Ok Gang….I’m ready to focus on some fun.  Perhaps it’s because my mom is coming to visit in a week or so (yay, Mom!), perhaps it’s because we leave TOMORROW for Utah (3 days skiing, 3 days hiking in Arches), or perhaps it’s just because Raines’ science fair project is done, Pax’s planet is made and the post-project high is contagious.

And let’s not forget that our new contributor rocks.  Are you guys as excited about Tiarra as I am?  I’ve been online stalking that poor girl since our first style challenge.  (And guess what? She can write, too. YAS.)

Ok.  Onto the usual nonsense.

BTW.  The PJs I’m wearing in the pic above are from Sundry (link to the top, and bottom).  I had put them up on my IG (@shanachristine) and a bunch of you wanted links. Size up in the bottoms, though.  (I’m wearing a 1/small in the bottoms, a 0/xs in the top.)

THE BEST purple lipstick for Spring.  I’ve been drooling over the lipstick that my friend Ara has been wearing…it’s the most beautiful shade of not-scary purple I’ve ever seen.  She are her daughter are both addicted – it’s multi-generational.  Anyway, Ara just waltzed into dance class this morning with a tube just for me, and it perked up even my tired, no-makeup face.  Ara is from Columbia, and it looks just as good on her tan skin as it does on my pale one.  Good job, Revlon.

Slides I’ll actually wear.  I just ordered these UGG sandals in black…..and they’re everything I hoped they would be (and made up for these disappointing Lucky booties that rubbed my ankles uncomfortably).

Baby’s got a new pair of jeans. Bloomingdales is offering 25% off all denim (if you buy two pairs).  Our full selection of recommended jeans are in this week’s Weekly Sales Report (and don’t forget to consult our handy jean chart)….but here are my favs:


Hey Philly – a sample sale you don’t want to miss!  Voloshin, one of my favorite local designers (featured here), have teamed up with a bunch of other local designers and they’re doing a sample sale this weekend.  Prices will be 40-90% off retail!  More deets here.

A 21st Century understanding of race….tells us that the whole thing is a human invention with “no genetic or  scientific basis,” according to this National Geographic article on fraternal twins.  Not only do the twin girls featured totally underscore this point…but they’re kiiiiind of adorable.

March For Our Lives is tomorrow.  Are you guys participating?  This march is to demand that lawmakers prioritize the safety of our children, and end gun violence and mass shootings in our schools. If we weren’t going to be getting on a plane tomorrow, we’d march in Philadelphia.  Speaking of sister marches….the March For Our Lives website can help you find the closest sister march…and there are currently 840 of them worldwide.  Just looking at that map gives me hope.

The winner of our monthly $200 gift card giveaway is……  Gillian H – congrats chick!!  Look for an email from us.  Want to be entered to win next month?  It’s easy – just sign up for our daily newsletter.  The newsletter is nothing scary – we’ll let you about new posts that day, as well as some newsletter-only editor picks and sales alerts. We’re really focusing on the newsletter because we can’t control what new post alerts Facebook chooses to show our followers (even if you’ve liked our page).

Have a good weekend, gang.  Wish me luck packing….(UGH).



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Shana founded The Mom Edit in 2008. She lives with the love of her life (his name's Mike) and their two crazy boys in downtown Philadelphia. She loves a good styling challenge (her engineering side shows eventually), appreciates kindness, and usually picks scotch over wine, sneakers over stilettos, and shorts known as denim-underwear, always.

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  1. So disappointed to not make the march in Philly either.

    On a different topic, would you guys consider adding an “everything” column? Somewhere where readers could just scroll down all the posts as they are added, the way you used to post before?. Scrolling by theme is too time-consuming, and I keep missing some of your posts.(I hope it’s OK to leave this feedback in a comment). Thanks from this long time reader.

  2. I think we have to break up, Shana, and I’m pretty sure you won’t care anyway. Why are you so eager to ostracize long time, loyal readers by bringing in your weekly political comments? I have been reading you since you were Ain’t No Mom Jeans. I did not march at this DNC/ Planned Parenthood sponsored event. The Parkland students were utterly and completely failed by their local law enforcement and bad policy that kept the shooter out on the streets. Why not march for the removal of every police officer that either slept or cowered through that attack? Most kids do not understand the horrors that a government can inflict on its unarmed citizenry and apparently, either do you.

    • Ugh. Really? Shana has a fantastic, positive attitude that puts a smile on my face everytime she posts a blog entry. Your negativity (and I’m not even going to address your creepy blame game posing as politics) is the pits.

      • Kelly, how great for you, I’m glad she puts a smile on your face. I wish you WOULD address what “creepy blame game” you are referring to that has you feeling so down.
        I hope you are not doubting that there were cowards who did not engage the shooter. Or that Obama’s terrible policy is what kept him out of the justice system despite being reported to the police and FBI almost 40x? I also hope you are not doubting that disarming the citizenry has been the modus of many a tyrannical dictator as well. If all of this is not ringing any bells for you I am almost jealous that you are so naive. Almost.

        • What does Obama have to do with a police officer hiding from a gunman? How can you pin that, of all things, on the former president?

  3. Those ugg slides! I’ve been stalking them for ages. They are comfy? Do they need a break in period? Do they hold your foot in well?

  4. I’m not a mom, but I am a long-time reader, and I really appreciate it when you use your platform for social commentary. It adds to the substance of your blog and it feels brand consistent with sharing so much of the rest of your life. It was great going to our local march this weekend and seeing so many people who believe that our country should and can change.

  5. Shana, is your strategy to keep my comment in limbo, awaiting your moderation, until we all move on to the next shiny thing? It kills me that Lindsay’s comment is just hanging there without my follow up despite submitting it yesterday (especially because she completely misread what I said).

    I don’t want to think you are censoring me because what I said *might* be the truth. I really, really hope it’s not that, just that you are very busy.

  6. Wow! Poof, it’s gone entirely. On my end my comment doesn’t even say “waiting moderation” anymore. So sad. Bye, my friend. This is very, very bad.

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