Three Free People Tops To Wear Now (And Later!)




Nordstrom asked me to take a look at Free People’s Fall collection and AHHHHH!  I want all the things!

What else is new, right?

So I tried to narrow it down to just the most practical (yet still drool-worthy) pieces.  The kind of pieces you really can wear every. single. day.  I came up with three perfect tops.  They’re all machine washable, insanely comfortable, and they’re all a little bit….wait for it….you know what’s coming….INTERESTING.


If I look back over the last few years of baby-growing, baby-wearing, and baby-chasing….many of my most-worn items are interesting tops by Free People.  And you know what?  I’m still wearing ’em.

Here are my current favs.

Option 1 – A Pretty, Lace(ish) Top


It’s been a solid two weeks of 90 degree weather, and this might be the ONLY top I’ve worn.  (Actually, no, there’s one other Free People top I’m loving, but it’s that awkward length is-it-a-dress-or-a-shirt so I’m still trying to figure it out.  More later.)  But this little number is cotton – soft, airy, blissful cotton.  (I’m wearing it over a nude lace bra, but have worn it over black as well – both work.  Also in a nursing-friendly version.)





True to form, I like this top with Vans and structural jewelry to offset all of the floof.  But floof is genius in 90 degree weather.  Below is my “so hot I’m DYING” face.  (And I have no explanation for Pax’s clothing choices.  None.)


Outfit Details

top:  Free People Beautiful Dreamer Top (size xs)

shorts: old One Teaspoon, but really it’s all about the angled hem.  These Volcom Yae shorts are similar.

shoes: Classic Vans

bag: ancient Marc Jacobs Nylon Hobo….the only one that’s close is the Marc Jacobs Nylon Tote.  (These things are machine washable, and hold up like a CHAMP.  I bought mine when pregnant with Raines.)

accessories: Soko Double Bar ring (obsessed with this entire line – affordable and cool)

On Pax: Doc Martens (40% off!!), Tucker and Tate Socks



Floofy shirts + turtlenecks 4 EVA.  Also loving this top with flares and a structured bag.  The structured bag offsets the boho tendencies of the outfit, and keeps it a little “off” (in the exact way I like).


Outfit Details

top:  Free People Beautiful Dreamer Top (size xs)

turtleneck:  Vince (Bought during the Anni sale because good god that’s pricey.  I was thinking of picking up another in a different color, but I’ll prob stick to this one from 1.State.  Love that it’s a little sheer.)

jeans: old, JBrand Lovestory, but I’m kinda obsessed with these Frame denim flares…..

shoesFree People Marquis Ankle Boot

bag: old, Kate Spade.  But I found another very cool plaid fabric satchel.  Great for people who get into solid-color ruts.




Option 2 – Mike’s Favorite Top




For some reason, the fact that this top is so long and my shorts peek out at the side is….somehow…exciting?  For Mike?  I don’t really know, and truth be told I’m putting words in his mouth but he did say – several times – that this top was his fav.  While staring at my legs.  And calling me ‘sexy lady’.  So there you go.



This top also half-tucks like a champ (so soft, and the drape is fab).  See how long it hangs down in the back?  Just part of it’s charm, I think.  A good way of wearing booty shorts when you don’t necessarily want your bum showing.


Outfit Details

top:  Free People Ventura High/Low Thermal (size xs)

shorts: old One Teaspoon, but really it’s all about the angled hem.  These Volcom Yae shorts are similar.

shoes: old, but these sandals have a similar vibe (the tan and gold, obviously)

bag: old, but OOOOHHHH… this one!  Similar vibe, and tassels!!  (Ignore the color in the pic – I like the tan and orange.)

lips:  Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in Crimson (they made me buy this lip pencil as well.  In Sangria.)




I’ll bet you thought I was going to wear leggings and over-the-knee boots with this top.  (You’d be right, BTW!)  But I wanted to show another option – with sock boots and a parka.

But yeah – I can totally see this top with leggings and over-the-knee boots, too.


Outfit Details

top:  Free People Ventura High/Low Thermal (size xs – sleeves run a bit tight)

jacket:  old, but this jacket by Levi is similar

shorts: old Rag and Bone….these Joe’s have both distressing and a longer hem

shoesFree People Marquis Ankle Boot

bag: old, but Sole Society makes a fringe bag in that perfect taupe that goes with everything.  (Again, ignore the pic in the shopping widget.)

accessories: Sydney Even Love Necklace, Gorjana gold Taner mini bar necklace

lips:  Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in Crimson (they made me buy this lip pencil as well.  In Sangria.)


Option 3 – Cold Shoulders And A Cozy Knit


Pretty much my go-to beach coverup, now that there’s a slight chill in the air.  (At least at the shore.  Downtown Philly is a whole different story.)




Outfit Details

top:  Free People Cold Shoulder Sweater (size xs)

bikini:  old, but I’m a sucker for a good summertime paisley bikini, and this one is great

shorts: old One Teaspoon, but really it’s all about the angled hem.  These Volcom Yae shorts are similar.

shoesReef Ginger (the only flip flops I wear – no uncomfortable rubbing, EVER)

bagMadewell Transport Tote

accessories: Sydney Even Love Necklace






Obsessed with the peek of shoulder underneath a cozy scarf.  And I love how sock boots slip right under straight-leg jeans.  Warm ankles alllll winter.



Outfit Details

top:  Free People Cold Shoulder Sweater (size xs)

scarf:  This scarf was part of the Norstrom Anni sale and is now sold out, but I’m seriously considering this gorgeous tan and orange blanket scarf as well.  My fav outfit upgrade.

jeansRag and Bone Slim Fit Boyfriend Jeans

shoesFree People Marquis Ankle Boot

bag: old, but Sole Society makes a fringe bag in that perfect taupe that goes with everything.  (Again, ignore the pic in the shopping widget.)

accessories: Soko Sasi Bar Ring


The entire Free People line is amazing, but these were my top three, in that wear-everyday kind of way.  I had such fun working on this article – there’s something about Fall fashion that is just so exciting.  Now if we could just get a *slight* crispness to the air…..



A huge thank-you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.  I’m always thrilled at the opportunity to hunt down cozy, comfy, interesting basics.  They’re totally my jam.  As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are completely my own.  Thank you for supporting the retailers who support The Mom Edit.  It doesn’t go un-noticed, and is so appreciated.



  1. I love these…especially the last one!!! Have you tried machine washing any of them? The few hand wash only items I have tend to spend weeks (er….maybe months) in the bottom of the hamper because I just don’t have time to actually hand wash. Eventually I give up, toss ’em in a lingerie bag in the washer and cross my fingers.

  2. Shana–meremay87 here, your lip color in that dark green jacket is perfection. You look lovely and if I had a reason for a jacket that would be it! Keep doing what you’re doing.

  3. I love these “now & later” posts! I also love anything Free People! I have a few of their tops/dresses that I too am confused on how to wear them sometimes. Most of their “dresses” are a bit toooo short for this 41 yo mama of 2 to feel comfortable in. I either wear skinnies or leggings with them but would love a post on your take! Their sizes are all over the place but their interesting cozy casual style Is EXACTLY what this mama loves. Their pieces are so easy to wear!

  4. sweet post! I bought 2 of those tops this week! I am tall, 5’10 not skinny, and I got mediums. the smalls even fit, but sleeves were too tight. the larges were super huge and LONG. My usual (local) stores sold out of the cream cold shoulder so I bought the rose which is a bit deeper color than shown online. Love them and thanks for showing me how to wear them!!! I love fall!!

  5. OMG, I am *dying* for the cold shoulder sweater. I am 30 weeks pregnant and wondering if I could wear it now *and* after to hide the baby chub and make nursing easier layered with a tank. Ahhh, I just ordered a bunch of stuff from Nordstrom yesterday and now think I need to add this one to the bunch.

      • I got the top in and really, really *wanted* to love it. I’ve tried it on 7-8 times and just… don’t love it. It is too wide in the chest area and about an inch or two too short to really work well with my proportions. Not sure if it would look better when I am no longer gestating a person but sadly, I think I’m returning it. The sleeves and neckline are *gorgeous* but the width vs. length thing just doesn’t work on me somehow. I’m so diappointed!!

  6. OMG I LOVE this post. Love, love, loveity- LOVE it! First of all, you are gorgeous as usual! Man you can rock ANy hair style and length…why? Because of your gorgeous smile!

    Now to my question. Can a taller woman with a slight pear shape pull this off? I always feel like my flat chested wider hipped self looks “off” in the flowy types of tops. Thoughts?

    • OMG thank you. You are too kind! I think it depends on where the top hits. And maybe the slimmer cut oxblood one would be better? Hmmmm…..let me think about this and talk to Scotti (she has a similar body type….just with a nursing rack). 🙂

      • My words may be kind but they are TRUE.

        You are on to something. I tend to do better with longer tops. If they hit at my hips I look even wider- or at least feel that way. But man oh man that open shoulder top with the scarf?? I’d wear that every ding-dong day if I could find one that would work. And, I live in flares- well really Paige has a flare/bootcut hybrid…so I was looking at your turtleneck floofy top outfit too.

        I’d love to hear Scotti’s take. Boy I miss my nursing rack…now I am a 32C according to Nordstrom- but in reality I am a 34AAA!

  7. When I saw the picture of the first outfit, my first thought was actually, “Damn! Shana’s legs look AMAZING!” Keep doing you, Shana.

    • I’m with Megan- I think Shana looks gorgeous. And my first thought was of how absolutely over-the-moon happy she looks as she walks towards her kiddo- the love is palpable…then the photo of her kissing Pax? Adorable!

      The one thing I would say is that I always do my best to ask myself the following questions before speaking or writing something: Are my words true? Are they kind? Are they necessary? Just saying…and I am not so sure that some of the comments fit that criteria…and I say that with love.

      And, on a final note, I guess we are all entitled to our opinions, and the good news is we are all able to dress the way we want, right? It’s kind of a fabulous thing that we can…

      • Beth and Megan – thanks for this. I ended up deleting those comments….they were just a tad unkind. So yeah. Gone. But I kinda loved the term ‘denim underwear’, LOL! Will prob use that from now on. Beth, I love your sentiment, “we are all able to dress the way we want….it’s kind of a fabulous thing that we can.” EXACTLY. Well said.

        • Shana wish I could add clapping emoji here- so glad you deleted the comments. So. Glad.

          I do believe it is kind of a fabulous thing that we are all able to dress the way we want. And you know what is even better? I have you to guide me along the way! Keep on doing what you’re doing! xo

  8. FP ~ I’m torn S. My honey went into Nordies last year to buy me a cardigan I desperately wanted (needed!!) for Christmas. The two sales associates ended up explaining to my love that FP is for people under the age of 30. This mama turned 40 a few months ago. Suffice to say, I’m hesitant to rock any FP now. Your thoughts? Have you heard this silliness about FP and age? I was shocked and embarrassed. Haven’t bought any FP since. 🙁 that cold-shoulder sweater makes my heart skip a beat though…. 🙂

    • J, this is nonsense. People who say stupid things like “this is only for people under the age of 30” tend to be…..people under the age of 30. It’s like all of that “helpful” advice about parenting from people who don’t have kids. Ignore, ignore, ignore. Pat them on their cute little heads, “awww…you think that? How precious. You must be 22!” and move on. I suspect that in another 10-15 years they’ll be singing a different tune. My advice? Wear what you love. Wear what makes you feel like you. There are no rules here – especially not age specific ones. (And how hysterical that there was all this fuss over a CARDIGAN. LOL! How did that conversation go? “No cool cardigans for YOU, OLD PEOPLE. Once you hit 30, you’d better stick to ones with embroidered pumpkins or kittens. Free People?? DREAM ON.”)

      • Yes!! I’m 41 and would happily wear FP everyday (if I could afford it). A cardigan?! A CARDIGAN ONLY FOR UNDER 30s???!!! I say eff them & wear it all!!!✌️

      • Ha! And of all things a cardigan?!? I could “understand” if it was a mini skirt or a grungy low cut top, but…a cardigan??? :D. Grandmas wear cardigans! 😉

        • You guys are too funny!! He said it went something like he asked for a specific cardigan and somehow the girls asked him how old I was when determining what size I would need (height, weight, and uh, age, please sir!) and when he said almost 40 they wrinkled their noses and said FP is really for younger people, typically under 30. Whaaaat? Sadly, the cardigan went the way of a consignment store; I was too scarred. 🙂 Totally agree – wear what you want and love. But for some reason the age comment stuck with me. Bummer. It was a cute cardigan this “old” lady really liked. lol

    • Funny, I’m working on that exact article right now. So these boots: amazingly soft leather – so soft they’re comfortable with or WITHOUT socks, super stable heel buuuut….the heel is very high. So. If you don’t have a problem with heels, you’ll LOVE these. If you are primarily a flats girl (like me), this heel height is tough. (Since we moved to downtown Philly, I walk miles+ in a day, so I’ve become an even bigger baby about heels, if that’s even possible.)

  9. I enjoy your work so much. You have my dream of a job, shopping at Nordstrom and writing about it. Instead I teach first grade and keep an eye on fashion. (I always joke that I’m going to go work at Nordstrom on stressful days.). Thanks for doing the research for us.

  10. I immediately had to order the Beautiful Dreamer top (even got it marked down – FP is veeery expensive here in Germany). It just arrived and I already love it. It would have never appealed to me from the shop foto. So, thank you! Can’t wait to wear it.

  11. This seemed like a good time to finally post a comment I’ve been thinking for a while. I’ve been in a bit of a bad place over the past few months — relationship problems, the insanity of being a SAHM to two small children, feeling lost and adrift and unclear of my identity. Clothes have always been a non-entity to me — I’ve known when I feel good or uncomfortable in an outfit but had never been able to identify which outfits caused which emotions.

    I found ANMJ 18 months or so ago and it literally changed my life. I know now that my style is a bit boho (Free People!!) and a bit badass/combat boots/plaid flannel and — more importantly — I know I can mix them. I finally feel comfortable in my own clothes and in my own style, and it’s giving me more confidence to approach the other areas in my life that need “style adjustments”. The Mom Edit as spiritual guidance — “a little bit boho and a little bit badass” is a pretty good way to approach life in general. 🙂

    Thank you, Shana (and the rest of you — particularly OE, my grunge plaid flannel combat boot sister!). Stay awesome. <3

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