This Might Be The Most Gorgeous Dress I’ve Ever Worn


There’s something about a really great dress. The kind that as you slip on, you….transform, ever so slightly. I find myself standing up straighter, my glances flirtier, a happy spring in my step. A truly great dress — which I define as both beautiful and comfortable — is just pure, unadulterated, sartorial joy.

Money can’t buy happiness, but I’ll take a dose of sartorial joy now and again. Especially when this one comes courtesy of Amy Voloshin, a local Philadelphia designer (and a really inspiring, cool chick).

I stopped by the Voloshin studios a few weeks ago (you can take a tour of her gorgeous studio and learn more about her process, here) and I tried on alllll the dresses, in prep for our upcoming trip. I created a little pile of all of the pieces I loved (oh hey, EVERYTHING)….and then, at the very end, tried on this stunning, printed maxi dress. I had been worried that the print would overwhelm, but instead it was one of those rare unicorn dresses — comfortable and beautiful and somehow I looked like I had been born to wear this dress.

So….I brought it to the shore. And wore it out to dinner and to the beach and around the little beach town because…why not? Why turn down joy when it’s right there hanging in your closet? I don’t believe in saving anything for a special occasion (fellow cancer survivors everywhere are nodding their heads) and this dress and I both deserve to play.

The only thing better than sartorial joy? Sartorial joy on sale. Amy just offered up 10% off her entire line (yup, EVERYTHING on Voloshin’s site) to our readers. Use code MOMEDITBONUS until 8/1 for this insanely sweet offer..and do me a favor and get this dress:

The Most Gorgeous Dress


Dress – wearing size XS/S | Bag | Shoes (also available on amazon) | Bracelet

A Few More Gorgeous Voloshin Pieces

It turns out that Voloshin is having a sale right now, so I thought I’d highlight a few more pieces that are perfect for summer travels…or a jolt of sartorial joy. You pick.

Voloshin Talita Dress

This dress is 100% cotton with a drawstring waist (that looks good cinched or loose) and adjustable straps. I like the neckline low and loose — this one is surprisingly sexy.  It’s been amazing on our 90 degree days…and I’ll be wearing it this Fall over a t-shirt.

Dress (on sale!) – wearing size small | Bag | Shoes (also available on amazon) | Bracelet


Voloshin Evora Gauze Romper

This one is breezy and cute – and so fun to wear.

Romper– xs | Sandals | Bag | Bracelet

That sartorial joy, man. It’s intoxicating.




  1. I can’t speak about Voloshin but I never “hand” wash anything – My machine’s delicate cycle has always been fine for my cotton stuff, and I put it in a lingerie bag first if I’m really worried. It’s the ironing after that always kills me!

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