The New Boyfriend Jean Is….Slimmer?



Have you picked up a pair of boyfriend jeans lately?  Like Caitlyn, they are transitioning.  The boyfriend jean used to be the ultimate man-repeller, the female version of chewing tobacco.  Wide, cropped legs, large droopy bums – these jeans were not the stuff of date nights.  But lately, boyfriend jeans have been slimming down.  The cut is slimmer on the leg, the bum falls somewhere between hot-mama-in-skinny-jeans and highrise-mom-jeans-BOOO-S-we-hate-you.  Sort of a…middle ground, if you will.





I love a jean that fully supports my lifestyle choices of Sneakers Everyday and Why Not Smartwool?  Also, if you are interested in the – fairly dramatic – difference between the new boyfriend jean (or as many brands are calling it, ‘the girlfriend jean’) and the boyfriend jeans of yore…I actually wore this exact outfit a year ago.   You’ll notice I look like a wee little elf, which is always the risk when pairing baggy boyfriend jeans with knit beanies.

To compare, I think even a knit beanie would be fine with these.


Outfit Details

turtleneckVince, xs (bought during the Anni sale – this one also looks good for a fraction of the cost)

sweater – that ancient thing long-time readers are sick of seeing.  I did, however, find four solid alternates:  this Splendid poncho, a cashmere poncho, Vince Camuto’s Turtleneck Poncho, or Caslon’s cable knit sweater cape.  (I included them in the widget above, so you could see pics)

jeansRag and Bone slim fit boyfriend jeans in Watts (sized down to 24)

sneakersVince hightops but my good ‘ol Chucks work just fine, too.

bag – old Kate Spade, but Tory Burch came out with this gorg bag in a very similar plaid.

lipstickBobbi Brown (color: crimson – and they made me get this liner, also in crimson)


scarf – sold out, but I’m loving this blanket wrap.

But here’s the biggest difference between the old, baggy boyfriend jeans and the new, slimmer jeans:  They are completely Mike-approved.   Which means….date night possibilities abound.



Also: these SHOES.  Right???  My splurge.




Outfit Details

topVince, xs (on sale for $56!)

jeansRag and Bone slim fit boyfriend jeans in Watts (sized down to 24)

shoes – Vince D’Orsay Pumps (never thought I could walk in this style of pump – my heel usually pops right out, but the nice woman at Nordstrom introduced me to Foot Petals ‘Heavenly Heels’ and WHOA.  The difference is amazing.) – Shoot!  These are sold out, but I also tried on the Vince Capri pumps and they’re amazing.

bag – an old Sondra Roberts clutch I picked up on sale last year.  There’s nothing even remotely close, but if you are just looking for something a bit offbeat (and I always am)…I’m loving Hayden-Harnett’s Pessimist/Optimist clutch, or Rebecca Minkoff’s gold fringe clutch (50% off!)

sunglasses – I lost my beloved Wayfarers, but I might like this new pair of Ray-Bans even better.  Super lightweight, very feminine and flattering.  Also?  25% off.

ringSoko double bar ring

Shop The New Boyfriend Jean

Slouchy skinnies, cropped straight leg, slim boyfriends, tomboy jeans, relaxed crops – there are so many names to describe this trend. But one thing is always true:  find a pair that makes your heart beat fast.  This trend has been creeping up on us for many years now, so that means there is plenty of inventory.  Be. Picky.  Here are my very favorites:

Any other boyfriend jeans you guys swear by?  I keep meaning to give Levi 501s another chance, but haven’t been able to figure out the sizing.  Thoughts?



A huge thank-you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.  I’m always happy to talk denim – it’s pretty much the heart of this blog.  As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are completely my own.  Thank you for supporting the retailers who support The Mom Edit.  It doesn’t go un-noticed, and is so appreciated.


  1. Oh also! I’ve been meaning to say THANK YOU for the half-tuck!! You’ve been doing the half-tuck forever, but I was still hiding behind billowy loose tops to hide my mama muffin top… but then I did the half tuck into my new high waisted jeans, and WOW – it created this little bubble in the shirt that perfectly hid my pooch. Brilliant! Now I’m just hoping the half-tuck never goes out of style 😀

    • Vera, your comments made my night! I’ve been feeling pretty good lately. It just feels good to feel good. Finally. And HIGH FIVE for the half-tuck! I did it in 7th grade, I’m doing it now… basically it never went out of style? (haha)

  2. First, I’ll never get tired of that sweater. I’ve got a few similar and they are the BEST. Second, isn’t this just skinny jeans a size up? Not a jegging, but an actual pair of jeans? Am I missing something, becaues I feel like I’ve been doing this with my several sizes of levi’s for awhile (some big, sized like boyfriend, some fitted, like loose skinny, most altered to slim the ankle/calf…).

  3. You look so happy and wonderful! Thanks for these posts. As a mom to a 2 year old who works from home, I live in jeans but want to stay trendy. Thanks for the help!

    I would love to see more shoe recommendations with jeans? Skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans.. I’m in MN so snow is coming, I’m on the hunt for shoes for the season. Thanks for all the posts!

          • I’ve been wearing the gap real straight jeans as well… for me, they worked as a slim boyfriend jean… yay for someone else wearing them the same way! I even have a high waisted, cropped straight leg jean…

          • THANK YOU for this comment!!! Those Rag and Bone seriously make my heart beat fast, but the price would make my husbands heart stop… I’m definitely checking out the express jeans!!!

      • Gap is good… but at 1/3 of the price, also check out the Old Navy girlfriend jeans, sized down.

        Seriously: I just got 2 pairs, and they fit perfectly, look great, and cost 20$ (online, after sales codes). And they’re comfy!

    • Agree! Gap is back! I bought 4 pair of Gap jeans this fall–2 girlfriend and 2 flares. Love the selvedge indigo wash girlfriend.

  4. OMG… LOVE LOVE LOVE. I am always looking for slim/slouchy I-wear-these-everyday-I-don’t-care jeans. And that clutch is killah.

  5. I love these but am wondering if I take my 1037492 pairs of boyfriend jeans to a tailor and have darts put in the back for a more fitted waist would it create the same effect!? I’m not ready to part with my C/E Fling jeans!!

  6. I’ve been reading Mom Edit for just about 9 months now and love all your posts, but this one really speaks to me! LOVE the jeans and high tops with socks!! I have cold feet syndrome as soon as we dip under 60 and am always looking for ways to style shoes and socks! Thanks for being a bright spot in my day 🙂

  7. LOVE! I’ve been faking this look for a year or so by rolling up my straight leg jeans (probably no quite the same but we’ll pretend…..). Boy friend jeans look horrible on me but this I can definitely do! Yay!

  8. You are just DARLING! I love all Vince shoes, and purchased those grey suede ones after your Anniv Sale post, as well as those Rag & Bone jeans, and they are my fall uniform staples. I bought several pairs of those Vince heels last fall, and they are simply fabulous. Much more comfy than what you’d think. I work in them all day. Ima hafta sneak over and get that $56 Vince top…Cheers!

  9. I love the CoH Emerson’s. But size down, maybe two, if you are going for girlfriend more than boyfriend. They stretch a lot…

  10. I echo the earlier commenter who asked for shoe recs with this style, especially in places like Michigan! This is fresh, comfy, and looks fantastic on you! I am sorry we were so hard on you about those Mom Jeans last week. You were just the messenger. It was like the jeans came to life and spoke and sparked some deep, bitter, all-encompassing knee-jerk reaction of fear we all have to being thought of as old and over the hill (which is the association that style brings back for some of us!). Also, there must be some sort of fashion math about lines and flares and how some styles balance out hips and lengthen legs and, uh…don’t do what Mom Jeans do? LOL. You are brave, though!!!

  11. Shana, I know you said it was sold out, but who made your purple scarf in the top photos? It’s possibly my favorite thing you’ve ever worn, I love the color so much! And would you ever consider writing a post on scarves alone? There are so many great ones this year, I don’t know where to begin. 🙂 Thanks!

  12. I have two pairs of the Lucky Brand Dylan boyfriend, in one size down and 2 sizes down. I think I like the 2 sizes down best, although the waist is a little snug (but stretches out after one wear, despite being 100% cotton and still comfy).

  13. I adore your haircut!!! And that lipstick shade looks fabulous on you 🙂 AG stilt is my ‘girlfriend’ jean 🙂 Love it! Although I had been struggling to make them look sexy, and you totally nailed it! Thank you for this post!!

  14. SHANA, you look AMAZING!!!!! Your hair is KILLER, looks so good on you! And your whole date night look, SWOON. Gorgeous. And can we talk about those jeans?! talk about making your heart beat fast.

  15. If anyone sees anything similar to the Vince hightops, please post on here!! I’m obsessed, but will never be able to afford them… ;-( $$$ Also in love with the sweater

  16. Love this look, but mostly wanted to comment that your hair is looking fantastic! Oh, and also I appreciate and identify strongly with your commitment to flat shoes and Smartwool. 🙂

  17. Shana…can you tell me about the vince pumps? did you have to size down? I am reading reviews that say they run 1/2 size big. thoughts??

  18. So I have a pair of gap girlfriend jeans, which I’m really digging. But here in SoCal I’ve mostly been wearing them with Teva Olowahus (don’t shoot me). Now that it’s getting cooler, can I wear with something like this (which I already own in a similar style) or are they hideous? My feet are not very tolerant of uncomfortable shoes so I have to be picky :-/

  19. Hey y’all! I’m love love love the Gap girlfriend jeans! They got me so well butttt unfortunately they have been replaced by the BEST girlfriend and they just don’t fit the same. Any ideas or suggestions?

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