If you follow me on Instagram (@shanachristine), you know that I ordered this jumpsuit on a whim.  I had low expectations – I’m so short that jumpsuits always end up pooling at my ankles, like a shrinking Alice after drinking from the bottle.  Annoying.  I could almost drown myself in a pool of tears.

But Madewell offers it in XXS (which, I figured, has got to mean length – how skinny can one make a loose-fitting jumpsuit?), and intriguingly describes the material as “extra-special noil silk (often referred to as “raw”) that gives it a nubby, oh-so-touchable texture.”

Clicky-click.  Bought.





In a desperate attempt to Make the Best of The Weather, I wore the romper out Saturday night.  We were aimless, Saturday night, the kids whiney and tired and I….well….grumpy is the nicest way to put it.  Mike was coming up with his usual terrible suggestions (really, the man only has two that he puts on repeat:  “we could play a board game….how about the park?”) and my ONE requirement was that we GetOUT of TheHOUSE.

We were at an impasse.  Glaring death-rays at my husband, I sat there in a snit, waiting for him to mention ‘board games’ one. more. time.  He, of course, was completely oblivious to his impending peril, and opened his mouth to make another suggestion…..

“Babe?” he started.

My eyes narrowed.  He rolled his.  “I was actually thinking about….oysters and martinis?”

[the sounds of S swooning and falling to the floor]


God, I love this man.





We don’t normally make our kids sit under the table, but desperate times, you guys….


Pub and Kitchen (one of our fav hang out spots in Philly) has been ridiculously accommodating with our little ones – they even have an informal kids menu if you ask – but when they’re packed (and they were PACKED at 7PM on Saturday night), we stick to the bar.  Their bar area has these insanely big windows that are just the right size for little bums to sit.



After, the rain had stopped.  But truthfully, one martini and the best oysters in the city down (no joke – they got a guy)….we were good.  Alllll better.




Outfit Details

jumpsuit: Madewell Mirasol Fringed Jumpsuit (on sale!!!!  Also on sale at Nordstrom, too.  Wearing an XXS for reference.  On Instagram, someone wanted to know if the straps get untied easily:  NO.  They hold up nicely – not nearly as precious as they look.)

raincoat:  Everlane Anorak c/o (size xs for reference)

sandals:  Born Stephane c/o (only metallics left – but I found the black at Nordstrom – size up.)

backpack: Ecoalf (sustainably made from recycled materials) – mine is old, here’s a similar one.

umbrella: MOMA Sky Umbrella

necklace: Gorjana Mini Taner


You know what this romper reminds me of?  Hatch Collection.  But non-maternity (and a fraction of the cost).

Anyway, stay dry you babes.  And if any of you are actually experiencing nice weather….don’t tell me.  At least not until I’ve had my oysters and martini.




  1. Ok I just bought my first jumpsuit. It’s Athleta and the photo on the website does it no justice. It has a cool low back but the straps stay put so no fear of accidental flashing. I have worn it dressed down with flip flops and up with funky shoes. (By the way any chance of a funky date night shoe round up, ones that are still relatively walkable in?) Anyway, as for the jumpsuit I am 5ft 5″ and the sales person said this one does seem to sit better on shorter people. I like how slouchy it looks but that I can smarten it up if I want. Husband thinks it just looks like a tank tucked into trackies but that’s why he doesn’t hate it lol. Link here for anyone interested:

  2. Ooooooh I have such jumpsuit envy right now! So many pooch-hiding possibilities after baby#3 arrives in June, but I just know every time I put one on I will be baby wearing a sleeping baby…and have to pee. Just can’t do it 🙁 But I LOVE it!

    • Ha! That would be a feat. Babywearing and peeing are not very compatible in general, but throw a jumpsuit in the mix…

  3. Wait, when did your hair get so long ?! And I love the jumpsuit!!! I can’t bring myself to wear one though….they’re so cute on everyone else but as soon as I put one on I feel like I’m wearing pajamas …. Though I did just buy a jean romper so we’ll see maybe I’ll get over it!!

  4. Arrrgh. I love a good jumpsuit, but now this one is marked final sale on Madewell and isn’t on sale at Nordstrom. What’s a mama to do?

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