The more I think about it, the more Amazon Handmade is turning out to be my favorite haunt for gifts. If you’re anything like me, birthdays are blindsiding (no shame in my last-minute game) and prepping for a housewarming, baby shower or retirement party just isn’t in the cards. Though we’re kiiind of amazing at showing up and “bringing the party” — enter Pax creating his own dance floor anywhere we go — sometimes bringing the party just isn’t enough.

…Thank GOD it’s enough for our group of friends, though. Love you guys.

For everything that’s not a casual fun Friday, or for when I can’t swing by everyone’s favorite French patisserie for dessert, I Amazon.

Whether you live for the last-minute like us (most of these are Prime-able) or you like to stock-up and never show up empty-handed, here are some of my very favorite Amazon Handmade finds that are 20% off to Prime-members now through July 17. It’s basically like Prime Day came early this year! Now if only these came wrapped…(actually, many artisans do offer gift boxes or wrapping #yasss).

For the Host or Hostess

Drippy Glaze Bud Vase | $35.99

These “drippy” ceramics are some of the best things on sale. I love the not-too-precious glaze. This vase is the perfect little thing to just throw on a windowsill and not feel like it’s a major decor commitment.

Drippy Glaze Tapered Mug | $43.99

Just a pretty little mug to make your morning coffee that. much. happier. These could make for a seriously good house- or apartment-warming gift, especially in a set. Fill them up with these heavenly caramels if you’re really feeling on the ball.

Drippy Ceramic Bud Vase | $35.99

Another kinda quirky-yet sweet-little vase. I’d like a couple of these on my bedside tables.

Drippy Ceramic Bowl | $39.99

 It’s like a little piece of art right on the kitchen table. #thingsthatmakemehappy

Alice in Wonderland Art Print | $9.99

Alice in Wonderland will forever be one of my favorites…try the reimagined Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland book for stunning interpretation by contemporary artists from around the world, then pair it with this sweet print (which is also 50% off).

Crystal Soap | $36.00

Each soap contains a real crystal gemstone and its own card detailing the healing power of the soap and crystal. Believer or not…this is just a fun one.

‘Oh Kale No’ Tea Towel (similar)| $9.60

Punny tea towels are pretty much all I ever want as a gift, ever. I’ve started this little collection above but other hilarious sayings like ‘I’m Kind of a Big Dill‘ and ‘Oh Kale No‘ are now on sale!

Foodie Dice® | $19.20

These remind me of Laura. I can see her creative wheels turning to cook up something amazing all  Chopped-style. Snag these for a friend who’s always down to host the group dinner party.

Dinner Meal Planning Notepad | $11.16

I love to sit down and plan out our meals for the week…HAHA — yeah right — this is for Linzi. 

Pretty Things Jewelry Dish | $11.99

This dish is a sweet and easy gift for anyone who appreciates….well, pretty little things. Try it for a newly engaged couple.

For The Jewelry Fiend

White Opal Choker | $24.00

I’m a sucker for a delicate little choker, and this little gold number with the white opal piece looks much more expensive than it is. This is a fool-proof gift for a girlfriend’s birthday or a similar event.

Handmade Silver Choker | $17.60

Barely there. Goes with everything. Done. I may even get this one for myself while it’s on sale. So gorgeous.

Turquoise Beads Bar Necklace |$23.20

This one isn’t quite a choker, but I like that it doesn’t feel too fancy. I’d pack this one for the shore. I have a few nieces I know that I could easily impress with this, too.

Minimal Long Rose Gold Plated Bar Dangle Earrings | $12.00

Oooh — these simple dangle earrings are a great medium between basic studs, and all-out statement earrings (something I rarely wear). If you know someone who likes to get dressy, but keeps it a little more low-key, these rose gold stunners are a great find.

Marble Pattern Stud Earrings | $14.40

So into the earrings in this sale, and I couldn’t resist including these studs. So pretty.

Linear Bar Earrings | $20.00

These sleek, sophisticated studs could easily pass for the good stuff. Plus, they match anyone’s style.

Rope Bracelet | $22.90

I think A would be over the moon if I randomly showed up with adult-ish friendship bracelets for the two of us. Why not, right?

For the Little Buddies

The picks below are all Linzi…we just happened to notice they’re included in the sale. If you haven’t already, read her article on Unique Second Baby Gifts all from Amazon Handmade. She’s made a seriously strong case for silly little washcloth monsters and special wooden toys…

Monster Bath Washcloth | $12.80

Linzi had the idea of ordering this crazy guy + his green counterpart below with some nice baby bath soap for a unique and useful bath set gift. Love.

Monster Bath Washcloth | $15.20

The cutest one-eyed creature I ever did see. If you’re gifting siblings, try the set of 4 here. We’re all about doubling the fun.

Oak Leaf Wooden Lacing Toy | $9.59

Linz also mentioned these lacing toys in her latest, Flying with Kids: What to Pack in the Kid Bag. Although it’s technically made for toddlers, older kids could get into it too (especially on a trip).

Maple Leaf Wooden Lacing Toy | $7.99

Another great point Linzi made about these toys is that they’re lightweight. Toss them in a bag, pack them for the plane, and you’ll have one happy Mama.


So now that gifts are covered, let’s party!



A huge thank you to Amazon for sponsoring this post. We’re big, huge fans of Amazon (oh hey, Prime shipping!). As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are completely my own. And readers, thank you for your continued support. It doesn’t go unnoticed and is so very much appreciated.

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