The Warmest Boots We’ve Tried: Moon Boots


In a discussion about boots that the team is currently crushing on (or pulling out of the closet/slipping our feet into already), we agreed that Moon Boots are at the top of our list for this winter – solely because they were such winners in past winters. And maybe because the prints and colors this year are SO GOOD. Example: this blue, this stripe, and this shearling. Ahhhh.

The Warmest Your Feet Will Ever Be: Moon Boots

A few of us own and love ’em already, so we wanted to give you our takes on these big, puffy, warm-as-hell boots. We kind of swear by these things for freezing temps and a whole lotta snow. Oh, and they are wide-calf friendly. And REALLY dang cute. Prepare to be mind-blown.

Moon Boots in snow

shop low Moon Boots:

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Moon Boots: Shana’s Take

So I’ve tried some fancy Canadian boot brands that swore they were the warmest – and none have been nearly as warm as my Moon Boots. Controversial, I know, but consider this a firm recommendation. Their performance in sub-20-degree temps is phenomenal. Like, seriously good. Don’t wait until ski season to snag these because they can and will sell out really fast. Really freaking comfortable post-skiing, too.


Moon Boot Classic Faux Fur Snowboots (use code SAKSGCSF for a $50 gift card)

Moon Boots: Scotti’s Take

Scotti in black Moon Boots in snow

Since I live in Marquette, one of the coldest and snowiest places in the country, I’ve tried A LOT of winter boots…and none of them can compete with the warmth of the Moon Boots. They’re hands-down my favorite boots for snow and cold. Last year I added this pair to my collection and this year I see they’ve come out with a fully waterproof version–although most styles are water-repellant, it might be nice to have a pair that can even go through I deep puddles…


Moon Boot Icon Glance Water Repellent Boot

Moon Boots: Kat’s Take

Kat in black tall Moon Boots in snow

I love how cool Moon Boots are and IMO they have been making serious waves all over social media for the past few years now. Not only do they give all the cool girl vibes, they are also hella comfy and are one of the few boots that actually keep your feet warm in uber cold temps. Oh and the icing on the cake is that the tall pair fit my very wide calves!


left: Moon Boot Icon Lace-Up Boots | right: Moon Boot Classic Faux Fur Snowboots (use code SAKSGCSF for a $50 gift card)

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Go try ’em out and prepare to be amazed (and really, really warm).


Team TME

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  1. Can anyone advise on sizing if your foot doesn’t fall in the middle of one of their sizes? I wear a Euro 35 (36 if wearing thick winter socks), have narrow feet, and I’m afraid the size 35-38 is going to be way too big even with thick socks. I just can’t imagine how the same shoe could fit a size 35 and a size 38…

  2. Kat says: “The foam forms to your foot, so it does actually work! My assitant and I have 2 very different size feet I wear an 8.5 and she wears a 10 and we’ve tried each others and they fit us both.”

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