The One Where We All Pick Our Favorites From Walmart


Inhale…Exhale…Is that spring air nice or what?!I mean, never mind the sneezes and watery eyes from my fellow allergy sufferers. Spring is a literal breath of fresh air, regardless of where you live. And, it absolutely breathes life into our closets (here’s looking at you, Living Coral); that’s basically why you’re here, right? Yes, TME has to be a few steps ahead of the seasons and trends, so we’ve been getting you ready for spring fashion for a while now. It’s just way more fun when we don’t have to do it during a Polar Vortex…bye

Speaking of fun, Shana was all, “Hey, why don’t a bunch of us try out this spring line.” As you can imagine, we’re inspired by each other’s style often, so she, Laura, Scotti, and I jumped at the opportunity to add a little “spring” in our step à la Walmart Fashion’s “We Dress America” campaign. Think: Easy pieces in fashion-forward colors and prints, athleisure you’ll never want to take off, and maybe, just maybe, your new fav pair of jeans. We thought it would be a great way to show how we style the looks for our varied lives from the Pacific Northwest to the East Coast. We found on-trend looks we can wear now that totally fit the individual style you’ve come to know and love from each of us. Scroll on through and find something to make your own.

A Swing Dress & Camo (in Columbus, Ohio)

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus, so jumping into spring fashion on the first gorgeous day of the season just felt right. My allergies didn’t get the memo, but it’s cool, it’s cool…I took cover in front of a bright wall that I’d never seen in the millions of times I’ve been to the area. Here’s to a spring full of discovering new fav spots and looking good doing it.

Tie-dye rompers, camo shirt jackets, rainbow windbreakers & of course...leopard. We're all in for spring, from Portland to Philly....& the prices are GOOD.Tie-dye rompers, camo shirt jackets, rainbow windbreakers & of course...leopard. We're all in for spring, from Portland to Philly....& the prices are GOOD.Tie-dye rompers, camo shirt jackets, rainbow windbreakers & of course...leopard. We're all in for spring, from Portland to Philly....& the prices are GOOD.

Outfit Details

Sleeveless Dress – This sleeveless swing dress is perfect for layering in the spring/summer. It’s a mid-weight jersey with a good bit of stretch, but thick enough not to get stretched out, or (even worse) be see-through on a sunny day. It comes in five colors and prints, making it easy to mix and match prints. It’s available up to 3x..slow clap for size diversity! I’m wearing a M; size 10 for reference.

Camo jacket – Dang, I’ve never met a camo shirt jacket I could pass up. Utility is on trend right now, but I’ll admit to wearing all year! I love that this one is more tailored than the others I have, so I could actually wear as a shirt. With this look though, it’s the perfect light layer, and is even cooler when styled with the stripes in the dress. And, how gorgeous is the love/heart emblem? I love what this line stands for: “Love and inclusivity for everyone.” I’m wearing a M; size 10 for reference.

Platform Sandals – Well, hello there, you little comfy, cute, sexy sandal, you! Don’t you just love it when you find a piece that does it all? These are seriously an amazing replacement for a pair that I’ve been hanging onto for way too long. I went all-terrain in these, as photoshoots often call for, and I was comfortable the whole time. I’m wearing my usual size 9.

Braided belt – This is a warm-weather staple for me because it cinches in my waist while still looking relaxed. It was a last-minute purchase on the way to the shoot, and a 3X was the only size available. I’d usually wear a medium or large, but I love how I was able to tie it instead of using the belt buckle. How’s that for an accidental fashion win?

Blush backpack – I’m not sure at exactly what point in my life blush backpacks became my jam, but there’s no turning back now. I could easily fit a small tablet and two water bottles, if I were out and about with the kiddos. It’s a good medium size backpack option in an on-trend color for spring. It also has a nice double top handle for carrying as a handbag because, options.

Tie-Dye Romper (in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

I knew, when I ordered a tie-dye romper, that somewhere deep down, my twelve-year-old self was shrieking in glee. I mean. Tie. Dye. But it’s black-and-white, which is more Serious I Mean Business than Going To The Beach, making it totally appropriate for city life. And then it arrived and it’s basically some sort of insanely soft jersey knit and is shockingly flattering and under $13, sooooo….Tie-dye rompers, camo shirt jackets, rainbow windbreakers & of course...leopard. We're all in for spring, from Portland to Philly....& the prices are GOOD.

Tie-dye rompers, camo shirt jackets, rainbow windbreakers & of course...leopard. We're all in for spring, from Portland to Philly....& the prices are GOOD.

Annoyingly, the tie-dye is almost sold out. GAH. But it comes in another print that is just as fun/happy, and I found a few other pieces worth trying (especially considering the prices…)


Leopard Print (in Portland, Oregon)

Well, it’s no surprise to seasoned TME readers that I chose something…in leopard print. I mean, who could resist this jacket?? It’s perfect for the rainy spring here in Portland. Sienna hopped in on the action here because I couldn’t resist that floral sweatshirt, either. I mean, in the patch of daises? I die. We had to quickly snap these pictures in between…wait for it…lots of rain — but that’s part of what makes it so gorgeous out here. I’d have it no other way. Come visit us on the West Coast during springtime to catch all the gorgeous flowers!

Tie-dye rompers, camo shirt jackets, rainbow windbreakers & of course...leopard. We're all in for spring, from Portland to Philly....& the prices are GOOD.Tie-dye rompers, camo shirt jackets, rainbow windbreakers & of course...leopard. We're all in for spring, from Portland to Philly....& the prices are GOOD.

On Laura: Windbreaker Jeans Star Slides Bag (EV1)

On Sienna: Floral Sweatshirt On sale! | Shorts Pink Sneakers Denim Belt Bag 

Rainbow Windbreaker & Shirt Dress (in Marquette, Michigan)

I saw this rainbow windbreaker and was sold. Greenlea and I are kind of the same that way . . . give us all the rainbows and sparkles and sprinkles on our ice cream! The dress I layered it over is super-soft (it has a tie across the stomach so it kind of camouflages any extra pooch) and the sneakers are ridiculously comfy. Greenlea has literally been wearing her outfit nonstop since we got it, so it’s safe to say she likes it! There’s not a ton of rain here, but there IS a ton of melting snow and puddles, so these pink glitter rain boots are perfect for her. (And I’m cheesy enough to love the mama-and-me matching vibe that we’ve got going on here.)

Tie-dye rompers, camo shirt jackets, rainbow windbreakers & of course...leopard. We're all in for spring, from Portland to Philly....& the prices are GOOD. Tie-dye rompers, camo shirt jackets, rainbow windbreakers & of course...leopard. We're all in for spring, from Portland to Philly....& the prices are GOOD.

On Scotti: windbreaker | dress | sneakers

On Greenlea: jacket | skirt | boots


So, where are you planning to wear your spring fashion? Whatever you’re up to, I hope we’ve given you some inspiration on how you’ll get there in style with a few looks from Walmart. Big thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post. All opinions and clothing choices are our own, which is no small feat, thanks in large part to your commitment to providing such easy-to-wear styles in an inclusive size range at great price points. Now, this has been fun, but mama’s gotta pick up groceries now.


Tiarra, Shana, Laura & Scotti


  1. After Lexi’s post about the world and all its problems, do you guys seriously see nothing wrong with a Walmart post? Tone deaf is all I can say. This blog is baffling me lately.

  2. Sorry ladies, but I am tapping out. This blog certainly is not what is used to be. Are we for even a second supposed to believe that Shana would EVER be caught wearing Walmart clothing? From someone who promotes $350 camis? Lol. Come on now.

  3. I get the negative comments. But I appreciate some posts that include more affordable options. Love all the pieces you guys found! I had fun seeing what you guys picked.

  4. It’s popular to bash Walmart (I certainly do, and make a point never to shop there), but that’s easy to do when you can afford to shop elsewhere. So many people can not afford to shop at more globally/socially conscious places, so I think I actually applaud TME for posts like this. I mean, really, $300 Voloshin tops are gorgeous but I would never spend that kind of money on a top. No way Shana wears Walmart pieces in her real life, but she is showing in the post that you can look chic in them.

    • Thanks, Liz. We know every post isn’t for every reader, but we love bringing a wide range of fashion inspo.

  5. One second you’re going on about how we’re killing the planet, environmental justice, etc…then the next you’re promoting the fast fashion Walmart machine??? Here’s a fun fact: The fashion industry is second only to big oil when it comes to environmental impact…and while we all have to wear SOMETHING, we don’t have to wear things that are made to fall apart in a single season! For those of us who can’t spend $100 on a cami, there are still environmentally sound choices, like shopping secondhand, keeping a smaller closet, etc. Once upon a time you told me to invest in quality pieces that last, thinking of price per wear…what happened to that message? You can’t make a case that the $13 dress is good for our planet, and you can’t make the case that the $13 dress was a “just” choice for the people who made it. Wake up guys! Or at least take a good hard look at your editorial calendar–and your conscience–before you step off your environmental soapbox and straight into hypocrisy so deep you apparently can’t even see out.

    Maybe you did not connect these issues. Or…maybe you just like everybody else–talking a big game for “justice” and caring for the world our children must inherit–until ignoring those principles puts a couple bucks in your pocket. Have followed your blog since 2013(!), but I’ve got to call it here. I can’t even recognize you anymore.

  6. Ugh. Time for a TME meeting about what you’re doing here. Many voices are good. Self-serving, contradictory posts are not.

  7. This is my favorite blog. My favorite blog. But, there are soooo many ways to really commit to an environmentally-conscious approach to being a fashion blog (with, yes, the understanding that what you’re selling is part of the problem and therefore…problematic) that would be more in line with your brand. I used to love it when Time Out New York would photograph people on the street, looking effing fabulous, and it always turned out that they were wearing the most amazing dress that they found at Goodwill. You could commit to highlighting readers (and contributors) who are doing that. You could scour the earth for earth-conscious brands that aren’t a million bucks, and forge connections with them. You could plan on a day every month when you announce that you’re all going to show us what you found at your local second hand store. It would capture the fun of shopping, the creative spirit that you’ve always brought to this blog, and the recognition that the world demands a more considered approach from all of us now—readers and writers and lineage-enthusiasts. (By which I mean those of us who are terrified for our great-great grandkids.) I would love to see a blog just go for it in that way.

  8. Ugh. Fast fashion is such a touchy subject. I get that we don’t all have the luxury to shop eco friendly brands, but Walmart (and Amazon, which is regularly featured on here) are the lowest of the low. That being said, I have 3 children, and regularly shop at Zara/HM/Gap/etc because I can’t afford to buy 3 wardrobes of eco friendly kids clothes each season. So I get it. My issue with this post, is that none of the items that are featured are made of natural fibers, basically they are made plastic, which means that each time they are washed they are polluting our water supply. So, while I personally can’t choose to completely avoid fast fashion, I can choose to only purchase Cotton or other non synthetics from these types of places and do my best to keep them in good shape to pass on to others.

    Lets try and practice what we preach in all the ways that we can. xoxo Julia from Berlin

  9. Erin, I totally agree with what you are saying. I used to love when Shana would feature “real moms” whom she met at the playground, coffee shop, etc. when this site was ANMJ. I have been searching for a blog that features sustainable clothes, ideas for re-purposing and upcycling, and how to dress without being so trend-driven. The search continues…

    The problem with your suggestions is that this blog (and others like it) wouldn’t make any money with the model you describe. There would be no affiliate links, no sponsored posts (or many fewer), etc. This blog (and others) changed when they became full-time jobs for their contributors. It really is no longer about helping moms, but about making money. I don’t fault Shana and co.—people have got to do what they have to do. BUT, as consumers, we can also choose to opt out of the cycle by not buying into this system and putting our money (and clicks) where our values are.

    On a totally different note, I love seeing Tiarra. (I was worried when she hadn’t had a post in a couple of months.) She’s both stylish and relatable!

  10. Other than buying only natural fibers, here are a couple of helpful products that help prevent or minimize microplastics from entering our water supply (and ultimately the streams, rivers and oceans as well as all the marine life that ingest those microplastics) when washing our synthetic fiber clothing:

    I try to buy only natural fiber clothing too. I also avoid purchasing any animal products now too for their deleterious impact on the environment (e.g., the $1 billion leather industry in Bangladesh where the toxic tannery chemicals are poisoning the water, soil, basically everything, not to mention their use of child labor and the abject animal cruelty and unnecessary slaughter).

    I’m thankful that TME is raising these issues on the blog because shedding light, discussions and information sharing are helpful for all of us.

  11. I’ll admit it, I came here to read the comments on this. 😉 Folks need to chill. Not every post is going to be for every reader and people who can’t afford to buy luxury or even moderately priced clothing deserve to have posts for them too. Tierra and crew, you guys are helping moms out who may want a quick easy refresh without spending a ton of money.

    I totally would love to see some real moms and their outfit ideas mixed in to affiliate link posts. I recognize that those posts don’t make any money but maybe just a few her and there? You guys rock.

  12. Thrift and second hand fashion blogs are easy to find and follow, so those looking for that angle might consider looking elsewhere. I do not like to buy at thrift or second hand stores bc I’ve been told by the people who NEED to shop there, that they find it patronizing and selfish when people who can afford otherwise shop and blog in these stores. Just another perspective. It did change my perspective. Now I buy items I can afford and when I’m done with items, I donate to local charities or give as hand me downs or clothing swaps.

  13. I loved this post and seeing a more relatable figure wearing the items! I would love it if you did the same with Old Navy and other stores you’d find in a mall anywhere or can easily order and return online. Many many items featured here are waaaaay too expensive for so many here, especially in this economic climate. Also, the average size is 12! Come on! Let’s see some size diversity.

    I agree with the previous commenter who recollected the mom style posts of the ANMJ days. Those were so great.

    • I AGREE. Those posts were simply articles we wrote around reader submitted photos. Sooo…send us photos, guys! If you have an outfit that you’re proud of…I guarantee that other readers will love it too.

  14. This! I’m for discussion rather than preach/judge and throw shame at TME. Changing the fashion industry is a tall order to put on this blog. Let’s appreciate that they’re giving us a forum to discuss a complicated issue. Because I think we ALL agree this does need discussion.

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