The Zelfusion Jacket by Zella Girl (for the little girl that likes to move, but also insists on keeping it girly)



Mads is…errr…funny about clothes. They either “puuuuwwl, mama”, are “toooo tight” or my favorite…”they gimme a wedgiiiiiiie“. The girl would run around in her undies at all times if she could, provided they are princess undies. I mean, she must exhibit some bit of modesty and decorum. I just make sure to keep a good stock of leggings and loose-fitting tops on hand. GOD FORBID I forget to throw in a load of laundry and she’s only left with real jeans. gasp. gasp x 100.

It follows that the same goes for outerwear. She’s not a fan of coats, hats…gloves or…oh, anything that keeps you warm. She tried to go outside with bare feet and a princess dress on the other day…and it was 40 degrees out. Yep. She definitely likes to be free and unrestrained.

I can appreciate her less-is-more attitude, but it isn’t exactly helpful when it comes to dressing her for real life – like school, where she is required to wear more than undies and a princess tiara. sigh. I know, Mads. It’s a crazy demanding world out there. So, that said, I was excited that she got the chance to try on Zella Girl’s ‘Zelfusion’ Quilted Jacket for size. Excited, but slightly skeptical – not being sure (at all) if she’d be a fan, considering it’s an article of clothing you actually have to wear (crazy). It was left to be seen…






We decided that the best way to test out something as important as this was to go on a mama/Maddie outing in our quaint little downtown area (there’s a cute little French cafe. There are chocolate croissants. ‘Nuf said). Well, it turns out that Maddie can stand to wear this jacket(!). Not only that, she was actually really excited about wearing it…especially about having thumbholes. That she would even consider putting her thumbs through little holes…is crazy. (I may have over-emphasized how coooooool they were over and over again as I was putting the jacket on her. ha ha.)

I could see her taking it all in as I was putting it on her, considering not being okay with it and then it’s like she decided to totally own the jacket. She strutted around in it all over town, as if she knew she was wearing a really cool jacket. With the coolest thumbholes known to man.

As I was snapping away, she kept making all of these silly faces and putting on an accent (which is a sure sign that Mad’s is happy) and even said at one point, “here’s a pose for ya” as she smirked and placed herself just so. Ba-ha!











jacket: Zella Girl ‘Zelfusion’ Quilted Jacket – great jacket for a kid. It felt very comfortable and warm enough for a chilly day (it was high 40’s here). Of course, layering a sweater underneath will take the jacket further into Winter-type weather. The real winning quality of this jacket is that it allows for a gal to move and be her fly princess self. All day. From school to home to play. I like the idea of a little sweater dress and leggings underneath it, too. Next time! We’ll see if Maddie will allow it. 😉

top: Tucker + Tate High/Lo thermal top (sold-out), but this High/Low Top with a heart is very similar…as is this very cute Animal Print Sweatshirt or this striped peplum top with the heart – all are cute and comfy looking.

bottoms: Tucker + Tate ‘Sadie’ Jeggings – so…real jeans just aren’t Mad’s thing. We do a lot of jeggings…and this particular pair has a very real jean look to them. I also got her these leggings, by the way. I also had my eye on these printed leggings/active pants. How cool…and I totally would try to get Mads to wear them under dresses and skirts. There are never too many pairs of leggings, in Mad’s opinion.

shoes: Nike ‘Flex Experience 4’ Running Shoe – or “Frozen” shoes, as Maddie dubbed them. They have snowflakes on them, so…she knows what she’s talking about. haha. I love Nike sneakers for kids. No laces to tie, just velcro…which means they can put them on easily during the morning rush to get to school on time. Mads doesn’t wear much else during the week.

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The girl has got enough sass stored up already to last her a lifetime.

She cracks me up.



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  1. My 4 year old daughter has sensory issues. Clothing has always been a problem. We found the solution! All Zella all the time! I think thE thumb holes comfort her.

  2. For the comfort-loving dress-wearing small people, we love the mini rodini basic dress with pockets. It’s essentially a T-shirt but in dress length with big patch pockets. Super comfy and practical. Currently my 4-year-old’s favourite.

  3. Haaa, my four-year-old daughter won’t wear jeans either. Leggings ONLY. Jeggings are even a negotiation — she’ll maybe consent to wear them once a week, if that often. That’s a pre-schooler for you!

  4. I don’t know, I don’t think the post is underwhelming, if anything I’ve been so impressed by TME just cranking out post after post this holiday season, all of them really helpful and fun. Thank you guys for your hard work! I totally want to buy this jacket for my neice.

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