Four Perfect, Pooch-Hiding, Nursing-Friendly Outfits For Fall (Including Date Night!)


Poochy mamas, rejoice!  This season has a ton of adorable, pooch-hiding tops in store…and the best news?  Not an empire-waist in sight!  

Outfit 1 – Playing at the Park

I tried on the BB Dakota top.  It's like a strange, but sophisticated hoodie that is crazy-comfortable and totally pooch-hiding.  So comfy, in fact, it could easily double as loungewear with these.  Nursing girls, this top easily pulls down for nursing access.


Post-Partum, Nursing Park Outfit




$10 -


Minnetonka boots
$90 -


Old Navy floppy felt hat
$20 -




Outfit 2 – Going to See the T-Rex at the Science & Nature Museum….

This vest does hit at the widest part of a post-partum stomach.  Yes.  I get that.  However, I found, more often than not, that the all-kinds-o-crazy-draping actually camouflages the pooch.  The trick is that vest should hit you high enough to cover the pooch…so shorter gals beware.  Nursing?  Layer this vest over a nursing tee – love that it will help to hide the tell-tale nursing tee lines.


PostPartum, Nursing, Museum Outfit


Old navy coat
$39 -


Nursing top v-neck – BoobDesign
395 SEK -


Mother jeans
$195 -


Madewell color block shoes
$65 -


Memoir Writing Top
$40 -




Outfit 3 – Playdate!

This sweater is perfect for disguising a post-partum pooch.  And on?  60's mod fabulous.  It looks a wee bit like my favorite pooch-hiding, black dolman sleeve sweater.  Urban Outfitters carries this sweater, as well as Shopbop.

And the high-waisted denim is so post-partum friendly.  Just zip that pooch right up.  



Postpartum, Nursing Fav Outfit



Cheap Monday grey sweater
€70 -


Madewell flare pants
$145 -


Cable beanie
$28 -




Outfit 4 – Date Night

Date nights were always the worst, post-partum.  It's one thing to don an oversized sweater and call it good during the day, but at night?  I always wanted something a littler sexier.  This top, I think, is perfect.  Wear it over a pretty (nursing) bra and let the straps peek out.  The model is wearing this top awkwardly – the band should rest on your hips, allowing the top to "blouse" and hide the pooch.

(remember "blousing" your tops?)


Postpartum, Nursing Date Night



PRPS denim jeans
$180 -


Cake Lingerie maternity
$35 -



Zara snakeskin handbag
$169 -


Gemstone drop earrings
$59 -




Not bad, right?  Hunh.  Almost makes me want to get pregnant again…



ps.  This post is dedicated to Rookie Mom Heather. 🙂


  1. you made me do a double take with the american eagle long sleeve tee at $1950, I was like, whaaat?? hehe, I had to go to their site and do some double checking and of course some online shopping. Love, love, love the Cheap Monday grey sweater.

  2. LOVE. LOVE the first outfit – it was going to be my head to toe look to buy. Alas the BB Dakota top is sold out. Sigh…
    Question about the “blousing” if I do that with the French Connection sweater, will it then emphasize my hips with the skinnier jeans?
    You guys are on a roll – love the posts and they are helping this mama rebuild her wardrobe one outfit at a time…Thanks!

  3. I’ve been reading consistently for the past few months now and I just wanted to say that I love these looks and love all the posts!

  4. Oh yay! Perfect timing! My baby girl is 7+ weeks old and it’s time to shop for nursing friendly tops (and my modified bod). Haven’t even read it yet — so excited about the topic! Always love your advice (loved the shopping guidelines from earlier in the week), so know I’ll love this post too.

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