The Month of Unpredictable Weather: #MyEverydayEdit




Hey Mommas!

I’m here sharing some of my favorite outfits from this past month for our weekly recap of #myeverydayedit. This month was so crazy in the weather game. We had snow, freezing rain, partly cloudy 60 degree blah, followed by super sunshine 80 degree heat… then straight back to good ol’ snow. Even our weather people can’t keep it straight. So we’re just all kind of winging it most days. And dressing in lots of layers.

Colorado I desperately love you, BUT you are seriously insane in the spring.


Outfit #1


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We took our family vacation a couple weeks before Brooks had his official spring break at school. So we made his actual spring break week a little stay-cation. What better way to kick off a stay-cation than a donut date!? My kids ate so many cinnamon sugar donut holes that we ended up ordering sausage and bacon to-go before heading out the door. I live in fear of my kids on their sugar crashes. They were already crying by the time we got home. And, inevitably I found myself begging them to just eat even one bite of protein. It was a long day. But started great!




Shirt: Veronica M – I got this shirt at a boutique in Vail but I am loving sheer white tops like this Free People one.

Pants: AG Super Skinny Ankle Legging

Shoes: Frye Short Cowboy Boot (similar)

Bag: Louis Vuitton Artsy Mm Hobo Bag



Outfit #2


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This was maybe the best day of the month. We spent the day at the skate park where Brooks was teaching me all of his tricks. Like this really awesome one he has named the “soul surfer” where he bends down and sticks one leg out to the side. You can tell that it must look so awesome to him inside his head. So, of course, I had to learn it too. We recently got the boys bikes as well and this little short burst of warm weather made us so excited for summer. I have big plans for this little family of mine.




Shirt: Flying Tomato (similar)

Pants: Joie So Real Skinny Cargo Pants

Shoes: Frye Short Cowboy Boot (similar)

Belt: Free People Desert Leather Belt


Outfit #3



You guys, I had a baby sitter today! (AMEN!!) We toured a new preschool for Mr. Lucas this morning and then I had a coffee date with my man before he headed into work. So, naturally, I had to put my big girl shoes on for my big day out. And that day marked the official moment those shoes became my favorite. They are so comfortable that I even wore them all afternoon with the kids!




Shirt: YA Los Angeles – Another boutique find from good old Vail.

Pants: AG Super Skinny Ankle Legging

Shoes: Dolce Vita Yazmina Bootie (ON CRAZY SALE!!!!)


Outfit #4


A photo posted by OE Soderberg (@girlmeetsbaby) on


This was just one of those easy casual days for me. School runs, grocery store, Target, playground, speech therapies — all the good stuff of being a momma. And it was fun. The exact way I love my life to be: routine. This is a classic look for me. Layers of clothes, colors, and accessories. The more the merrier!




Shirt: Free People ‘Monroe’ Waffle Knit Tank

Jacket: old James Perse Fleece Cropped Jacket

Pants: Rag & Bone Kensington Jean

Shoes: Frye Short Cowboy Boot (similar)

Backpack: Herschel ‘Little America’ Canvas Backpack and here’s some that are (similar) (similar) (similar) 


Outfit #5


A photo posted by OE Soderberg (@girlmeetsbaby) on


This is when I found the perfect combo of girly and grungy fashion. So, of course, I had to upload it to #myeverydayedit. This is also me pretending to be a model while my kids run around chasing the train looking for Thomas while I ignore them. Mom-of-the-year award is in the mail. And, to make me feel better (since my parenting fail is all I can see when I look at this picture), Lucas did say the BEST EVER EVER part of his day was when we found the real train. I’ll take it!



Shirt: Ro & De Tie Front Blouse

Pants: Madewell Skinny Skinny Jean: Biker- Zip Edition

Shoes:  Dolce Vita Yazmina Bootie (ON CRAZY SALE!!!!)

Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples ‘Emmy’ 55mm Gradient Polarized Sunglasses



Your Everyday Edits

And now my favorite part, where I get to talk about you guys. Seriously, each week is getting better and better! I love this little hashtag. If you are not playing along with us over on Instagram, you should! It’s full of great fashion, style, and inspiration.

This week these four girls just blew me away! Seriously you guys killed it!


@xokristinenicole – This outfit is just amazing. Every single piece feels so effortlessly cool. And like you said, I would definitely wear this outfit every day too, girl!

@the_fly_mommy – You did it again @the_fly_mommy, you are so one of our favorites! And seriously. That red dress from Nordstrom? OMG! Perfection!

@francesayme – I love this totally laid back look. I am always trying to pull off this exact same vibe. And bonus points, you and I both share a love for Madewell! You rocked it.

@janisaisquoi – This girl nailed her look. The skirt. The top tucked in. The boots. YES! And you seriously have me wanting short hair. You look absolutely fab!

Head on over to Instagram, share your own daily outfits with hashtag #myeverydayedit and see all of our daily fashion throughout the week by following @shanachristine , @scottiliz , @camilledipaola , and me (@girlmeetsbaby)

Peace n’ Love — OE


  1. Great post OE. It was fun to read. And your style is to-die-for. Love it!!

    Pretty soon, I can’t wait, in my round up of what I’ll do in a day, I’ll also be able to include runs to Target. It’s pretty pathetic I know, but Targé is one of the things I miss most about living overseas. Hence, it’s always one of my first stops once I get home. “Hi Mom. Hi Dad. Hi Bros and Sises. Let’s go to Target!!” Hee hee. And now, they’re one 5 minutes away from my mom and dad’s house! Woot woot! It’s the little things right?

    Have another great week OE.

    Ann of Kremb de la Kremb

  2. You know I love you but pleeease watch the use of mental health labels… I know it’s common and seems harmless but saying things are ‘bipolar’ or ‘insane’ contributes to the stigma surrounding mental healthcare in our country.

    Also… We never did schedule that play date! Gotta get on that 😉

  3. hi, i am a long time reader – love this blog but i have to say that with all of your new shared content…i expect more from your editing. i would reconsider not returning to read here due to a lack of proper editing with the title of this post. to label weather is bipolar is not only lazy but offensive. please consider changing the title.

    • Amanda & ACW – we certainly never intend to offend anyone here!! But these comments seriously caught me off guard – I had no idea “bipolar” was such a hot button. When I google the actual definition, the first one that comes up is this: “having or relating to two poles or extremities”. The example given is “a sharply bipolar division of affluent and underclass”, so clearly the word bipolar is used to describe more than a mental illness. And having lived in Denver myself, “bipolar” is an apt description of Springtime in Colorado.

      • Shana, using diagnostic terms for mental health disorders to describe the weather stigmatizes mentally ill people. Even if it seems apt or there are other definitions. Please don’t defend this. Of course you didn’t intend to offend, but it IS offensive.

      • Plus I am sure that the word bipolar was around first and because of its definition was used to describe the mental illness, one of many things that can be bipolar.

    • ACW, as a person who suffers from chronic fatigue, I found your use of the word ‘lazy’ offensive. Please reconsider throwing that word around lightly.

  4. Longtime reader from anmj here. I, too, found it offensive. I know the Internet can be picky and moody and almost anything can be taken wrong, but the term should be considered more carefully. A Google definition cannot accurately portray the social weight some words carry. Perhaps “polar opposite” would be a good compromise. Thanks for listening.

  5. I am also a daily reader, feeling compelled to comment. I too was taken aback by the use of bipolar…the dilution of diagnostic terms is not benign, even if they make it into everyday language. I consider this on par with using a word like retarded, a term that I would guess might make most of us cringe, even though a dictionary definition is not limited to the developmentally disabled. As Emily said, thanks for listening and allowing a discussion around this.

    ps- weather in colorado is wild and unpredictable. Most importantly, I loved the style on display!

  6. OE, I have really been enjoying your posts, thank you for becoming a contributor! I have been struggling with finding looser/pooch-hiding tops that don’t make me feel too wide and dumpy. I have always balanced my hip-y, size 12 figure with tighter tops, but now that I’ve had twins there’s just too much loose skin in that area to pull off tight shirts comfortably. I’m getting some inspiration from your posts. I’d love more tips on balancing out a full figure with shopping help! Thanks!

    • Andra! Thank you for the comment! I am working on a post for you! We got your reader question and let me tell you, you are not the only one who feels this way! I have some seriously great tips coming your way. Hang tight!

  7. omg y’all settle down! everyone who’s read this blog for any length of time knows that they would never be insensitive or offensive. the problem here lies with all of you who ascribe a stigma to words that originally had nothing to do with mental health. by picking apart the wording here and making such an issue of it, YOU are contributing to the mental health stigma. do you really think you’re helping to equalize the treatment of all types of minds by making the entire world walk on eggshells? quit making an issue where there is none, and you’ll be doing us all, “neurotypical” or not, a favor. p.s. before anybody calls me insensitive, I have an autistic 7yo as well as continuing struggles with adhd, depression, and anxiety – all in my little family of 4. you can advocate for yourself or those you love without deepening the divide or throwing around accusations. chin up OE, you’re awesome!

  8. Hey- Love the bookbag. Is it comfortable and big enough to haul around a bunch of baby stuff all day? If so, details please 🙂

    • Z! Yes, this bag is perfect for a diaper bag. It is actually the bag I’ve been using as a diaper bag for the last year. Especially when my three were little and needed more stuff. Now that we are potty training Roman, I’ve gone back to it so I can pack extra clothes and stuff. It is really super comfortable and easy to access stuff.

  9. Yep…I have to agree with the majority of the readers. ..the title to this outfit post made me cringe.

    I’m sure it was just a naive mishap on OE’s part..she doesn’t seem to have a mean bone in her body…very sweet.

    I have a cousin who has bipolar..see has battled with it all her life. She is now a successful professor out east and once I made a statement similar to OE’S and she politely called me on it…and I’m so glad she did for I never realize the negative and hurtful connotations behind it and I totally say her point. So glad she educated me on that.

    I’m not saying this to be hateful…just wanted to provide another viewpoint.

    Thanks for listening.

  10. Hey Ladies! I was totally hoping the conversation here would be around clothes and not heavy stuff — especially anything offensive. It goes without saying that this was completely unintentional! So bummed to have let that slip and potentially turned any readers off. Believe it or not, as a mom of 3, editing does happen but tends to happen last minute with babies around my ankles! I changed the title, appreciate the constructive conversation, and quite honestly hadn’t realized the weight of that word. But, it makes total sense and I completely own the slip. I sign every post “peace n’ love” and I mean it — I am not a controversial person and hope to avoid it from here on out! Unless you hate Uggs or Birkenstocks, then it’s on!

    • You’re awesome. And humble. And have such pretty skin :)! I just think so highly of you for your warm response and sensitivity. I know I don’t know you, but you can just tell you never for a second meant to hurt anyone. In all aspects of *all* our lives, it’s always easy to point out the negatives. But I just want to affirm to you that you are brave. You are sharing your style, your thoughts, your words. And not everyone will always approve. But that is ok. Writing is always a brave act. And writing to share in community is always awesome. Did I tell you I think you’re awesome? You definitely did not alienate this reader. If anything, I come across many blogs that would have just deleted our comments ;). Your kindhearted action in response to some readers’ concerns only builds trust. Thanks for sharing with us and allowing a platform for conversation. Even about the heavy stuff. Now to wait patiently for your skincare routine lol. Yes to peace n’ love!

  11. OE- LOVE these looks- especially the Cali tank and cropped JP blazer- LOVE! Wish there was a sub for that blazer as I think I need one in my life.

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