how annoying to wait, right?  So how ’bout this:  I created a little secret shop called Shop The Fall Edit.  As I work on the follow-up articles, I’ll throw my fav pieces to be featured into that shop.  So if you don’t feel like waiting….take a little browse through.  I’d love to hear what you think.




  1. I love shopping list posts so much! love the idea of adding a few things to my current wardrobe to bring it up to speed.
    Question for you though–in your opinion, can any body type get away with short boots? I always worry they’ll make me look weird but I really want to add a new pair of shoes or boots to my life this fall/winter.

    • This post made me happy. I found this space 2 years ago – in the middle of the night nursing my youngest – and that fall mom wardrobe post was my a-ha moment. I think I owned ONE item on it. Um, hi, so you’ve been busy conceiving and carrying and feeding babies but since you have to, you know, wear pants, wouldn’t it be nice if they were maybe…current? Or, not awful? Or, fit? Two years later and BAM, I either have everything on this list or have gotten my s together enough to know that it’s not me or I need a different version, right? As in, I love the MJ backpack on you, S, but my ancient Coach duffle (is it vintage if it’s well into its second decade? lol) just suits me better. But it’s cool, mom-friendly, holds our junk and checks that box in my style. So thanks for pulling me out of a giant rut two years ago, S, and making me feel good about it today! But no thanks for including those darn RM sneaks bc swoon….

      Megan, 2 years ago I was all “yeah, no, can’t wear short boots, don’t have skinny or long legs and what do you mean boot cut is out of style?” and now I’m a convert. I’m 5ft 7 – so not short – but I don’t have long legs and I do have a curvy frame. The tall-short boots like S shows above (so cute) don’t do me any favors. What did work for me was an ankle boot with a small heel, teamed with a more monochromatic vibe. Think greys and taupes with lighter denim or black with dark denim and black. I tested the waters with a Target bootie, then pounced on a pair of Hudsons on super sale when I realized I was wearing my Tarjays ALL. THE.TIME. This is the current season’s version of the pair that worked for me, if it helps –

    • As we know, Shana looks fab in anything 😉 but I totally think other body types can do the short boot! The big change for me (I’m 5’9″, athletic size 10) was to find ankle length jeans. For some reason, when I wore regular length jeans, even if they were skinny, they bunched up weird and made my short moto boots look worse! I will admit, I had to get over my worries that the moto boots were hitting my calves weird, I just own it now 😉 I have also loved those ankle heigh boots, Dolce Vita had a few pairs that were cute.

      • I am also having trouble with short boots (and booties and ankle boots…). The short boots seem to hit me in the most unflattering spot on my lower-mid calf. Even though I am petite and pretty thin, this is the thickest part of my calf – they cut off my leg and make me look stumpy. So perhaps I am pairing with the wrong jeans? I will try with skinny ankle jeans. Anyway it’s gonna take a lot of practice and shopping for me to find the right combo!

  2. Thanks for mentioning the non-mamas! I have a chronic illness and can’t work, or spend much time on my appearance, so your advice about looking great and feeling comfortable – feeling comfortable being the most important – keeps me coming back.
    Thanks Shana!

  3. ATTENTION EVERYONE – run, don’t walk to Lululemon and get the Jet Crops, they are the perfect slouchy sweatpants trousers. I got the black and find myself wearing them everyday.. I am even wearing them right now. 🙂 They are insanely comfy, wash easily, and disguise that just worked out look perfectly. They are so nice looking you could even dress them up for a date!

  4. Please show some outfits with the short boots. I’m in love with the pair I picked up but feel like they emphasis my thighs and not in a good way.

    • Yes, yes, yes!!! Please show some outfits with short boots! I received a great pair for Christmas last year and I feel like I just don’t know how to wear them well. Help!!!!

  5. would love to see some outfits for a job where you can wear jeans! however, i live in florida and im drooling over those sweater and boots oufits.

  6. Love it and so happy to see that I already have most of these!! Except the plaid shirt, which I think I’m gonna pass on, lol. But cozy sweaters, short boots, black waxed skinnies that look kinda moto/cool, hot sunglasses, got it all! Now if only I wasn’t in Arizona where we have a good two months before I can wear this stuff… >:/

  7. Looks like my closet! Where do you get the best maternity turtleneck? I like the Isabella Oliver version except for the faux-neck and I’m afraid I’m going to end up pulling my non-maternity styles down constantly.

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