The Runner: Gifts for the Guy on the Fast Track


Do you have a guy who runs, trains with a trainer, does CrossFit, goes to Gold’s, or cycles with Soul or Flywheel — all the way to a six pack and svelte bod? Right. We don’t either, well not exactly (shhh…don’t tell them we said that). But we have a whole crew of them endlessly in pursuit of their 20-year-old selves. And we love them for their intentions toward health and fitness.

Do you also have a guy who says No Lulu? It’s comfortable, it fits well, it’s good looking, but some guys just say no to the Lu. Fair enough. Have you yet met Rhone? If not, consider this the introduction you won’t look back from. Nor will he. Connections, it’s what we do. And here are a few other favs for the men who get love and high fives and an ‘A’ for effort, too!

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1/  Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones: We all run better, faster, stronger to the beat. True story.

2/  Apple Watch Series 4 GPS 44MM Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band: It’s all too easy to cop-out with ain’t got no time. Here’s to those who find it/make it/ take it. Life’s short. Get your body moving.

3/  Balega ‘Second Skin – Ultra Light’ No-Show Running Socks: Baby you run so fast I can’t even see yo’ socks. Just kidding. Kinda. These are wicking, and lightweight, and run well. Quality assurance test run by a woman who wears a men’s size shoe (giggle). (Scotti’s right, we need a way to emoji in posts.)

4/  Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Shield Water Repellent Running Shoe: Ain’t nobody kicking anything into shape without a proper pair of kicks. Do as we do and just do it, right?

5/  Reign Short Sleeve: No tanks. Just some good looking, moisture-wicking short sleeves will go a long way. Well-tailored…you know, to enhance that I swallowed a kite look we’re all shooting for.

6/  Celliant® Seamless 1/4 Zip: Layers are important. And necessary for the guys who don’t live south of the border. Get them there and back. No excuses, right?

7/  9″ Mako Lined Short: Just long enough. Just short enough. (Insert one more giggle in place of an emoji.)

8/  Street Jogger: When your run is more about the walk you take to get to it. #streetstyle


Happy trails, and cycles, trainers, and weights, and post-Happy Holiday workouts to you and your guys!

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