Three Easy (and Comfy) Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas




It’s November.  Which means that I’m starting to scheme Thanksgiving outfits which will inevitably involve sweater dresses and/or turtlenecks. OR – gasp – turtleneck sweater dresses!  #fistbump #toetouch #airguitar

I’m crazy like that.  In all mah turtlenecks.

But Scotti was visiting and she, of the less turtleneck inclined, was all Please.  For the love of all things stiletto, please.  Please branch out.  And Nordstrom had asked me to take a look at the latest from Free People (since our love of all things Free People is so well-documented at this point) which dovetails nicely with our collective love of All Things Flowy on Thanksgiving (or any day that ends in “-ay”) so…yes.  It seemed like the perfect opportunity to expand my sartorial November horizons.

(For the record, it’s a good thing I did not initially see this Free People turtleneck sweater dress.  It would’ve halted all branching in its tracks.)

So.  Here are a few comfy, yet totally on-point Thanksgiving outfit ideas that keep the turtleneck thing to a minimum:

1. Remember the Three F’s:  Flares, Flow, and faux-Fur



It’s simple, really, this genius, go-to formula of Scotti’s:  Flares to look tall (even post-turkey), Flowy tops for better feasting and Faux-Fur to be fancy.  Done and done and done.





Outfit Details

Scotti –  Free People Tree Swing Top (xs),  Free People Flares (size 28), Topshop Faux Fur Vest (size 4), similar glitter bag and huge earrings, and a bunch of stackable bangles – I love this set or this one (buy a few of these sets)

Shana –  Free People Modern Love Turtleneck Mini Dress (xs), Free People Chunky Knit Scarf, Free People Marquis Ankle (Sock) Boot

2.  Get One Fabulous, Forgiving Dress (we LOVE this one)



The perfect Thanksgiving dress should be comfy and warm (but not too warm), forgiving on the pooch (who wears Spanx on Thanksgiving?  NO ONE), stretchy enough to move (gotta be able to pick up and smooch those babies), and, in my opinion, dark and patterned, thereby disguising any spills.

Paisley is genius for this. And this Free People dress in particular, is insanely comfy, has pockets AND a turtleneck so OBVIOUSLY I love it.  Almost like a sweater dress but a little bit fancier.




A few notes:  I hemmed this dress several inches shorter.  I do think it comes at a slightly awkward length (which might be perfect for tall gals).   But even Scotti liked it short.




Outfit Details

Scotti –  Free People Tree Swing Top (xs),  Free People Flares (size 28), Topshop Faux Fur Vest (xs), similar boots, similar glitter bag and huge earrings, and a bunch of stackable bangles – I love this set or this one (buy a few of these sets)

Shana –  Free People Modern Love Turtleneck Mini Dress (xs), Free People Chunky Knit Scarf, Free People Marquis Ankle (Sock) Boot


3. Faux-Leather Pants and Drapy Tops



I have a pair of faux-leather leggings, but sometimes they feel too much like pajamas for me to wear in a dressed-up situation.  And when someone’s spent all day cooking, the least I can do is put on real pants. (Scotti, however, totally disagrees.)  In any case, something we both agree on is that these faux-leather pants look surprisingly real IRL.



They’re brushed on the inside so they’re nice and soft and comfy to wear.  But since they look so leather pant-like, the one downside is that they also feel a bit leather pant-like.  You won’t be fooled into thinking you are wearing leggings – there’s a small restriction of movement (think jeans, rather than leggings).

But paired with some fabulously drapey knits, they’re a perfect option for Thanksgiving.  (Northern mamas – they’re also totally wind-proof.  Between the soft interior and oddly water-repellent exterior, these will be my go-tos on cold winter days.)



One note about the tops:  they run HUGE.  And the twisted gray cardigan that I’m wearing looks much better in real life.  I would’ve cried real tears to find this in my post-partum/nursing phase.  It was hard to photograph with all of the pumpkin nonsense.  #neveragain

But it was all worth it for this pic of Scotti’s pumpkins.  100% REAL, baby.


Outfit Details

Scotti –  Free People Tree Swing Sleeveless Top (xs),  Free People Faux-Leather Leggings (size 6), Free People Chunky Knit Scarf (xs), similar boots, similar huge earrings, and a bunch of stackable bangles – I love this set or this one (buy a few of these sets to recreate the look)

Shana –  Free People Long Beach tank (xs), Free People Drapy Wrap Front Top (xs), Free People Faux-Leather Leggings (size 0),  Vince Claire pumps, similar necklace


Of course, if faux-leather leggings or jeans are still too constricting for Thanksgiving…why not these Free People metallic sweater flare pants?  No, this is not a joke.  These are real, um, things.  (I hesitate to call them pants.)  I keep giggling at them….but sweater pants? Flared metallic sweater pants?  I’m tempted to try.  However, I think this Fringe Sweater Skirt might be a better option.  It’s theoretically a midi skirt, but would probably be maxi length on me.   I love the high slit up the sides and it would look so cute with a comfy sweater thrown over.

What else do you guys want to see for Thanksgiving outfit ideas?  Do you typically dress up fancy, or are you more of a Thankgiving-means-sweatpants kind of gal?  (And what I really want to hear is that you guys are DYING for a sweater dress roundup with lots and lots of turtlenecks….)




A huge thank-you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.  We’re always looking for pieces that can do double duty (real dates and and playdates) and Free People does this so well.  As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are completely our own.  Thank you for supporting the retailers who support The Mom Edit.  It doesn’t go un-noticed, and is so appreciated.


  1. I love how Scotti is wearing basically the same outfit featured by Cam as the maternity flare option. Yes I went out and got exactly that and was planning to wear it the entire Thanksgiving weekend. 🙂 Eating all the food and chasing toddler while very pregnant and looking fabulous. Thank you, TME!

  2. As the hostess, I will be in flats or barefoot. The older generation gets cold easily, so we will be cranking up the heat. As I will also be standing over a hot range, sleeveless top with an optional layer is key for my comfort. Oh, and washable, as I will spill or splatter something on myself!

    • OF COURSE. It’s funny, we so often travel for Thanksgiving that I have literally NEVER made Thanksgiving dinner! This year, we’ll be home, however….hmmmmm…..

  3. That chunky scarf looks beyond incredible. I want it for myself, and to give as gifts to all my friends here in Minneapolis – it’s cold! This thanksgiving I will be approaching 9 months pregnant and hosting with a 1 yr old running around – so I am just praying I can find SOMETHING holiday chic to wear and I don’t spill on myself too much! Love the post!!


  4. I like to dress up for the holidays but more cozy dress up than blingy:-) And yes to a sweater dress round up, preferably ones that are forgiving on the old mama pooch- with a 3 month old and a 3 year old I’m needing the clothes to be a little forgiving right now!

  5. Shana..unrelated to this article.(which I love by the way)…but did you prefer the smaller size in the patched Joe Fresh jeans? I know you ordered two sizes…and they are freaking awesome..:0

    • Yes – smaller!! Not the softest jeans in the world, but am hoping they soften with a few more washes. Because PATCHES TO DIE FOR. Right?

  6. First of all, you two are beautiful INSIDE and out! Such gorgeous ladies and I can feel the love between you- love, love, LOVE this post for I love seeing you together in person!!! My sister is one of my best friends so I have a soft spot for seeing sisters together. xoxo

    I echo some sort of sweater dress round up- or a body con dress with a cardigan over it- I am slowly working my way back to dresses, but need to feel warm! I saw a woman wearing a more fitted dress, but a longer cozy cardigan, and ankle booties, it was a perfect outfit. Would love to replicate that.

    As a side note, I bought the James Perse cashmere dress you featured last year and it is my all time favorite! Should have bought ten.

    • That dress is insanely good. And I’m still on the whole sweater-midi-dress bandwagon. With sock boots. Still haven’t quite figured out how to pull them off without high heels…..working on it.

      XO to you, Chick! Been thinking about you!

      • That dress is insanely good! And I cannot do high heels yet- but this dress/sweater combo would be a great every day outfit for me- especially if I like the plush fleece lined tights. Just ordered those.

        As for the thoughts, I can feel and appreciate your good vibes- sending some your way as well! xo

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