These Jeans Solved All My (Perimenopausal) Problems


Do you ever feel like jeans are just squishing all of the organs in your body? Yeah, Laura too. (And girl, I feel you!). But admittedly, we’re all jeans kinda people over here, so something’s gotta give. 

As our bodies change over time, sometimes the clothes we wanna wear shift with it. Whether it’s perimenopause symptoms or weight fluctuations or whatever it may be, our clothes will always need to work for our bodies, not vice versa. I find myself wearing completely different styles depending on the time of month and where my hormones are at. When it comes to jeans, this is even more true. So, Laura did the dirty work for us and found THE pair of denim jeans that work for all of these conundrums.

Finding Denim Gold: These Jeans Solve Everything

For a quick rundown — Laura is in her 40’s, straight-waisted and has a short torso. Jeans have not in fact been her best friend recently, but as a denim lover she’s been committed to finding the perfect pair. And…she did it, people! Dare she even say she found the pair with the most magical fabric blend. Music to my ears, truly. 

In our latest Youtube video, Laura goes through her criteria, the fabric, fit and how she’s been styling these jeans. You might even get a quick and easy solution to those hem lengths. (Hint: it’s just a simple, fool-proof tool). 

Psst — curious about the jeans Laura tries on? You can find this latest video here on our Youtube channel. Just click “More” in the description and you’ll find allll of the shopping links.


Danielle & Laura

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