The Sale of the Weekend? BLOOMINGDALES. It’s so, SO good.


Gang, black friday sales are already starting.  Even Anthro is offering free shipping this weekend (and just added a bunch of interesting tees to their sale shop – all under $40.)

But the sale that got me clicking away (yes, I enable myself I’m seriously the worst) is Bloomingdales.  So. Crazy. Good.

Here’s a small (yet hopefully well edited) sampling of what they have on sale:





And happy Friday!  Pax is having his birthday party tonight (like in an hour – I’ve seriously gotta stop typing).  We’re doing a karate class (in full ninja costume) then having everyone over for pretzel-wrapped hot dogs and pink cupcakes with ninjas on top.  As you can tell, our birthday parties follow a very strict decor theme.  This year’s theme is called “Whatever Pax Wants” and was inspired by the fact that Mike and I have been too busy for Pinterest.  #toobusyforpinterest <– this should be a thing, yes?

What are your weekend plans?  We’re taking the boys to BalletX on Saturday so…yeah.  Should be an interesting weekend.




    • Nella, I feel ya. I don’t know about you, but when I single click on the photo (using safari on iPhone) the price that appears is the full price. If I double click and go to the store site, it’s the only way I see the sale price. It’s still not cheap, but it’s designer jeans at Bloomingdales, so it’s relative.
      I spend a lot of money on quality clothing, but do feel disappointed sometimes by the price points on this site. But I don’t feel alienated… not yet at least 😉

    • While I won’t be purchasing them either (I’m still holding onto baby weight), a good pair of jeans are priceless to me. You only need one pair and can get rid of all the rest of the clutter.

    • I would much rather pay – and have – $200 for a pair of jeans that make me look, and feel, amazing than be continuously spending $40 on a pair that loses their shape and end up in my donate bin a month later. And I hardly think S is alienating readers. If you wouldn’t pay $200 for jeans you could always use them as style inspiration for a pair that does for your budget.

      • Know what I just realized? The boutique widget I use doesn’t always pick up the sale price. $209 is the full price, not the sale price. They’re actually on sale for $167 (and an additional $25 off). Annoying, right? Sorry for the confusion you guys.

  1. #toobusyforpinterest is genius! I did some pinning for my Abraham’s upcoming 4th birthday. He wants a “snow” party, and there’re infinite suggestions on pinterest. But he’s 4! I’m not stressing myself out with perfection – we’re going to go outside and play in the snow!

  2. Guys don’t get Pinterest. I’ve given up trying. I found some great grey jeans with some distressing at anthro, AG Stevies.
    I’m awaiting my Nordys delivery on Tuesday from your playground post! Keep me coming.

  3. I didn’t buy anything from Bloomies but I just ordered two Dolan tips from Anthro. LOL! Shopping Enabler strikes again! You need to get a superhero cape with a SE on the back!

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