The Most Adorable Halloween Costumes for Kids


I don’t often get lured into Pottery Barn Kids, but when I do it’s for insanely adorable Halloween costumes. On my last visit to the mall, I passed the store on my way to Starbucks (of course…one must stay highly caffeinated when visiting malls these days…). I was blown away by the cuteness, so I had to share. This isn’t sponsored, I just thought they totally nailed it on adorable costumes this year. They’re all 20 percent off right now and free quick shipping, too! And it’s not even last-minute you guys, so you’ll totally get extra mom points for ordering costumes this early!

Side note: If you or someone you know needs that pink Batgirl mask above, here ya go. And I must quote my dear daughter that day when she was wearing it, because, in true three-year-old fashion she said “but I don’t wanna save the day!” I hear ya, little S.

 Halloween Costumes for Kids & Toddlers

Rainbow Emoji

Cloud Costume

Woodland Fawn

Toddler Woodland Owl

Dragon Costume

Halloween Costumes for Babies

Woodland Hedgehog

Puppy Costume

Baby Witch Costume

Baby Pumpkin Costume

I adore Halloween; I have a party for our friends every year. It seems no one else wants to go to the trouble and now I’m expected to keep this up, but I seriously love it. I was even searching for fancy treats on Pinterest the other day. Haha. This year our family is going as Peter Pan characters. I figure we’re cashing in now on the few years we can go as a family theme. It’s so fun to get excited about these moments when your kid(s) is little!

What was your favorite costume as a kid? My mom made me an adorable clown costume one year with cute striped fabric, and I got to sport a rainbow wig, so I mean…I was also Princess Leia for at least two Halloweens. Happy costume-hunting/-making y’all!



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  1. I already bought one for each of my little boys this year. They are made so nice and look oh so cute on! My baby also wore the pumpkin costume for his first Halloween. Totally worth the money.

  2. We’ve had two PB costumes so far—a fairy and puppy (my daughter was the Dalmatian while her older brother was a firefighter). Anyway, they’ve both lasted through several seasons of dress up play—well worth it!

  3. When my son was almost 3 I bought him the dragon costume–he was on the bigger size of 3T, so I went for the 4-6 size. He is now almost 5 and it has been the magic costume that seems to always fit….and it has survived Halloween (classroom, daycare, outside trick or treating and an indoor event with bouncy houses, etc) as well as a birthday party and countless play times–the pieces have been used for all kinds of make believe. Outside of a Pinterest fueled herculean effort to make his older brother a cosplay worthy C3PO costume that involved all kinds of expensive materials (that was the year I decided a working mom–and by “working” I mean any mom–has no shame in buying costumes at Target), this has been the most expensive costume I have ever purchased…but, it has turned out to be worth every penny!

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