The New Style “Rules” For Fall


If you’ve been following the fashion world, you may have noticed that this year’s fall female fashion “trends” are…well….all over the place.  The typical hallmarks of Fall are there – dark wool skirts, rich tan boots –  but they’re competing for space with pastel pink separates and matching ladylike bags.  Hardcore leather pieces and black lace Victorian-era tops are making a strong showing, alongside minimalist, drapey knits.  Whoa.



(photo credits:  Prada, Michael Kors, Victoria Beckham, Givenchy)

InStyle’s coverage of Fall Trends was my hands-down favorite.  They managed to group the assortment of “trends” into, uh, general themes.  Their chosen themes are both genius and hysterical.  “Lady Danger!!”  is one, complete with an epic quote from the director of Givenchy:

“I was inspired by the dark and poetic spirit of Victorians juxtaposed with the aesthetics of chola gangs.”

Um, OK.

“Arty Eccentric” is another.  As far as I can tell, this refers to a mish-mash of prints.  To further elaborate on this theme, InStyle urges us to “never forget the power of being a muse!”

Got it.  Muse = YES.  #falltrend #writeitdown #musemoment

I almost yearn for the days when magazines would issue predictable proclamations like, “black is the new black!” and show a two-page spread of Safari-inspired clothing which we all knew just meant cargo pants were back in style. Again.

But truth be told, that old way of thinking is attractive only because of sleep depravation.  JUST TELL ME WHAT TO WEAR, PEOPLE! Ain’t nobody got time for that!  But it’s boring, too.  Predictable.  Like a gravitational constant, Fall = oxblood, Spring = florals, G = 6.67 x 10^-11.

But maybe These All-Encompassing Fall Trends of 2015 are merely a reflection of…a larger shift of fashion consciousness.  The fashion game is changing!  We’re wearing white after labor day, black and brown and navy are best friends, and to the continued horror of my mother,  “good” clothes are being worn with “play” clothes.  Even the old “dress to flatter your figure” paradigm is being turned on it’s ear.  Case in point?  Boyfriend jeans, denim rompers, mumus, overalls – all completely valid style choices for 2015…but these aren’t pieces you reach for when you want your butt to look good.  These are the pieces you reach for when you want to feel cool.  And in 2015, cool trumps skinny.

Instead of an army of Fashion Girls All Marching Along in the season’s “new black” and cargo pants and dressing to hide their hips, people are finding their own path to style.  Now, more than ever before, we’re using fashion to communicate something about who we are in that particular moment.  We’re using clothing choices to convey a mood, a phase of our lives, something about ourselves we believe to be true.  Something that goes beyond tiny waists and long legs.  We’re trying on different personas, testing each identity to see if it fits.  Of course, it can all change in a blink, the overalls left in a heap on the floor as we reach for a bit of pink tulle.

“I see you’re wearing your beret.  Who are we spying on tonight?”



It’s liberating!! Feel liberated from the confines of style-based judgement!!  Go on a journey of self-discovery with fashion as your guide!! Never forget the power of being a muse!!!!!!

Here’s where I’ll pause, waiting for applause.  Go ahead and clap.


I know what you’re thinking – style liberty is all well and good, but what – EXACTLY – does this mean, especially for the sleep deprived?  For the vast majority of people who do not spend copious amounts of time pouring over blogs and mags and runway shows, who are not planning on taking any trips of self-discovery via denim underwear, thank you very much – what about us?  How about some simple tips that would help freshen our look?  Something to distract from the dark circles, something easy to pull on in the craziness that is school morning drop-off?

In other words, “blah blah blah, S – give us some damn rules already!”

Ok.  If you’re looking for a little Fall style inspiration, and you’d like something more definitive than “the power of being a muse”, here’s where I’d start:

The New Rules* For Fall


(*I hate rules.  Feel free to break them all.)


1.  Crop Your Denim

Whether your denim of choice is skinny, bootcut, or flare, try cropping it to right above your ankle bone.  You can hem it, but hacking it off with scissors a la 1996 works too.  This is the best way to show off cool shoes.  Which brings me to my next point….


2.  Statement Flats.  DO IT.

Everyone needs at least one pair of drool-worthy (yet still comfortable and walkable) flats.  Lace-up flats are having a huge moment, leopard prints flats are always on point, or find a pair with cool embellishment: studs, fringe, something.  These are the flats you reach for when your outfit is dying of boredom .  If this totally isn’t your thing (or doesn’t fit your lifestyle), know what else fits into this category?  Statement sneakers.  Yes.  (Shop my fav sneaks here and my favorite statement flats here.)

3.  Dare to Flare

Flares are having a big, HUGE moment.  If you haven’t invested in a pair, the time is now (here are my faves).  The key for 2015?  A high waist.  So naturally, I must point out….


Madewell Flea Market Flares | Shopbop Cocoon Cardigan (on sale!) – size XS

4.  Think Twice Before Buying Another Pair of Low Rise Jeans

I still have a few pairs of slouchy boyfriend jeans that I can barely keep on my hips.  And yeah – I won’t be giving them up anytime soon.  But NOW is one of those times jean silhouettes are shifting, and the high waist is where we’re headed.  You’d be shocked at how modern even a pair of bootcut jeans can look when done in a truly high rise.  They’re like the most flattering, 70’s inspired flare ever.  So if you find yourself at the store, contemplating a low-rise jean purchase….put it down….back away slowly….and run!  They may be on sale for a reason.


5.  Tuck in Your Top

Tucking is having a major, major moment.  How else can you show off that high-waist pant?  This, I think, will be one of those polarizing trends that will take a while to seep in.  Remember belting at the waist?  It’s like that – they’ll be early adopters, and then, as we get used to seeing a different silhouette, it’ll be everywhere.  If you aren’t much of a tucker (I’m so short-waisted I get that this is tricky), try the half-tuck.  It’ll show off a high-rise pant without making your boobs appear to be resting directly on your waist.

BTW – this proportion is hard to pull off with skinnies and ankle boots.  You can see why in this old article.


6.  Wear Tall Boots With Something Other Than Skinny Jeans

The whole tall-boots-over-skinny-jeans thing is tired, you guys.  It’s really, really tired. You’re much better off rocking those skinnies with moto boots, over-the-knee boots, sneakers – heck even a $30 pair of chucks are a fresher choice.

But you have the tall boots, right?  They’re already in your closet.  Freshen them up by pairing with skirts – midi, mini, denim, maxi, pencil – anything goes!  Extra points for a button-up front.  If your tall boots are somewhat slim, slide them under a pair of cropped bootcut or cropped flares when it’s cold for a completely modern look. (Shop my fav cropped jeans here).  Or bust out your tall boots now with short-shorts and fringe bags for a 70’s inspired boho look.

But the tall boots and skinnies?  Give ’em a break.


7.  Think Beyond The Typical Statement Necklace

If your go-to accessory is still a blingy statement necklace, it’s time for an upgrade.  Instead, try layers of delicate chains or sculptural chokers.  Look for a statement necklace in fabric and leather, or find one with a really unexpected (read: funky) color palette.

Or swap the necklace out completely for a scarf.  Oh….the scarves.  Go super skinny or hugely oversized.  Nothing in between.  Rock an old-school bandana.  Wrap one around your neck, or tie it on your wrist, your bag.

Arm parties are still a thing, but extend the party to your fingers.  Layer delicate rings and bracelets with a few chunky pieces for a totally personalized look.

And the earring game!  It has completely changed in the last few years.  If you don’t know what crawlers, cuffs, or jackets are you’re in for a treat.

All of my favorite accessories can be found in the newly updated Accessories Shop.


8. Wear Over-The-Knee Boots Like It’s No Big Thing

Over-the-knee boots are no longer the shocking, Pretty Woman inspired footwear they once were.  The flat ones are darnright practical – warm, comfortable to walk in, and so insanely chic.  Throw them on over your workout leggings on your way to Barre class, slip them on with leggings and mini dresses all winter.  Most will work with skinny jeans, too – even those pairs you’ve cropped, and are a much fresher option than tall boots.  (Our top picks are coming!)


9. Swap Your T-Shirt For a Real Blouse

Don’t worry, I’m not about to give up my tshirts.  But every once in a while, swap out your tee for a grown-up shirt:  The Blouse.  Peasant blouses, chambray, lace tops, off-the-shoulder, Victorian-inspired ruffled collar shirts, crazy patterns, plaid, shirts with a bow – something.  My current favorites can be found in our new Fall Trends Shop – Shirts and Blouses.


10.  Get a Major Knit

Knits have gone nuts, and this is one crazy-train you want ON.  Look for a cool cardi with faux-fur trim, or unusual details.  Try a unique shape – ponchos, capes, kimonos, blanket scarves – these can be used in place of your basic cardigan.  Find something that doubles as a chic jacket – or heck!!  Find a chic, soft jacket and wear it as a cardigan.  The point is that you want something swoon-worthy.  (And still “you”.)  Our favs coming soon.


11. Pop A White Collar Under Everything

Boring sweater, meet white button-down shirt.  Together you will go from snoozefest to a gamine sort of schoolgirl chic.  Keep the collar buttoned, and extra points for either lipstick and major glasses, or loads of eyeliner.  (Pick one.)


TUXE Bodywear Silk Top c/o – size XS | Everlane Short Sleeve Sweater c/o – size XS

12.  Figure Out How To Wear Short Boots With Bare Legs

One of the easiest ways to elevate your style right now is to wear short boots with shorts, skirts or dresses.  In other words…bare legs.  Not all short boots are created equal, but I’ve had the most luck with sock boots (more on that here), tough moto boots, or ankle boots where I spoof a sock boot like below (black smartwool socks were key to making this look work).


13.  Denim Isn’t Just For Jeans

Go beyond jeans with rompers, overalls, denim dresses, or denim skirts (of any length).  I covered this trend in depth here.  Also of note?  Denim jackets.  The traditional one, yes, but also look for trench coats, wrap coats, and peacoats all done up in denim.   And those chambray shirts are still coming on strong – double denim isn’t going anywhere.

14. Modernize Your Color Palette

Push the boundaries by combining colors that may not necessarily “go”.  The rule I use is that as long as there’s at least two pieces of any one color in your outfit, it works.  The “it” colors are always changing, but in general, mixing up some uncommon color combos is a good way to keep your wardrobe fresh.  For this fall, I’m especially loving army green with red (oxblood or true red), and tonal variations of the same shade (oxblood and red together, for example, or mint green with deep emerald green), and everything with rust orange.

Too scary?  Try oxblood, navy and army green – it’s foolproof.


Corey White Poet Top (size XS)

15.  The Rule For Everything:  Pattern or Texture or Interesting Detail

My personal pet peeve is when a blogger posts something to Instagram with the caption, “It’s all in the details!”


It’s not that they’re wrong – they’re so right it hurts – I’m just sick of reading that phrase.  But there is a reason that this phrase has become a blogger-cliche:  It IS all in the details, darn it.  You’ll get more milage out of pieces that are special.  You’ll have an easier time just throwing something together in the morning if you have a few outfit-makers hanging in your closet.  Whether your definition of “interesting” means faux-fur or extra-long sleeves with thumbholes or an insane print….you’ll be happier wearing it.


That’s it!  Snort.  If you are still reading this Fall Trend Novella, I congratulate you (or offer my condolences).  And may your year be filled with allll sorts of #musemoments.



ps.  I’ve been working my butt off rounding up all of my Fall favorites.  You can find them in the newly revamped shop menu – Shop Fall Trends.  I have several trends up now (statement flats, cropped denim, accessories), and more coming soon.  Any special requests? I’m currently working on Major Knits and OTK boots….





  1. “And in 2015, cool trumps skinny.”
    I’m almost embarrassed to admit how much I *needed* to hear this! Thank you! Totally on point and just the guidance I needed right now.

  2. Shana- if I could leap through the screen and kiss you I would! This is PERFECTION!!! Love this for I can go through and pick things to try out, add in, or take out of rotation. Here’s one request that might be too specific. Dresses. Right now for a multitude of reasons, dresses are my uniform- but how to make them look fabulous, layered and work for drop off, soccer games, work and date night??? It’s been so long- and I read your post and dresses are not on here- so maybe they are not a fall trend. Just thought I’d put it out there.

    I am a broken record- but I have been loving the posts you are all doing. So thankful for The Mom Edit and its contributors!!!!

    • Ah, Babe. Thanks for the love. It’s funny – I’m actually working on a dress article now. Trying to figure out how to take different dress shapes into Fall with easy layers. I hadn’t considered the work angle, but let me see what I can come up with.

      • This made my morning! Reading that you are doing a dress post!!! Fist bump to you right there.

        And this may not be the case for everyone, but my work is my own- meaning I am a consultant and fairly free to choose my clothes for my work gigs. I tend to be simple, chic with a bit of edge. I was trying to figure out some form of a line, looser dress, with a leather jacket and then a poncho- you showed a similar look just without the dress, or recommended one. Then I can take the layers off as needed. My key- I want to look long and lean- I know, don’t we all???

        Thanks again for your work!!!! Super excited to see it come together.

  3. Have you seen anyone use a statement necklace in a series of layered necklaces? It seems such a shame to just have them sitting in my closet.

  4. Thank you, I needed guidance! One thing I will not do is anything denim-dress, bc I grew up in scary homeschooler-denim-jumper world, and people I know are STILL making jokes about them. I’m not over the trauma. But I was relieved to hear that chambray is still allowed bc I still need that shirt, lol. Thank you for reminding us that what makes us feel most like US is cool, dangit! Love you guys!

    • RIGHT!!!??!! It’s funny – no matter what people say, our own internal definition of cool – that 6th sense of what we like – doesn’t change. Let’s embrace it (and our differences). Thanks for the love!! xo

    • This made me laugh! I’ve noticed there are certain types of clothing I heavily associate with certain periods in my life. Not necessarily bad times but it’s just the past and I’ve moved on. Within the past five years a few styles have come back and when I tried them on I had an almost physical reaction against them. Just can’t do it. The looks don’t bother me on other people but I can’t go there.

  5. I know Cam is on her capsule, but can she do maternity takes? I’m a few weeks behind her and could use the flare/crop/shirt/knit maternity recommendations as well. Obviously the jewelry/shoes/scarves work beautifully now and after (I am so so so on board), but I need the the other components in bump friendly options. Like does the tuck work with the baby bump? Also flares and crops at 5’2″? My crops usually just don’t need hemming…

    • Oooo…cool idea. I’ll talk to Cam. And I’m with you on the crops – I’ve started taking scissors to mine….more on that topic later…. 🙂

    • YES, I was just about to comment on this!! 20 weeks pregnant and probably won’t be able to pull off high-waisted jeans + tucked in shirt!! I’ve still been able to pull off a half-tuck, depending on what I’m wearing, but it’s starting to look a little strange!

      • I too am in the large breasted/short waisted camp. I love all the drapey looks, but no matter how I feel, looking pregnant when I’m not isn’t cool. ☺️You did have a guest post a while back by someone with that body type… That might be helpful. I keep wanting to try new things, but I’m not brave enough I guess. love your blog!

  6. Love this so much. So helpful. I’ve been reading for years and never commented but have purchased numerous items based on your scouting and styling. Most recently the Gray Vince sneakers at Nordstrom Anni sale. (Can’t wait to wear them). I am so grateful for the fall breakdown and the “shops” provided. Any thoughts on the menswear flats? Are they old news? If not, can you help me shop and style them?

  7. This was great, thanks! I would love to see more on flares. I can only picture them with a chunky heel, like clogs etc. Which I love, but I have horrible bunions and if I wear clogs to work, I end up changing into sneakers or topsiders by the end of the day- I just don’t see that working with flares. Maybe this is just a trend I’ll have to skip. I also own a lot of comfortable oxfords. Thoughts?

      • I think you could do a whole shoes with flares post! It’s tricky! I snagged the J. Brand flares at the Nordstrom anniv-sale and at 5’3′ I could only hem them *so much* before I lost the whole flare. Sooo… I have these great jeans that I can only wear with a 3″+ heel. Not exactly practical! I’m desperate to find a pair of walkable/heeled shoes to wear with these things. Help?

    • OE is drowing in the reality of a new school year + three kids, LOL! Don’t worry – she’ll be back soon. That girl always has something up her sleeve. 🙂

  8. You had me at “poetic spirit of Victorians juxtaposed with the aesthetics of chola gangs.” Seriously. But can we also talk for a minute about the never ending cycle of investing in clothes only to have them passé a year later (pricey skinny jeans, I’m looking at you). I second/third the request for how to hack your current closet with these new rules. Bonus points for some great work options! Thx again for this post, I was actually excited to get dressed for work today.

    • Oh hey – skinnies aren’t going anywhere! In fact, you’ll have to pry mine out of my cold, dead hands. Flares are a fresher option right now, yes, but skinnies are still going strong. (I would just skip the skinnies-with-tall-boots thing, but that’s just me.) Am working on some work options…..thanks for the comment!

    • No way! I’m with you, Veve. LOVE my skinnies and tall boots, and so do most of the moms-around-town that I know. This equestrian-esque look is classic where I live (a college town in the middle of rolling fields and country roads). I don’t see it going anywhere!

    • I wear mine with Dansko boots that look like clogs. 🙂 That’s my fav part – they really do hide many sins of comfortable shoes. BUT! I am trying to figure out how to wear them with converse sneaks too. I think I’ve got it (and it really has to do with a high waist jean).

  9. YASSSSSSSSSSSSSS Shana!!! *hallelujah-hands-emoji* I recently watched the Iris Apfel documentary (have you seen it??? So great) and she proclaims pretty is boring – I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately, cool is harder to achieve than pretty. I’ve recently come up with my own version that works for my adamant NO HEELS lifestyle: platform oxfords. I also have huge feet! Take that, world! They’re tall, they’re cushy, they’re weird – as for me, I just dig ’em. (Collection currently includes: Stuart Weitzman ‘Pipekent’ in gray, Jeffrey Campbell ‘Pistol’ in blue, and Aldo ‘Claybourne’ in black. (ps as a 90s child this is my way of saying ANGELA CHASE FOREVER!)

    Maybe true style is the becoming your own muse?

    • So funny that you said that!! In one of the (many, many) earlier drafts, I ended it with “Be your own muse” and then deleted it in an eye-rolling, who-do-you-think-you-are-S kind of way. But yeah – I totally agree. True style comes from within. Pretty IS boring. I heart Iris. (And will check out that documentary stat.)

      But the more important issue here: Comfortable oxfords?? I can never seem to get past that breaking-in point. These work?

    • Julie, those are really cool shoes. I was looking at google images of them when I realized I actually have a pair of oxford-style Doc Martens with 2″ thick soles that I bought way back in college. Maybe I need to take them to a shoe shop to get all spiffed up.

  10. Best post! It reminds me a bit of the old Ain’t No Mom Jeans. I love that the new site is broad and appeals to different phases and body types. However, as a mom of 2 (with a 3rd on the way), I love tips on how to transition without simply specific clothes to buy. this is sooo helpful!

    • I keep hearing this, LOL! Yeah – I didn’t intend for TME to be all that different, I was trying to add easier ways to shop. (The old way was insanely labor intensive and required you to read e v e r y t h i n g closely to find the links.) But yeah – something may have been lost in the translation. I’ve been working on that – it’s hard to get that balance right. (Congrats on #3!)

    • YES!! I’ve been looking for some, and despite the popularity on the runway, they’re hard to find. (Under $300 anyway.) I haven’t given up – am DYING for some, but if you find any, shoot me a link!

  11. I love this post. Such great ideas and definitely pushing me more into finding a pair of flares and maybe OTK boots so I don’t completely lose the skinnies in my closet.

    That being said, do you have any volunteer models more in the size 12(ish) range? You gals are all gorgeous but it’s hard to understand how some of the trends/suggestions might work on a larger/softer body. 😉

    • It would be great to have a size 12/14 woman in the rotation. Especially since a lot of moms find themselves in that size range-for the first time- after giving birth. There seems to be a lot of plus size fashion blogs and then everyone else is a 6 or under. It would be a neat addition to the mom edit. You don’t even need them to be a fashion blogger, just style a friend or two occasionally. And Shana, this post is amazing. Like, the best ever. Keep ’em coming every season. I would love it.

      • I think this would be a great idea! I would vollenteer to do this, but I live in vt ( not close to Shana), and my funds for clothes are very low. it is really difficult though. I used to be much smaller and even after a year it’s hard to get used to my new body.

    • I totally agree! After 3 babies (youngest is 6 months) I just don’t know how to dress my new body sometimes. I’m in that 12/14 range.

  12. shoot — was my reply lost? The gist: these pairs have been comfy out of the box, I’ll DM you some pics soon, LOVE your writing and content here, and yes! you have to dress for yourself, what makes you feel happy/sexy/confident/competent/whatever you’re going for on that particular day. It’s such a cliche but style comes from within — internalizing this Salma Hayek quote: “People often say that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder. This empowers us to find beauty in places where other have not dared to look including inside ourselves.” #bethebeholder #beyourownmuse!

  13. Am I the only one who can’t seem to make the half-tuck work? Is there a particular rise of pant and/or style of top that gets me to “effortlessly chic” rather than “oops”? The full tuck seems a little less problematic, but maybe I’m just fooling myself! A tuck tutorial on a couple of different body types/sizes would be great!

    • I simply can’t do high waisted or even naturally waisted pants on my body type. Adding a tuck, even a small one would be, quite possibly, the absolutely worst thing I could do for my proportions. The highest waist I can handle is 1-2 inches below my belly button. I still love flares, though, and own a pair of seven DOJO jeans. I’ve found the most successful way to do a flare and/or tuck situation work is to wear a long, tight camisole, then a long=sleeved crop top over it. It isn’t the same as a tuck, but it correlates to the trend and the long cami underneath keeps my proportions flattering.

  14. I’ve been hunting for a pair of cropped boot cut flares since forever. I’m also 5′ 2″, so all the gorgeous ones I want won’t work for me because I would have to hem them too much and then lose the effect of the slight flare. Does anyone have any luck finding these for petites???

  15. “how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…..”

    But seriously. This post has revolutionized my search to fill my fall closet! I’ve been despairing/struggling with finding the “perfect” fall pieces, wanting to be trendy, but not knowing exactly how to do that. “in 2015 cool trumps skinny” is perhaps the most liberating part of this post for me, realizing that the trends don’t have to make me look skinny to make me look good. So many GREAT tips on upgrading my closet, written in a way that is easy to follow. Thanks to you I now look at my clothes in an entirely new (liberating!) light!!!

    One question, high waisted jeans on someone with very high shelf hips, a very short waist (I’m only 5’1″), and VERY large boobs just doesn’t seem to be working. I know that kinda contradicts my earlier statement about cool trumping skinny….but it just doesn’t seem to work. Any tips on styling high shelf/violin/whatevs-you-want-to-call-them hips mixed with 32G boobs?!!!! Ugh.

    You, your blog, and this post ROCK MY WORLD! I could say so much more but I am slightly embarrassed at how long this comment has gotten already…..hahaha….so I’ll just stop now!

    • I’m similar to you, Lori (except 5’2 AND ONE QUARTER” and an H). I’m no style expert, but I find that a waist that hits right at the belly button area/smallest part of waist, when half tucked, can achieve the “high waisted” look without actually being high waisted. If I actually wore a high waisted jean, I would look like Steve Urkel. I would love to see pics of this here, though, for help on doing it right!

      I’m just glad low waisted pants are over. Muffin tops, RIP!

  16. This is perfection. I am anxiously awaiting the flares with flat shoes post! You lead me to the Vince high tops and now have my full trust. Thank you thank you!

  17. Nothing to say other than…love. just love this. you’re the best! I’ve been overwhelmed lately with fashion magazines fall rules and must haves. OMG! talk about confusing. Your list of rules is spot on and easy to understand. Thanks for making sense of it all. I just hacked off an old pair of mid-rise flares so they have that “cool” frayed edge and threw in a few distressed spots for funk. Thanks for the inspiration! xoxo, Jen

  18. Instead of reiterating what everyone has already said, because it is all true and fab (cool over skinny, yessss) I just wanted to add that I love the math equation you slipped in there. Once an engineer, always… 😉

  19. Absolutely. Love. This. Girl, you can write. Here’s a request…I live in the Twin Cities, where it gets cold early and stays that way. I have some clothes I’m dying to wear, but then get flummoxed by the weather. It’s easy to wear super interesting, detailed shapes in the warm months, but what to do with those clothes when it gets colder? For example, I just bought a dress I’m psyched to wear. It’s got flowy sleeves (yeah!), a beautiful and interesting neckline, and ties simply at the waist. It looks gorgeous…and will absolutely be ruined putting a cardigan over it. What to pair it with to keep warm? This seems especially difficult when something ties at the waist or gives you a waist like a skirt and fitted top. How not to ruin the line while at the same time keep from freezing your ass off? Gracias!

    • I’m guessing Shana would say turtleneck and warm leggings! If a turtleneck would ruin the neckline, I often just use a tight long-sleeved tee (e.g. JCrew’s perfect fit long sleeved tee).

  20. I’m sooo looking forward to seeing your recs for flares. I’m searching for slim flares this fall….probably more than one pair. Any recommended flares for petites? Most seem to be made so long that after I hem them for my height (5’2″) they’ll be at most a baby boot.

  21. Love this post! And fun strappy statement flats are something I’m trying to find. Also a great pair of skinny super flares would be wonderful if I can find them at a decent price. I just don’t have the money to pay over one hundred for this trend.

  22. great post love the blog! i also miss OE for what it’s worth. also second the people here who have said they want shop your closet ways to implement these ideas, as well as “fix this outfit. thanks!

  23. What a great post! I love when you analyze the trends from the bleary eyed mom perspective! I got the Cole Haan sneakers you recommended, in gray, and every day I wear them I get complements. Plus, they’re super comfy and I can keep up with my four year old in them when he sprints off toward the parking lot (that’s my basic criteria for shoes these days, can I sprint to save my son from death in these?) Also, I have those minnetonkas you recommended. Got em, like, 5 years ago for $30 and they’re still in good shape. They’re like wearing bedroom slippers around.

  24. <3!! I tried on Madewell Flea Market flares and at 6' and a size 26 they hovered ever so slightly above the ground without shoes on. I desperately want my feet to be in the flare which is probably just a throw back to all the years I could never get pants long enough!

    I also want those long sleeves with thumbholes! Where are they!?

    Great article, much shorter than the Sept Vogue but probably more content rich. Ha!

  25. Yes, so useful! Thank you! Seconding the request for a Tuck post – most of the time I’m untucked (breastfeeding ease of access) but if I DID want to look more put-together some guidance would really help.

    • For whatever it’s worth….I wore high-rise flares after my boys were born because they were so supportive on my poor c-section pooch. Of course, a year or so later once the baby weight was gone I had to replace them, BUT STILL. In the first few post-partum months I just hid the high-waist under drapey sweaters, and then “graduated” to the half-tuck. Shockingly comfy post-partum. 🙂

  26. Can you tell me what jeans you are wearing with the lace up blue shoes? I have to tell you that you showcase the blue shoes much better than the free people website does. Kuddos to you! I’m loving your blog BTW, you have definitely given me “cool mom” style inspiration. Keep it coming!

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