The Voloshin X TheMomEdit Collection Is On Sale (with a secret code, just for you)


It’s mid-August already. I know some people have already started looking ahead to Fall with their talk of boots and sweaters and such (Laura, I’m looking at you), but SHHHHHhhhhh. These last few weeks of August are actually my favorite part of summer. This is when we typically slow down for reals — no summer camps, any sense of schedule has long been gone, and my kids have adjusted to staying up late by sleeping in. These are typically the weeks we travel — even if it’s just a visit to the shore.

Besides, in Philadelphia at least, the days are too hot and humid to do much more than visit some fountains and eat ice cream. (This will likely last until Halloween.)

So to celebrate the last few weeks of summer (and the never-ending heat), we’re running a little sale on our exclusive Voloshin X The Mom Edit collection! Take 25% off of everything with code TME25. Code is valid until August 20th.  

Since sizes are super-limited (we’re almost sold out you guys — I can’t thank you enough for the support!!), we still recommend buying multiple sizes and returning the sizes that didn’t work. I also recommend sizing up one size in the pants and shorts  I finally got around to trying on the size smalls (I had the XS), and they’re SO insanely soft and comfortable — I like them a bit slouchy. 

We’re getting on a plane on Friday — headed for Sicily — and know what I’ll be wearing on the flight? 

THIS (but with sneakers):

Right now is THE perfect time to order Voloshin X TheMomEdit clothing (w/ a discount). Fair trade cotton, sustainable, comfy, chic — worth it.


Cause it looks cute but feels like pajamas. I’ll probably bring the navy set along too…to actually sleep in because it’s that comfortable (and will still look fine for those early-morning coffee runs).

Oh! Before I forget: The pants and shorts were also just marked down today…so the TME25 can be applied on top of that markdown. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Cheers to a long (and ever-so-slightly lazy) summer.




  1. I love the striped pants- I’ve been looking for a lightweight pant that has the same feeling of white pants but isn’t white- if that makes sense at all. I’m 5’9, so I’m afraid they may be too short for that perfect slouch. Shana, did you hare your pants hemmed ? Thanks!!

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