The Super Useful Year-At-A-Glance Calendar


You know what time it is folks…time for yearly planning! Does anyone else get as excited about a blank calendar as I do?….All that room for hopes and travel and events!! I’ve always been a calendar nerd and I’m proud of it. I love being able to actually see my future. While I do use my digital calendar daily, there’s something about having a printed version that still makes sense to the analog, paper-loving part of me. Plus, you know what you can’t see on your Google calendar or even your desktop planner? The whole year at once.

Didn’t know you would want to see the whole year at once? Neither did I until my friend Carrie showed me the way. Ha. She and I have now designed a Year-At-A-Glance Calendar together, and I’m excited to share with you the fabulousness that is seeing your whole year at once. UPDATE for 2020: The 2021 Calendar will be coming soon! The 2020-21 Academic calendar is available now! Click here to purchase and download.

How To Use The Year-At-A-Glance Calendar

Yes, ya'll! A year-at-a-glance calendar + washi tape coding = family planning bliss. We're so excited for travel- & project-planning fun in the new year.


The beauty of this poster-sized year calendar is in how you use it. The simplest use? Throw your family birthdays up there. It’s fun to use a cute sticker for this (maybe these!) or use a specific color tape like I did for this year. You’ll never miss another birthday because it got lost in all your phone notifications or because your week-view digital calendar doesn’t show you anything, but…a week at a time. #guilty With this style you don’t even have to turn the page to the next month. Blammo.

Travel Planning

This is probably my favorite part of using this particular calendar. Carrie (aka my calendar guru) brilliantly uses washi tape to mark off trips and travel on the year calendar. I’ve done this on our test calendar for last year, and it’s perfection. I only used one color for all our travel last year, but if you have multiple travelers in the family they can each have their own color washi tape. I know. Brill. I’m instituting that this year and made a little key at the bottom to refer to.

Yes, ya'll! A year-at-a-glance calendar + washi tape coding = family planning bliss. We're so excited for travel- & project-planning fun in the new year.

Events & Recurring Events

While there’s not a ton of space per day, there is enough to note major events. Again, you could use a special sticker for, say, bookclub meet-ups or church or dance class. If you need more room though or have multiple items per day, this would be a good reason to implement the multi-color tape, one for each person or type of event. If you stick to lighter, wider, solid washi you can easily write on top of it with a pencil or pen to indicate the event.

Yes, ya'll! A year-at-a-glance calendar + washi tape coding = family planning bliss. We're so excited for travel- & project-planning fun in the new year.

Blended Families Planning

As a child of divorced parents, when Annmarie said she thought this would be brilliant for planning custody dates, I completely agreed. This would have been a life-saver growing up. I was relied upon to plan and schedule our back-and-forths, as the oldest, only girl (I know). Without getting into a therapy session here, let’s just say this thing would have saved me some headaches.

Annemarie wanted to share some thoughts she has on this topic, and I’m so glad she did. And, yes, we had a bonding-from-afar moment. #hugs

“A here.  Chiming in on L’s post. B/c it’s fun to do that sometimes! If our/my local printer tells you they are all out of paper, Sorry, that’s probably my fault because I’m gifting these to all of my custody-sharing friends for the New Year, and they are going to love me more!!! How I happened upon some post somewhere on social media about L’s cals is a mystery to us all. But it prompted a really heart-warming conversation between us…me the mom of three kids of divorce, and her the adult who grew up as that kid. It was a big hug kinda moment.

My kids are 6, 8, and 10. We’ve been at this divorced thing since they were 1, 3, and 5. And we’re not good at it yet. But we try. And we’ll take any help we can get along the way. One thing we’ve learned is that a visual of the schedule helps. We all kinda know the schedule, but when we’re trying to figure out who’s on first, when we can have the sleepovers and parties, when we’ll batch bake for gifts, when we’ll travel, when we’ll get school projects that require multiple steps and multiple days done, when we’ll study for big tests… you know…all the stuff…it helps to have a visual.

More than that though, it also just brings my kids (one of them especially) a sense of calm to know the schedule…and she processes it better when she sees it. We all do. We’ve just never figured out a way to see the whole year. I love you L, and all your genius creations. But for this one especially, am I so thankful. And I can’t wait for the giggles and the tears (when mixed with giggles they are OK) that will come when I gift it to all my “D” loves.”

Tips for Printing, Hanging and Mounting The Year Calendar

Yes, ya'll! A year-at-a-glance calendar + washi tape coding = family planning bliss. We're so excited for travel- & project-planning fun in the new year.

For now, we’re offering this calendar as a downloadable file. You can print the 24×36″ poster at your local print shop (you can typically email them the file and pick up upon fulfillment!). I suggest bright white, matte (so you can write on it) paper stock (80# or higher is recommended for durability) and the calendar is black and white, so no need for full color printing. The cost at my local shop to do this was around $20 and Vista Print is offering them right now for around $15. Staples and Kinko’s seem to have higher pricing on this, but I think it’s their full color poster options, so be sure to call and ask for a black and white print price.

You can also have the calendar mounted to foam core for extra sturdiness (often at the same printing location). You won’t need to print it on as heavy a paper stock if you choose to have it mounted. My friend Carrie usually does this, and now I’m thinking I should, too. It looks sharp and provides a sturdy background for writing. But, I used mine all last year without it (on the heavier paper), so it’s not totally necessary. If you’re planning to hang it on a wall that is heavily textured, I’d definitely mount it though.

As far as hanging the calendar, I use Command Strips (they work whether you mount it to foam core or not). They’re sturdy and easy to use, and won’t damage the wall. It’s easy to move the calendar this way, too, if you find it needs a different home during the year. I have mine in my kitchen near the table…essentially where we spend 75% of our waking hours, it seems. We can look at our upcoming month during dinner, and right now, our upcoming year! It sparks fun convo around the table about where we might like to plan a visit, and it helps us see the times during the year when we don’t want to plan anything else.

Now, The Fun Part…Washi Tape

Probably the best part of this whole thing is picking out your washi tape. I’m like a kid in a candy store when it comes to office and craft supplies, and you can spend waaay too long down a rabbit hole of washi tape fun. I chose some thin washi in pretty shades with metallic shapes for this year. Choosing a thin washi tape allows for more room to write on the individual days or more room to implement the multi-color tape option.

Yes, ya'll! A year-at-a-glance calendar + washi tape coding = family planning bliss. We're so excited for travel- & project-planning fun in the new year.

My friend Carrie, who is a pro at this, uses a super-fun array of wider tape. (She uses this easy trick to get a clean edge on the tape: cut with a rectangular cheese knife!) The wide washi really allows you to visualize your trips and appointments and holidays throughout the year. I love how fun her 2018 calendar looked by the end of the year!

Yes, ya'll! A year-at-a-glance calendar + washi tape coding = family planning bliss. We're so excited for travel- & project-planning fun in the new year.

Yes, ya'll! A year-at-a-glance calendar + washi tape coding = family planning bliss. We're so excited for travel- & project-planning fun in the new tape | striped tape | colorful tape (similar)

More Fun Washi Tape and Calendar Accessories

If you’re local to Portland, Collage has a lovely selection of washi tape. If you’re not into washi tape, you can obviously use markers or simply pen to plan out your year, but if you are into fun accessories like we are, here ya go. I’m thinking I should’ve done this post before I ordered my tape! I’m dying over picturing some of these beautiful options on my wall, especially the watercolor set and the bold colors with gold accents. Gorg.

Please let me know if you try out this new option for planning. I’m so excited to finally be able to share this project of ours. You don’t know me much as the graphic designer around here, but it’s my long-time career and passion, and it’s fun to share that, too. Any time that I can help with planning our crazy lives I am so happy to do so. I hope this helps you visualize the year ahead that you want to see! I told Carrie today it just makes me want to put more trips on the calendar! So I shall!

Happy 2019, dear readers. Here’s to the best year yet for us all.


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  1. I’m trying to figure out where or how to get this printed locally (without spending like $90). Does Costco do prints this size? Because I am not finding good options at all.

  2. Any plans on making new font options? I LOVE this idea so much, but the font isn’t my favorite (or one that really matches my decor). Picky I know, but thought I’d ask.

  3. Staples seems to be $35….I’m going to see what else I can find – the near-college shops sometimes do better…chomping at the bit to get this up, I might end up spending! But just heads up that what you’ve got pictured might come with a varying price tag for some folks!

  4. This is a great idea, and really fun to see this side of Laura! I hope your graphic designer will come out more! I think I vaguely remember that you’ve mentioned this before, but when I saw the calendar all I thought was, that is one stylish calendar (and font). Now I know why!

  5. For those of you who are having a hard time with finding decent printing costs, you might look into the option of using “Engineering Prints” option from Staples. From what I understand, it’s for architects and such. They will be black and white only. Staples Canada has 24×36 Engineering Prints listed for $3. Not sure if it’s the same in US.

    I just called my local family run printing place and I asked for 24×36. Once I made it clear that it was black and white, I was quoted with $5.

  6. Just order a print online at Office Max and it was $3.39 before tax under their engineering prints. Thank you for making this available here Laura! I love being able to see the entire year all on one page!

  7. THANK YOU FOR THIS. My munchkin goes back and forth between homes and I love how we can see the whole year at once. It’s also stylish so I won’t mind hanging it up. Thank you for the background story, I don’t often hear about how other families with divorced parents do things so for once I didn’t feel so alone! I decided to go with the foam core mounting, I can’t wait for it to arrive 🙂

    • Hi this is for the 2020 version, so we removed that from Etsy recently! We do have the 2020-2021 academic version available now and the 2021 Yearly version will be out soon! Thanks for the remind to update the post though! Here’s the 2020-21 academic version:

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