The Most Wearable Fall Trends of 2018


I used to wait — with bated breath — for the September issue of my favorite magazines to come out. My original go-to was Seventeen magazine, and then, when I got older, it was Lucky. (Vogue was always on my list, but they were so far removed from my actual life that I rarely gleaned outfit inspiration.) So it was with a dose of nostalgia that I perused through the magazine offerings in the Athens airport a few weeks ago. Athens, if you haven’t been, has a gorgeous airport — airy and modern — with great shopping and delicious food. And the magazine selections were vast: Vogue magazines from Britain, France, and Italy, American versions of Marie Claire sitting next to French ones, In Style, Elle (in several languages), and many other regional magazines I had never heard of. I was facing an eleven-hour flight home, so I gathered up twelve September issues from all over the world (business expense!), and carried them onto the plane.

Of course I took notes, I’m a nerd.

British Elle declared yellow the color of the season (maybe the year?) and showed plenty of sheer, embroidered skirts. And leopard. The French magazines showed a ton of leather pants and metallic boots.  I picked out the word “Western!!” in one Italian magazine, and “School Girl!” in a Spanish one. I made notes and bubble charts and graphs, ripped all of the good pages out, and when it was all said and done….I counted….53 different “trends”?

Needless to say, it’s hard to keep up.

So we boiled it down to the trends we actually care about. The trends that felt fresh and do-able on a daily basis. We eliminated trends that required a whole new wardrobe, trends that are arguably a classic (leather, I’m looking at you), and trends that…quite frankly…I am not yet ready to embrace again (oh hey, cowboy boots*).

So here’s our short list of the Fall trends that we think you need to know about now.

*I’m already rethinking my stance on cowboy boots…hmmmm…

The Most Wearable Fall Trends of 2018


Colorful Corduroy

Let’s start out with a bang! Colorful cords — whether skinny, flare, cropped, overalled or skirted —are the unexpected Fall trend I never knew I needed. I’m swapping these in for my daily denim (with sneakers and graphic tee, obvi) and have been really happy with the results. It’s cozy enough for Fall, but different from the norm. And I’ve been surprised by how good this batch of cords look with this Fall’s camel and ivory tones, and even…leopard.


Varsity Stripe Sweaters

The easiest ever update to the jeans-and-a-sweater. They have a sort of nonchalant, too-cool-for-school vibe that needs no accessory.

Glen Plaid Blazers

Not only is there a wide range of Glen Plaid plaid, but this trend also encompasses houndstooth, if we’re being technical. Which means that this Fall ushers in a ton of plaid blazers from which to choose. I personally am looking for a blazer with a bit of texture, something that approximates outerwear, and I find myself being drawn to double-breasted, for a real shot of masculin (like Laura’s, below).  See Laura’s full post to see how she’s styling her Glen Plaid.

Feminine Plaid

As I first mentioned in our article, Fall Trend: Wildly Feminine Plaid….plaid is having such a moment this Fall that an entirely new category of Clothes That Are Plaid has emerged: pretty dresses and sexy heels. Instead of menswear-inspired (blazers, trousers), this plaid has a decidedly feminine vibe. The mix of conservative plaids with flirty silhouettes is a genius combo. These little dresses work great on their own, but will also layer beautifully with wintery sweaters and boots once the weather cools.

And speaking of the boots…swap out your old black booties for a plaid pair — instant wardrobe upgrade.

Pretty Midi Skirts

This Fall I’m planning to wear a pretty midi like I wear a pair of jeans: with sneaks and a cozy sweater. And sometimes I’ll swap the sneaks for boots. This is the kind of outfit that transitions well, too. Take off the sweater et voila: a sexy little cami, perhaps, for plenty of day-to-night possibilities.



High-Rise Flare Jeans

If you haven’t noticed fashion’s huge nod to the 70’s lately, well, then, you haven’t been paying attention. And nowhere is the 70’s influence more obvious than in a pair of high-rise flare jeans. Truth be told, denim trends are all over the map (floods*, skinnies, cropped, straight leg, flared, flared-and-cropped) but one thing unites them all: a high-rise.

*this one is HUGE, but a bit tricky to wear. Much more on this trend later….



Glamorous Fleece Jackets

Remember those The North Face (or Patagonia) fleece jackets? They’ve gone glam. The fleece is fluffier, almost like faux-fur, and the shapes are a little more fashion-y. The net result? Admittedly extra. But this trend is actually pretty clever (and, I think, has some staying power). The plush fleece rendered in decidedly casual silhouettes (hoodies, bombers)reads playful and fun rather than precious or fancy, making this trend one that’s very wearable.


Pajama Dressing

Matching sets were one of our favorite trends this summer, and they’ve evolved into something very cool for Fall. When done in something silky, the look is v. glamorous, but for an easy twist on the trend, try a top with pajama details (or even an actual pajama top, like Tiarra, below).


Camo Crush

Camo has been popping up everywhere this Fall, and I’m inclined to just embrace it. It’s never fussy (in fact, adding a piece of camo is a good fix for an overly precious outfit), is typically machine washable, and hides spills.  Gimme gimme.

ps.  Not just for kids (but if you care, the boys’ blazers are on sale here.)



Leopard Print EVERYTHING

AHHHH I want to swim in all of the leopard print pieces! Just….roll around naked in them, laughing and singing. Or something. If you make one purchase this fall: leopard. MWAH HA HA. (OK, that’s not exactly singing. But whatever.)

Leopard Sneakers (So good they need their own category)

Leopard Boots (Wear ’em forever)


Happy Fall!




  1. Love this. Ive actually been having that exact same argument with myself since I spotted those Rag and Bone leopard boots a few days ago!!! Aaaggh. Im dying to mix the camo and the leopard this fall, my two faves, and if theyre basically both neutrals……just saying?. Im looking for the perfect silky midi in leopard, i can see it with literally everything this fall. This post just justified my ENTIRE shopping cart or rather shopping carts. Now if I could just narrow it down…

    • Girl, I am WITH YOU on those Rag and Bone boots! I can’t stop thinking about them. I’ve been trying to get dressed for a few fashion week parties recently, and am finding that I don’t have nearly enough dressy, walkable shoes. Mayyyybe those? IDK. They would last forever, tho. But in terms of the midi, I do have one for you – it’s that Realisation Par midi skirt. I’m dying over it:

  2. LOVE this!!!! Can you link the floral skirt w/ the navy sweater and cognac boots? I remember the post you did before w/ it but can’t find it. Thanks!

  3. Gah. Thank you — now i need a new posts w/ dresses just like that one since it’s sold out. WHY DIDN’T I BUY IT THEN? Transitional dresses that work for both spring and fall/winter are hard for me but you do it flawlessly!

  4. Gah! I missed that dress. I would love a post from you on dresses that work transitionally between spring/fall/winter. I’m terrible at it as it’s tricky but you do it flawlessly!

  5. I truly believe camo is an amazing neutral! It toughens anything up, and goes with plaid, stripes, etc. Love the boys’ blazers and that Free People tee is now in my cart.

  6. Give me ALL the leopard everything!!! I totally wear it as a neutral all the time. And have no less than four pairs of leopard shoes. ? I’m so thrilled that it is staying on trend! Along with high waists!!! Now, if Mother Nature could just get on board with the whole fall trend, too, we’d be golden!

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