The Unplugged Gamer: Gifts for the Guy Who Loves to Play


There are just some people who LOVE a little competition. And so we gift them games. All kinds of games for indoors (and some that work outdoors too)! Games they can play with friends and family, and a few they can distract themselves with when they are working from home and need a break….And then we beat them at their own game, and call it a win win!

Give all your guys something to do that’s fun and totally unplugged. Good things will come. And a winner will emerge…one always does! xoxo, AWhen it comes to gifts for guys who love competition — game on! Non-tech games offer serious family fun & screen time breaks. You're welcome.

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1/  Indoor Basketball Hoop: Love that this is Etsy. Love that it’s indoor, and gorgeous, and there were a few I struggled to choose from, but this is my overall favorite! We’re a ball-in-the-house kinda family. I grew up in one of those too. It’s liberating. Until you have to remind your kids that’s not the rule in everyone’s home. But for real, shooting hoops is a great screen break from work, and PIG, HORSE, and MOMRULES are awesome ways to settle most family disputes.

2/  Acrylic Chess Set:  My 6-year-old can almost legit beat all of us. Almost, my 10-year-old reminds me. Chess sits out. So it better be good looking. This one is for sure.

3/  Spalding Elevation Extreme 29.5″ Basketball: B/c if you are going to have an indoor hoop, you better have a baller ball for it.

4/  Poker Chip Set in Wooden Carousel Case: Works just as well for Go Fish and Black Jack, but once the kids realized we can play poker for real money…it was all game on. And now their only question is Stud or Draw?

5/  Anywhere Table Tennis Set with Paddles and Balls: No room for a full ping pong table? Any table works for table tennis. And for the most part, I find that ping pong balls don’t break everything else in the house when they fly out of bounds. No one in my house, nor S’s, can beat me at ping pong yet. Mike D likes to think he can. Not true, unless I’m in heels and on my third glass of wine. Then maybe….And fine, Jason actually can, straight-up. But not always. The kids though, will all be better off in college for the crazy obsessions of their parents. And they are all learning to wear kicks and drink water. Those are the tricks to taking this game, and probably most others. Life lessons through family competition and play — what’s better than that?

6/  Dartboard Wood Cabinet Game Set: You need to not care about your wall. Darts will dot your wall. Just embrace it for the sake of the fun! Which might be why my mother has one of these magnetic boards in her house instead.

7/  Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis: If you have the space and the budget….THIS. Just get one. They fold up to store, either in a basement or outside in your yard next to your fire pit and Loll chairs. And the reason I crush ping pong: we had one as kids, and I would just flip one side down and play myself…for hours on end. Much stress relieved, many problems solved, time killed well. And tell me this one isn’t easy on the eyes too, if your more of a fun + design kinda person.

8/  Barrington 56 Inch Evanston Foosball Soccer Table with Steel Legs: This is another one I grew up with. I still can’t beat my brothers at foosball, but I try. AJ had one. And then our stuff went into storage. And now he doesn’t. But he will again one of these, promise kiddo. Am I crazy mom b/c it’s almost easier to get and assemble a new one than to go get his out of storage? Probably.

Game on = Happier Holidays. Promise.


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