When Three Moms Fly To Southbeach, Miami….


On L (left): La Blanca Top
On M (middle): Cocoship
On A (right): Salinas Bottom Salinas Top

I see you new moms out there.

And I feel you.  Genuinely.

Do you have a boob group?  Or a new mom group?  Or an infant play group?

Best new mom survival tactic ever.

Those…first days with your first child.  THOSE are the ones where you need other women, going through exactly what you are going through, spending their time exactly as you are, living your very same life, for the sake of sanity and support.  In general, I am not a ‘groups’ kinda girl – a more seasoned girlfriend basically signed me up as a ‘gift’ – and gift it was.  My group saved my life in those long, clueless days (and longer sleepless nights).  We found the laughter in the tears, and figured out how to care for babies, how to get everyone to eat, sleep, and exist – together.  It was just so much more rewarding because it was shared, both the great and the really challenging.

Mom groups:  our modern day ‘Red Tent.

While there are plenty of new groups in our city now, at the time I had my first child, there was one in our neighborhood:   Hall Mercer.  The next great place that opened here in Philadelphia, Nest, came after my third child was born, but was also such a wonderful place of support.  And of my original, first child, graduating class of moms that lived through the thick of those first months with a first child with me, I’m so lucky for 5 of us (actually 19 of us:  5 moms, 4 dads, 11 kids and counting), continuing, 9 years later, to still have dinner once a month (or every six weeks because, well, interference), life celebrations shared, an annual family tent camping trip, and…wait for it…our annual Moms’ Weekend Away.  Our kids consider each other ‘frousins.’  We consider each other sisters.  The hubs have come to love and laugh and adventure with the whole crew of us.  And once a year we take it on the road, or sometimes on a plane – just the moms!

This year was Miami.  With 2 missing for the first time ever:  Zika.  Enough said, you do the math.  So then there were 3.  And here’s how 3, advanced-maternal-age-9-years-ago-when-we-delivered moms do Miami:


W Southbeach

Mature, but fun.  Clean, but serious fun.  Great pool.  Great Beach.  Great Restaurants.  Incredible staff, and incredible scenery.  Great DJ.  Great Food.  Borrowable Bikes.  And did I mention???  FUN!!!



In Wynwood.   A-MAZING food.  And a genuinely fantastic scene.  From fun, friendly, well-dressed and clad Miamian’s to the Chef’s sub-2 year old daughter who is cuter than cute running the floor.


More, A-AMZING food.  And just so beautiful.  And again, Chef, sub-2 year old, cuter than cute, running the floor!

News Cafe

This place is a South Beach brunch institution.  More great people watching and a super great setting on the beach.  And really, when we are just moms, Brunch + Dinner + some poolside snack and mommy drinks is perfect!


Such a sweet place to enjoy a delicious jazz brunch by the beach after a long bike ride in the early morning!  I’d even like to come stay here on a trip back one day!


Wynwood Walls

Right around the corner from KYU.  A great place to walk off your 30-45 minute wait for a table.  A combo of ‘graffiti,’ in the most beautiful sense of the word, walls, and art galleries.  Breathtaking.  This one had been on my ‘to-do’ list for a while and it was a gift to get to see those beautiful walls with my girls!  Does anyone else see a Strong Feminine Theme here?

And maybe a little sidewalk poetry?

If I had gazillions  of dollars to spend, this would be S’s next bday gift:



Borrow or rent bikes for long rides in the early morning!  We rode from the W to Star Island and back to brunch both mornings and it was the perfect little ride!

Stand Up Paddle and then have a snack at The Standard!  So fun!!!



There is a stand, off Miami Beach, at approximately 14th Street.  Under the umbrella, a beautiful woman (also a mother to a young daughter) who makes the most lovely jewelry.  These were my take-home/Mother’s Day/sisterhood/thank you/daughter gifts from this trip.  Have you seen one of them on S’s neck?  Um…that was mean to be a double wrapped bracelet…but are you going to tell her it doesn’t belong on her neck?  I’m sure not.  Perfecto.  It looks beautiful just as you are wearing it!

Floridian Ocean Jewelry


And…I found shoes!!!!!!

I was planning on sitting out shoe season this year.  I can’t stand to have one more thing wrapped around my ankle.  My 40+ running-knees and calves are donedosana and need support all day every day.  I’m no longer in stilettos.  Nor wedges.  Nor anything other than kicks and Birkes.  AND THEN…we stumbled into Melissa and I walked out with ALL of my new summer shoes!!!  Amen Melissa!!!


And…simply because buying them in a shop is more fun, I also came home with a fresh set of these FLOATING sunnies, and a new color pair too (I also bought them in blue.)  Yes, they genuinely float!!!  And the yellow ones are easy to spot in the water!  They are my favorites for all sports in summer. They stay put, don’t slide, and when a wave, or kid knock them off your face mid-many-a-water-sport, you can just grab them back!

I love my mommy girls, and their unconditional love for and support of me, always, is meaningful to me beyond measure!  I can’t wait to see where we celebrate our 10th anniversary of momming together!  Plenty more fun to come!




And oh my gosh…in honor of all those new, old, novice, and experienced nursing moms, which I’m so grateful to have been one of and so relieved to be retired from…THIS was spotted in E terminal of MIA.  I have my thoughts on this after nursing 3 kids for a year each, but mostly, this just cracked me up and hopefully it gives you a giggle too (yes, it’s a nursing station that to me, looks like a boob:)



  1. Fun to see you in my neighborhood! Wish I would have known, I would have invited you for a drink! Never hurts to have a South Beach local reader when in South Beach! Anyway, glad you dug it! AMAZING place to be a mum and raise a baby! xoxo Lou

  2. Mom groups =LIFE! Lol! I go to MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers but now it’s for moms with school she kids, too) and it’s saving my sanity one week at a time!

  3. I am loving all of your shoe picks! I would love to see how you styled them all. I want to purchase, but I’d like to see them on. Or if you were to pick just one pair, which would you pick??? Thanks!! Great post!

    • Oooo..Just ONE pair??? I’d probably say the Salinas Hotness in pink. As for how to style? I’ll ask S to follow my feet with a camera this week and by the weekend we’ll post a few shots! In short, I’m wearing them with pretty much everything! And my feet are very happy! xo

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