The Very Best Swimsuits For Post-Partum (2015 Edition)


Hey there, Mama!  Dreading swim season?  I hope not.  There’s nothing more bonding and connecting and amazing than spending long summer days at the beach (or pool) with your kiddos.  There’s just something about a little water, a little sand….add in kids (and bubbles) and you’ve got a pretty magical combination.  The last thing anyone wants to do is miss out on the fun by stressing over how we look.

One approach is to – unapologetically – let it all hang out.  We’ve earned these bodies, Mamas.  They have done amazing, miraculous things.  There is no doubt that our soft bellies and c-section scars and well-used breasts should be celebrated.  And if you are in this camp, I APPLAUD YOU.  Go, Mama.

But if you’d like a tiny bit of help in this department, if you’re all I Am Mother Hear Me Roar (But Also Yes To Strategically Ruched Swimsuits)….then this article is for you.

Post-partum bodies come in all shapes and sizes and I define “post-partum” verrrrrrry broadly.  Like….years, even.  Or heck – EVER.  I think if you’ve ever had a baby you can claim post-partum.

So.  The best way to disguise a post-partum pooch in a swimsuit (whether 10 weeks out or 10 years) is to try one of these tricks:

1. Ruching (also see it action here)

2. Blouson or Peplum

3. Plunge Neckline

4. Color-blocking

5.  Distract with pattern


You can see all of these strategies at work in our old article, Postpartum Swim:  10 Tips To Hide The Post-Baby Belly.

2015 Favorite One-Piece Swimsuits For Post-Partum Mamas




1.  Sirens Swimwear in French Navy Polka-Dot, $189 AU

This Australian brand makes some of the sexiest vintage-inspired swimwear I’ve ever seen.  Their entire line is fantastic, and their real-sized models are gorgeous and a refreshing change from the norm.  My fav is this navy polka-dot suit, but there are a ton of gorgeous options.  The only issue is that Australia is heading into winter, so stock is a bit low in some suits.

2. Gottex One-Piece Bandeau in Azalea, $118

There’s no reason that a post-partum Mama has to stick to black (and in fact, I think a bright color is a more youthful choice).  This suit has both tummy control panels and ruching, as well as sewn-in cups in the bust.  It’s been endorsed by larger-busted reviewers, and also comes in a slightly longer swimdress version.

3. Albion Fit Antigua Floral Icon Swimsuit, $128

I LOVE the glamourous one-shoulder neckline.  This modern cut, combined with a pretty floral print and strategic ruching make this stunner perfect for post-partum.



4. LOFT Beach Blouson One-Piece Suit, $89

LOFT is KILLING IT in swim this year.  And this seriously cool, sophisticated print conjures up images of Havana nights rather than dowdy old mums – wear with a fedora and big shades.  Seriously OMG.

5. Ondademar One-Piece Printed Plunge, $228

This suit won’t be for everyone, but it’s nothing short of AMAZING how well a deep plunge distracts from a post-partum pooch. Add in the tie-waist belt and pattern?  Solid gold, baby. (Or, uh, grayish/black/white.  Whatever.)

6. Eberjay Midnight Maillot, $159

Yay!  It’s navy!  Here’s why this works:  the plunge distracts, the navy slims just like black (but feels fresher for summer) and the little string under the bust helps to support the girls.  I know it’s crazy, but my dear friend M (longtime readers remember M) wore a suit like this to Mexico when she was VERY post-partum and rocked it.  Try it!  You never know…..



7.  Seafolly Field Trip Maillot, $158

This suit gets RAVE reviews from post-partum Mamas.  I love how this romantic floral suit still manages to exude a tomboyish, playful vibe.  One of my favs.

8. Modcloth Bathing Beauty One-Piece Swimsuit in gingham, $90

This suit comes in a zillion colors and prints, and has seriously glowing reviews from post-partum mamas and busty gals alike.  My favorites are the gingham (a nod to the vintage style), or the red-and-white stripes.  So pin-up girl good.

9.  Kortni Jeane Bra-Cup Top, $69 and  Peplum Bottoms, $35

A reader gave me a head’s up about this seriously cool boutique brand.  You can pick from a wide range of tops and high-waisted bottoms to create your perfect suit.  I love all of the different models used (you can really see what the suits will look like on), and the combo of a peplum top AND bottom would be seriously great post-partum.


Now these are just my favs.  There’s a TON of other options, picked specifically for post-partum Mamas (or anyone with a softer tum) in The Mom Edit’s Swim Shop.

And let us know if you’ve found a perfect post-partum suit!  We’d LOVE to hear (or see if you want to send a pic).




  1. I have the Seafolly in bright pink (last season) and the thing I like best about it is that I don’t have to “manage” my bikini line!!! I’ve got enough things to manage! 🙂
    The only thing I don’t like about it is that the care instructions literally said not to expose it to sun, chlorine, or lotions. I laughed out loud. And yes, it did fade, but not enough for me to not wear it again this year.

  2. As a very busty but smaller framed mama I’ve had success with buying swimwear online from lingerie focused websites like BareNessities. They have some really cute swimsuits that have great support inside because they are made by the lingerie brands themselves. Lots of styles too, and true bra sizing in a range of sizes.

    • is the BEST place to find suits for those of us that NEED bra-sized swimwear
      I wear a 32F and halters KILL my neck, but I find it’s hard to find a semi-reasonably priced bathing suit or bikini top that has any kind of support that isn’t a halter and DON’T look like a grandma bra made of swim material

  3. So I’m in Kauai on vacation right now, and literally 90% of the other ladies are just letting it all hang out. Like I feel prudish in my boy shorts and bikini top skimpy. When did the bottoms get so cheeky? Am I just old? I like more coverage since I’m bending over picking up babies a lot, and I like a rash guard for the sun protection. But after I sat next to a bad ass older lady going topless I kind of got over my body hang ups. And who can feel any kind of self consciousness breastfeeding when there are topless people nearby? Free the nipple!

    I do want to try the seafolly suit, things are (surprisingly) a bit more covered up in Northern California. Looks great for summers at the swimming lake.

  4. I love my Esther Williams retro one-piece but it got damaged and I recently replaced it with a budget suit from Target –

    Anything halter/adjustable is my friend with 34D natural, post-baby boobs and this suit has boning and halter which gives decent support (and is cinched at the center so no peekaboo). We’ll see how it last for the summer but for now it’s a decent pick.

  5. Amazing picks. These swimsuits are perfect for the post-partum period. Being a mama with a heavier bust, I am more of a fan of the bralette bikini top styled bikinis as they provide me with ample support and also I don’t have to let go of the bikini completely. I personally don’t like to wear tankinis much. The best part today is that I can easily get a complete collection of all style of swimwear online at stores like dollboxx.

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