The Ultimate Holiday Style Shopping Guide For 2014 (For Glam, Yet EASY Chic)


Bring on the sparkle, Babes.  This holiday season is all about maximum embellishment, glitz and glam.

I don’t often talk about trends (really, they barely matter at all) but this is the year of “dressing dangerously” (thank you, Vogue) so the trend of Fancy-Fancy is on like King Kong.  So if you are excitedly pulling out your feather mini to pair with your sequin top and metallic bag….yay, you.  Rock it.

But if the very words “feather mini” strike fear in your heart, or if you aren’t quite sure if we’re even still talking about clothes (‘Is ‘feather mini’ a type of warbler or loon?)…keep reading, Bird Nerd.  We’ve got something for you.

Scotti and I pulled together a list of outfit-making pieces that can be easily incorporated into your existing wardrobe.  These pieces that will give your outfits some 2014-inspired razzle-dazzle.  We discussed and debated, edited and argued (we’re sisters after all) and managed to come up with a small list that even the most fashion-challenged can do.  But here’s the fun part:  Add one piece, or many.  (And pile ’em all on.)  You control the volume of your glam.  #turndownforwhat


1.  Faux Fur SOMETHING

Nothing screams I AM GLAMOROUS IN A ROCK STAR KIND OF WAY like faux-fur.  I wear my faux-fur scarf with everything, and my faux-fur jacket has saved many a winter-date-night outfit.

Featured: Anthropologie Faux-Fur Scarf, $58

2.   Glitter Accessories

Scotti and I both have glitter clutches, and while they’re perfect for adding a bit of sparkle to holiday outfits, we find that we wear ours all year long.   Mine dresses up tshirts and boyfriend jeans, or makes a little black dress more interesting.  My newest obsession?  GLITTER SHOES.  Shockingly versatile.

Featured:  Nina Glitter Clutch, $48

3. Sexy Tights

I love using lacey tights to sex-up a longer skirt (you can see a recent example here).  They can also be used to make your little black dress more interesting, or offset a plain skirt/sweater situation.  And I’m always asked about nylons.  So here’s a list of the legwear I’d turn to this holiday season:

  • Lacy, fishnet, sheer striped black
  • Nude fishnet
  • Sheer black
  • Thick, opaque black (not a sexy tight, but so practical)
  • Knit, sweater tights (not a sexy tight, but so practical)

Featured: Forever 21 Sheer Chevron Tights, $8

4. Fancy Pants

I’ve talked about fancy pants recently (under a cocktail dress), and for the jean-loving set, these things are holiday gold.  I’d go beyond the usual pair of brightly colored jeans, though.  Look for something that makes your heart beat fast.  BE PICKY.  If you find a pair of fancy pants in a pattern or texture that makes you swoon (like really, seriously I want you falling over or at the very least clutching your pearls) those are your pants.  Considering that the biggest trend is wear what you love (and has been for years), swoon-worthy, pearl-clutching, fancy pants will last long beyond the season.

My pearl-clutching pants are plaid.  Scotti’s are sequin.  (And that’s us in a nutshell.)

Featured: Joe’s Jeans Mid-Rise Skinny in Winter White Plaid, $218 (now 30% off!)…and sequin leggings are gone!!  Oh no!!  Try these instead.

5. Statement Jackets

If you really want a holiday outfit for the lazy, just wear your jeans, boots, sweater…and add a statement jacket.  Faux-fur is so glam, leather is just cool, but even an interesting blazer (I like tweed, Scotti likes sequin) can work.  Just like the fancy pants, BE PICKY.   And faux-fur jackets can be shockingly affordable.  (I haven’t been happy with faux-fur jackets under $50 because they all seem to shed like crazy – Forever 21 I’m looking at you – but ones in the $50 – $150 price range are awesome.  And when they go on sale?  GO NUTS.)

My faux-fur jacket is one of my most-used winter pieces.  (Well, that and all my turtlenecks.)

Featured: Anine Bing Moto Leather Jacket, $1099….Goodnight Macaroon Faux Fur Long Coat, $155

6.  Glam Skirt

These are exactly like fancy pants, but perfect for when you want to be a little more dressed up.  Glam skirts come in all lengths and textures, so like fancy pants, find one you love.  Then wear with everything.  (Mine is almost always worn with the thickest, warmest, fleece-lined black tights.)

Featured: ASTR Foiled Wrap Mini (40% off!)


Scotti and I will be spending the next couple of weeks on holiday style, working pieces like these into our existing wardrobes, so stay tuned.  For a little sneak-peek, here are a few combos we love:




Let’s Go Shopping

Ready for some shopping?  We’ve rounded up all of our favorite glitter accessories, faux fur, statement jackets, sexy tights, glam skirts and fancy pants.

NOTE:  There are SO many sales going on that MOST of these pieces are on sale.  However, you can’t always trust the price you see on mouse-over, you’ll have to click through to see the sale price.  (I tried to include info about the sales in the comments below, but got overwhelmed by some of the complicated, “spend $250 get blahblahblah off” sales.  SHOPBOP I’m looking at you.)

Happy shopping!


Outfit-Making Accessories


Fancy Pants


Glam Skirts


Statement Jackets


Happy Holidays!!!  SO thrilled we’re finally (already??) here.



ps.  Be sure to check out The Mom Edit’s Holiday Central.  We have gift guides, gift picks for the whole family, the best sale announcements, and all of our holiday style articles in one place. (And we’re updating it several times a day.)


  1. Rather than needing a holiday party outfit I need an outfit for a mother/son dance in January. The invite says cocktail party or church attire. Ummm……that seems like an awfully wide range of outfit choices. But the gold skirt from LOFT could be absolutely perfect! Thank you for so many great options! And you know, if mother/son dance attire is ever an idea for a blog post, you know I’ll read it and appreciate your ideas. 😉

  2. I need more photo ideas with the glam skirt — I have a black sequin mini. I’ve worn with a black drapey silk top, a navy chunky sweater and with a denim button down. I would love another direction — what kind of jacket/sweater/cardi can I pair with it?!

  3. Shana, I would LOVE if you could do a post on maternity wear for the holidays. Aside from Christmas and New Years, we also have a wedding coming up and I have had the hardest time finding a flattering dress to wear. Any help you could offer would be so appreciated!

  4. where would be a good place to look for xl or plus sizes of your statement jackets. My mother in law would love so many of these but none seem to be in her size.

  5. Love these ideas! I got a faux fur infinity scarf that was inspired by one of your posts and after letting it sit on the shelf for a year, I started wearing it and now grab it all the time. What was I waiting for? Time for another hit. I’m sure you saw this, but I thought this was another cute option. I’m looking for something longer, but I just keep going back to look at it…. Thanks for your ideas!

  6. I didn’t have this post yet when I was doing my Black Friday online shopping (for myself!) but definitely had you on my shoulder. I found some great stuff (and super deals) at JCrew Factory online for my holiday outfits. Plaid pants and skirts, sequin tops, sparkly heels. They arrived yesterday and are all great. Worth checking out! Trying to include a few links here, hopefully they work. Thanks for all your awesome posts lately!

  7. Great pieces. I love your ideas I have been trying to shop less and be creative with what I have. Your blog gives me great ideas. I had my husbands work holiday party for the 3rd year last night. The first year I stressed so much about what to wear. After going I realized there was such a range of what people wore (beaded gowns-holiday sweaters) I decided I could wear what I want. Last year a wore a sequin skirt but this year it was cold and wet. I wore a red and black plaid flannel shirt with black skinny dress slacks from banana and black glitter heals. I didn’t buy anything, was warm and totally me. All of the ladies in their furs and beaded ball gowns were envious.

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