Gift Guide For The Nintendo Switch Lover


If your little gamer (or big gamer for that matter) already has a Nintendo Switch™ and loves it, you’re in the right place. If your little “wanna-be gamer” is pleading with you for a video game system, and you’re still debating whether they are old enough or which system to go with, go HERE. I give a full explanation for why I think the Nintendo Switch is by far the best gaming system for kids in that post.

Now, back to you folks who are already proud Switch owners. I love putting together themed gifts for my kids (think one big package with lots of little packages inside, or sets of individual packages that all go together with a certain theme). If you have a Nintendo Switch™ lover in your household, this idea is SUPER easy. Fun gear, useful accessories, and plenty of random stuff they don’t need, but will love. Makes it simple to make anyone obsessed with Nintendo Switch™ VERY happy!

The Ultimate Gift Guide To All Things Nintendo Switch™

Shopping for the gamer obsessed with Nintendo Switch™? Us too. it's super-easy to bundle or create themed gift packages. Here's your list.

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The Basics: Nintendo Switch™ Consoles

Nintendo Switch™ Games We Play & Love

Nintendo Switch™ Games On Our Wishlist

Declare That Love: Cool Nintendo Apparel

Cool Gear: Accessories & Such

Get Off That Screen: Toys & Board Games

For Your Gamer On-The-Go

Read More About It: Nintendo Books

For Their Crafty Side: Nintendo Labo Kits

Random Stuff They Don’t Need, But Will Love

Happy Holidays and Happy Gifting! (Let’s hope Black Friday sales help us out)….May the gamers in your family happily game on!



    • Hi Marie. I would definitely go with the Switch. In my opinion, the Nintendo classic is more of a “vintage throw back” item for those of us who played a ton of Nintendo growing up. I think your kids might get bored with it more quickly and as they get older, especially if a lot of their friends have newer game systems, they’re going to want better graphics, newer games, etc, that can all be experienced on the Switch.

  1. My favorite thing to receive is a gift card, or a physical unopened copy of a major game I’ve been wanting. It really all depends on what they own. But I can almost guarantee that a gift card will be a solid option. There are tons and tons of great E-Shop games that you just can’t buy physical.

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