Thoughts From An Anthropologist on Glitter, Rebranding, and Whether I’m Selling Out


Mom Edit 4


My friend Brent over at Urban Field Notes (and the guy who took The Mom Edit launch pics) just published an article about the shoot.  If you don’t know Urban Field Notes, Brent is actually an Anthropology professor at Drexel who decided to study street style blogging….by starting his own blog.  And?  It’s awesome.  Not only has he come into his own as a street style photographer (he just finished a shoot for Racked Philly!!) but his amused, dry, slightly detached outsider voice is both refreshing and funny.  Especially in this blogging world that is inherently LOOK AT ME YAY ME HERE’S ME AGAIN!  (And he’s usually poking fun at himself.)

In his latest article, he’s talking about me (YAY ME LOOK AT ME) a little bit, and whether or not I sold out TO THE MAN.  Because, you see, I am (finally) making some $ off this blog.  To quote Brent, “Are you mad yet?”

Which reminds me:  I’m wearing Blank denim shorts and Madewell sandals.

Go read Brent’s article.  It’s awesome.



ps.  And for the record, as “edgy” as Brent likes to be, his daughter L-O-V-E-D the glitter.  In fact, little Esme actually swooned when the glitter came out.  After the shoot she came up to me and exclaimed – almost reverently – “Oh, Shana!  The glitter was just beautiful!”  #glitter #forever


  1. Where are the shots with glitter? I’m confused about that.

    I think blogging is a legitimate job. You hire a nanny to get work done. I think I remember you saying you devote 20-30 hours a week to the blog? You hired (or something) a web designer, photographer, hosting services, internet service – to provide entertainment for me. I wouldn’t expect you to do it for free! I don’t mind being linked to other blogs either, usually it’s something I like since you like it and I like your taste. I think the key is transparency. Readers don’t want to feel tricked in any way. If you’re being genuine about your likes (and link likes), I’m good with that.

  2. Can’t wait to read the article by Brent.

    Also, totally not selling out. I think being able to do something you are passionate about and make money is the most fulfilling thing ever. You go girl.

    • You said it. My grandfather always told me to “do what you love and love what you do.” Shana’s love…of family, fashion, blogging, style…shines through in her writing and every link shared here rings true to it. She’s (mom) editing my style/shopping in a way that I’ve neither the time nor inclination to, and making my life and look better for it. I’m thrilled she’s making money and I hope that will afford her the opportunity to continue doing it!

  3. Great article. I will be checking out his site. I love the photos and completely agree with him on this idea of “selling out.” Why shouldn’t you make money doing what you love and sharing your creative gifts? I say that’s something to celebrate.

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