The Skinny on Skinny Jeans: The Best Styles for Moms From Revolve Clothing’s Denim Buyer


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I've often admitted to snobbish tendencies where denim is concerned.  While I was pretty impressed last year with Gap's new denim line, 1969, it still doesn't hold a candle to the superior bum-styling of higher-end denim.  (NOTE:  I will concede that Gap's jeggings are all pretty fabulous, and my current favs).

But in my opinion, all moms should have at least one pair of higher-end denim for all of their bum-shaping glory.  And make it a skinny.  Or a straight-leg.  

So we caught up with Lauren, Revolve Clothing's denim buyer, to find out which pairs of skinny (or straight leg) jeans would fit a mom's body the best.   Below are her picks of skinny or straight leg styles that fit curvy mom bodies, hide a muffin top, or fit a petite mom with no hemming required! 

And she threw in some killer styling tips for all of us to keep in mind.


Lauren says:  "The above styles (both skinny and straight-leg options) are perfect for a curvier woman.  The pocket placement and higher-cut back makes for a great fit.  Also stick with dark rinse washes that have minimal creases and fading in the thigh — this trick will eliminate the focus on the thighs. Lastly, be sure to buy jeans with back pockets on them. Jeans without back pockets makes the butt look larger then it really is!"

NOTE FROM S:  All of Lauren's picks for curvy gals have a leg opening (at the knee) of 14", which is at least 2" larger than most other skinny jeans…

For more info or to order, click the links below to be taken to Revolve Clothing:
Seven For All Mankind's Kimmie Curvy Fit Straight Leg in dark rinse.  This style is also available from in a lighter wash, Joe's Jean Skinny Honey in Luca, also available in the  Romi wash, and Citizens for Humanity Ava Straight in Faith. NOTE FROM S:  Lauren had actually recommended Citizen's Honey Skinny Leg, but it doesn't seem to be available.  Ava Straights have the same rise as the Honey Skinny, and a 14" leg opening.


Lauren says:  "If a muffin-top is of concern, stick with high-waisted skinny or straight styles.  These are perfect for hiding that pesky muffin top!"

For more info or to order, click the links below to be taken to Revolve Clothing:

Joe's Jeans Skinny Visionaire, Paige Premium Denim Hidden Hills 12" Peg, 7 For All Mankind High Waist Roxanne (or try the Highwaist Gwenevere, a similar style) or J Brand High Rise Skinny.

Also try Citizen of Humanity's Thompson High Rise Skinny Jean or AG's The Premiere which comes in a wide range of washes and fabric, including cords!

  StraightlegmuffinNot ready for skinny Skinnies?  Lauren's favorite straight-leg styles for the muffin-top prone are pictured above.

For more info or to order, click the links below to be taken to Revolve Clothing:

7 For All Mankind High Waist Straight Leg, J Brand Mid Rise 12" in Dark or Citizens of Humanity Elson High Rise Straight


Lauren's favorite skinny jean for the petite mom is Joe's Jeans Skinny Provocateur.  According to Lauren, these jeans are cut for that girl that is petite all over and has a shorter inseam — so no need to hem!  Nice!  As a bonus, these jeans come in a wide range of washes with varying details. 

For more info or to order, click the links below to be taken to Revolve Clothing:

Joe's Jeans Skinny Provocateur in Romi, Tamara, Janine, Luca or try Taylor (a very, very dark wash) or Drew.

Lauren's Skinny / Straight Leg Styling Tips For Moms

Screen shot 2010-12-20 at 3.55.29 PM Wear your skinny or straight leg jeans with tall or mid-calf boots, ballet flats, ankle boots, heels, tennis shoes, etc.  But stick with flowy tops and chunky sweaters on top – you want to make sure you top isn't too fitted, or you'll put the focus towards your thighs, instead of your top half.  That said, a blouse and a blazer also works really well.

To style your skinny/straight legs for Spring/Summer, cuff them at the bottom.  You want to show off a little ankle!

If you are finding that your jeans are too rigid or stiff, look for ones with elastan/stretch in them.  This will help eliminate the uncomfortable feeling of feeling constricted; most styles come with at least 2% stretch…but if you go for Jeggings they will have roughly 40% stretch.

A side note:  if you have a flat butt, get a jean with a flap pocket – it adds volume!  (like Hudson's)

photo credit: Revolve Clothing 


Thanks, Lauren!!  And FYI:  Revolve Clothing has both free shipping and free return shipping on all orders.  LOVE that.





  1. While I appreciate the tips, there isn’t a curve on a single model in those pictures. I have curves AND a muffin top and wear a size 8. None of those jeans would look anything like that on me, I don’t care how high end they are. Some of us just aren’t made for the skinny jeans…

  2. Karen, have you tried any skinny jeans yet? I wasn’t a believer at all, and I’m a size 14. I bought a pair for $20 at Charlotte Russe and paired them with some tall boots. My MIL wanted to know if I weighed less than I did before having my baby (none of her business, and no, I don’t, but it’s the mircle of the jeans!). And my husband said, “Hubba, hubba” when he saw them on me. They are much more flattering than the bootleg jeans I was wearing before, I swear! Plus, I just look more put together when I wear them. Give them a try!

  3. Agreed Karen. Those of us with um… hips, do look better in trouser cut. That said, Joe’s makes some nice cuts in straight leg for those of us with hips much wider than waists. One of the few brands that doesn’t give me a nice gap at the waist when they fit my back end 😉

  4. Karen, I’m a size 10 so I know what you mean about the models, but I gotta tell you, I LOVE my skinny jeggings. I was skeptical so I bought an $8 pair on clearance at JC Penney & I’m addicted. I think the trick is finding a top that is long enough to cover whatever you’re self-conscious about, which might mean short dresses or super long sweaters if you’re worried about thighs. But yeah, curvy size 8 definitely does not make you ineligible for skinny jeaned hotness!

  5. Go for it, Karen. You won’t be sorry. I hated (still mildly do) my thick legs but I tried straight legs. I promise you will be a believer. Try J brand (they stretch a lot)

  6. I hear ya…however, I wear a size 16 ( and have 3 kids so i DEF have a muffin top haha) and have been wearing jeggings for the last 6 months straight! I actually found some at Target..the dark Mossimo jeggings fit AMAZING, the pockets are lower, and the rise is higher to hide the muffin….and at $ can’t go wrongyou should def check them out…also I do wear a larger, longer top and lace up boots or ankle boots…they are THE most comfprtable thing to get into 🙂

  7. I have a pair of straight leg jeans from the gap but I struggle with shoes! They aren’t skinny enough to tuck into boots and with tons of snow on the ground it is hard to wear flats in the winter! Any thoughts?
    Also is there such a thing as a cute snow boot?
    Thank you so much!

  8. Wow. You guys rock. As you know, I love skinny & straight leg on all body types, but you guys have seriously good tips. It is annoying that models are all a size 2 or plus size. Except for malia mills swimwear – she uses real people, which I love.
    Alissa – I can’t believe we forgot about you tall moms! Let me get back to you!
    Tamara – got it. Will work on something & get back to you!!

  9. Girls – I was a poo-pooer of the skinny, straight and jegging but eventually crossed over. (size 8 with some baby rolls left) I LOVE my jean leggings from GAP – awesome and so comfy. I also love their straight. And if unsure about them and don’t want to invst – Ana from Penney has a pretty okay pair for around $20.
    I have tried Elson and they are pretty awesome too.

  10. If you are ever looking for a post idea, I NEED to know how a busty/hourglass girl is supposed to rock the skinny without looking like an apple on legs. I like skinnies but blousy on top has just never worked for me–a waist is a necessity!

  11. Rachel – Thanks for the tip! Love this comment!
    Kylie – Noted! Let’s see what we can come up with…but in the meantime…have you tried a jacket with a nipped in waist?

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