Soooo…I Didn’t Love the New Chuck Taylor





I’m a huge Converse lover – my very first pair took me all over the cobblestones of Paris, my current pair has been through countless playgrounds (keeping up with my little crazies), and it’s the shoe I turn to for the little crazies themselves (it’s genius for dress-up occasions).  Versatility, thy name is Chuck.

As you can imagine, I was pumped about the release of the Converse II – the first redesign of the iconic shoe in almost 100 years.  The redesign promised – among other things – a more comfortable footbed.  Comfortable shoes are my weakness, so the second they dropped, I was ON IT.



In addition to some minor cosmetic changes (which I’ll address in a sec), the major differences worth mentioning:

1.  Updated footbed – YES.  As promised, the footbed of the Converse II is soft and cushy.  Not quite running-shoe-level, but close.   High-Five, Mr. Taylor.

2.  Stiffer fabric – the shoe itself, the canvas part, is made of a much more substantial fabric than the original Converse.  This means that the tongue stays up nicely, and the entire shoe feels more substantial.

3. Updated rubber around the shoe – Rumor has is that the new rubber is supposed to be more durable (which my boys will test better than I), but I found the rubber to be a bit….stiff.

In short?  Unlike the original Converse, the Converse II needs to be BROKEN IN.





I found the rubber so stiff that after an hour or so of walking around….my pinky toe had been rubbed raw.  SIGH.  I’m not one to tolerate a breaking-in period, I just want my shoes comfortable NOW, you know?



In terms of cosmetic changes, the grommets and laces now match the sneaker, and the rubber is pure white, giving the whole shoe a crisper look.  (The shoes come with a pair of white laces, as well.)  The black or white is my favorite….



…which, in hindsight, I totally should’ve bought.  Instead, I was feeling all sparkly and summery and like I needed to Show The Vibrant Woman I Am Through My Choice Of Colorful Shoes instead of just relying on lipstick for that.

I mean….the red isn’t bad, per se, and I’ll bet someone can rock these more successfully than I.  But once you read the next two words, I think it’ll be Game Over for S And The Red Converse II:

Ronald. McDonald.



RIP red converse, RIP.



Outfit Details

top:  Vince Long-Sleeve Crewneck

shorts: One Teaspoon Bandits

shoes: Converse II – sold out pretty much everywhere, but the low tops are in stock at Nordstrom, as well as the men’s version.

sunnies: Ray-Ban


Has anyone else tried the Converse II?  Thoughts?  (Other than “S, rethink the stripes” because OBVIOUSLY.)  Should I try again….do the whole breaking-in thing, try thicker socks, etc?  What say you, readers??




  1. I’ve been waiting for this post! I’m also a die hard Chucks lover. I’m interested to hear everyone’s feedback. It makes me sad that they need time to break in now.

  2. Thanks to Cams, I just bought my first pair of Chuck Taylor Shoreline sneakers and I AM IN LOVE! I will for sure be getting more of these awesome shoes! (:

  3. I got the white high tops. I LOVE them. They are my 7th pair of Chucks. I did not experience any need for a break in period. And I didn’t wear socks and wore them walking around Dino Quest with the kiddos the first time I wore them.

  4. I second the Shorelines. They are mucho awesome and a little more leg-elongating. But despite the Ronald McDonalding I DO love the red. 😀

  5. I threw away my last connies because of a pinky toe rub situation. I LOVE the look on converse so im putting them back on my list of things to try, I really like the design of the Converse 2 I think they look sleeker than the original. Stick with them. I think you might learn to love them. Even in red. Bron x

  6. I’ve been a longtime Chuck lover but the lack of arch support means I can only wear them for short amounts of time. I’ve been eagerly awaiting the Converse 2s, they’re in my shopping cart right now just waiting for me to hit purchase. I’m hoping maybe the low tops won’t have as much of a break in period? Keep us updated!!

  7. Lol… Shana, I’m sorry but I don’t think you could ever evoke thoughts of Ronald McDonald. : )
    I’m glad to see Nike didn’t change them too much, I would love the better arch support. Maybe with the new design the sizing changed and that’s why you’re feeling the pain? I read that if you feel you need to “break in” tennis shoes, they are the wrong size. Either way, I think they look pretty fabulous!

  8. I’m relieved to hear that you aren’t feeling the red high tops. I think you would have been much better off with a low top in white or black.

  9. I totally want you to try again because I have red high top Connies sitting in my closet from almost ten years ago that have been worn about ten times because I don’t know how to wear them. Lol. Long story short, I went to a small women’s college called Converse College and tradition was for odd year grads to have red converse shoes (even years get pink), no clue how to wear these things!

  10. See, I think my Chucks definitely had a “breaking in period”! I’ve had them for…6 years? Maybe longer. To me Chucks are that shoe that gets better with age. I’m in no hurry to go replace mine any time soon. They’re achieved that perfect broken in, slightly dirty, but still definitely white look.

  11. Picked up the new all white Cons as I too believe that converse are the perfect go with everything shoe- pencil skirt, yes. boyfriend jeans, yes. Girly dress, definitely. They fit almost true to size in the new design and the new footbed is amazing- no need to add an insert (which I have been doing only since hitting the big 3-5)!! I think the issue is that because of the elastic added to the tongue, these have a slimmer it too. I didn’t experience any rubbing of the toes but the change in design too a little getting used to. Not breaking in per se but definitely more substantial than before. After walking around all day, I love em!! The red, couldn’t figure out what it was about them until I read the words- Ronald McDonald!!! I think they just need the address little breaking up- maybe the white laces will do that???!! I have one admit, the old red ones are a little easier on the eyes. Try em again, I believe in you. If ANYONE can make Ronald shoes fly, it’ll be you.

  12. I bought the Chuck Taylor shoreline shoes,
    I love love love them…. But the breaking in is super hard on my pinky toes
    Yikes…. How do I get them broken in!

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