Ok ladies, hold on to your Pull-Ups…it’s about to get real. In what might be the most glamorous post to-date, we’re talking modern potty chairs. It’s the baby gear you love to hate, the hard-to-clean, primary colored hunk of plastic occupying a prominent place in your kitchen? living room? anywhere but the actual bathroom, because toddlers? If you’re super lucky, it also talks or has a million distracting features that ensure your kid will do anything but her business on it. I’m sure everyone’s seen the potty that incorporates an iPad – if we used that while potty training my oldest, she’d still be sitting there! When we went potty shopping, she picked the pinkalicious princess potty chair. And the Disney character potty seat to use on the big potty. And proceeded to use neither for its intended purpose! (Pro Tip: Potty seats make awesome necklaces for 2 year olds and potty chair bowls are the perfect “crib” for stuffed animals.) Guess what worked for us? A stripped down, standard Baby Bjorn that had one job – no singing or flashing lights required!  I didn’t do a ton (or any) research, but it was effective if not especially attractive. In the last couple years, potties have gotten SO MUCH COOLER. Since you’re going to be spending a lot of time looking at it in various rooms of your house for as loooong as it takes, why not get a modern potty seat that looks good, is easy to clean, but fun enough that your kid wants to use it? Break out the M&M’S!


Once Upon A Potty…

Lest you think it’s all business and no fun, bright, happy colors are definitely represented in the lineup! (I thought the very tasteful “stone” colored potty might be pushing it.)

blue potty chair: Intelligent Potty without Recording Device, Menthol – This streamlined potty comes in subtle, gorgeous colors along with a punchy red or hot pink. Also comes with an option to record a personalized “reward” message for your toddler if he’s the independent type that quietly takes care of business while you watch reality TV.

pink potty seat: Prince Lionheart weePOD – Awesome for small spaces, this potty seat just pops onto the regular toilet. Reviewers love the cushiness, easy cleaning one-piece design and high splashguard for boys. It looks kind of like a giant gummy candy which kids will like, also in bright blue or a grown-up gray that’ll go great with the white subway tile in your kitchen. Just saying.

green potty chair: Hoppop Pot Donut – Pot? Donut? Neither of those things I would associate with potty training, but maybe I did it wrong. The futuristic look is so cool and the low profile is great for younger kids. May work better for girls. Friendly, happy design without a lot of parts to clean makes both of you happy.

potty bench: Boon Potty Bench – The modern version of those huge potty play centers, this one has a tasteful toilet paper holder and small bin for storing toddler’s personals. The top of the seat flips down to create a bench which can hold up to 300 lbs, in case your kid is a really late bloomer.

pink potty chair: Soft Seat Pink Tortoise Potty Trainer – I love this clever, fun design that doesn’t scream “HEY, I’M A TURTLE!” Plus it has a cover, so your kid could practice sitting on the potty without the performance anxiety. Also in cute blue/pink and green/orange color combos, and the splashguard looks high enough for all kids.

So. Hopefully that was helpful for some of you, or a fond trip down memory lane for those already on the other side!  But why stop there when we’re having so much fun? Check out more modern potty picks including the best travel potty ever, which you can still use after they’re potty trained!

Everybody Poops!



Got any favorites I missed or good tips for moms in the potty training trenches? Hang in there, mamas, may you one day receive this card for Mother’s Day.



  1. The Baby Bjorn potty chair is a classic for a reason. The back makes little ones feel secure and the insert is as easy to clean as it gets.

    • We have and love the travel potty. I kept in our diaper bag (has its own plastic bag) when my son was potty training as he was terrified of falling in on public toilets. Works great!

  2. We found a potty seat shaped like the P.L. WeePod, except at Target for about $7. Bought three of them – one to keep in each car and one for the bathroom. I also installed a two-in-one seat on our actual toilet, but it doesn’t have the oh-so-valuable “lip” to catch boy-pee. Therefore not a huge favorite for my three-y.o. (or his mum, armed with paper towels), but I bet it would be perfect for a girl.

  3. We had the boon potty bench for three years and that thing collected dust faster than I could clean it. It was beautiful 🙁 then I got tired of wiping the inside cubbies down and fighting with the bin lids. Neither of my kids could open the bins by themselves either. BUT, it was a great sturdy bench for teeth brushing, hand washing, so there’s that! Overall, it helped my oldest through potty training and then, in turn, she trained my 2nd kiddo 🙂

  4. We love the Baby Bjorn potty chair. Now that our little one is fully potty trained, we keep the potty chair in a plastic bag in the back of our car. It’s come in handy at the park, at trailheads, festivals, etc. when a proper bathroom is not easily accessible. I even used it myself when I was very pregnant with our second and far from a bathroom. (Not that I would recommend that! Talk about desperate times.)

  5. We stocked up on the IKEA potties when we were potty training. A few bucks each, and years later I still keep one in my car for emergencies.

  6. Ooh, I may need to buy a wee pod to replace the ancient hand me down over-bleached Cars toilet seat I currently carry around for my tiny toddler to use atop big/public/friends toilets! I have the regular toilet lids with flip down kid seat for our home toilets and they are awesome – easy to install, no clutter, no need to transition from
    potty seat to big toilet. Note – there are circle and oval toilet seats, measure yours or take a pic with you to your local diy box store. Also, I must evangelize a bit for the toilet training method outlined in Toilet Awareness by Sarah Moudry (about $11 on Amazon and a quick read.) TOTAL game changer. She’s a Montessori teacher and she outlines a forehead-smackingly obvious, simple approach to toilet learning without any silly rewards, high pressure tactics, or character undies that wear out after 3 washings. Rather, you just set set the child up to learn via their natural drive to do things the way adults do just like they learn to talk and use a fork. (Nope, they won’t be reliable in a weekend but gerber makes little training underwear covers we call “travel pants” that minimize worry at restaurants, on planes, etc. By experience, big sibs can use them too if the whole family comes down with diarrhea while staying at a hotel. Ya know, hypothetically!) – AB

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