Three Perfect Spring Transition Outfits For Nursing & Post-Partum Mamas


Well shoot.  I'm not currently nursing (and "post-partum" is stretching it)…but I'd wear any of these in a heartbeat.  



Look 1:

Flower Hair Clip, ASOS, $15 (I'm picturing this tucked nonchalantly into a messy bun)

Free People Story Teller Tee, $68 (it's waffle knit – so cozy!) 

Nixon Time-Teller Watch, $74 (I'm addicted to these bright, oversized watches)

Striped Backpack, BCBG at Nordstrom, $88

AG Stevie Cuffed Jeans, $188 at Anthro

TOMS in Orange Palm Trees, $54 (the only thing better than palm trees would be…nothing.  Nothing is better than palm trees.)


Look 2: 

Lanston Asymmetic Top, $95 at Shopbop (pooch-hiding, nursing-friendly drapiness at its best right here)

Autumn Cashmere Cardigan (almost sold out…try Target or Everlane)

Chewbeads Red Bracelet, $17 (A teething-friendly bracelet that I would actually wear…)

Marc Jacobs Medium Tate Tote, $198 (I swore by these when my little guys were young…and I'm still using them.  These nylon, washable bags rock my diaper-baggin' world.)

Gap Boyfriend Jeans (Soooo…I tried them recently and wasn't impressed.  Have been hearing much better things about Old Navy's version.  Go figure. 

Tieks Unmellow Yellow, $195 (aka my favorite flats ever)


Look 3:

Blackbird Colorblock Tee, $68 at Anthro

Slouchy Beanie, $12 at ASOS

Lily Jade Diaper Bag, $260 for another few days (then will shoot up to $335)

AG Stevie Cuffed Jeans, $188 at Anthro 

Steve Madden Trooper Lace-Up Boot, $100 at Urban (I wear mine almost every day.  Grace, I have you to thank.  I know I owe you an article about these…how 'bout I just wear them in virtually every pic instead?)


Happy Monday!  (already?!?!)




  1. Love the looks, and I am not nursing- and considering my kiddos are in lower elementary school I doubt I can say post-partum- still love the pairings you created!
    Quick question though- I never know what to do with the tops- leave them out? Half-tuck? Please share your thoughts- for I need spring outfits like yesterday!

  2. Another note about the Gap boyfriend jeans as of 3/20/14, they’re on back order until 4/29 (or 6/29 depending on wash and size/length) in just about every size. boo.

  3. Love it! Thanks, Shana! I’m having the second little guy in three weeks and have been having an existential crisis over spring nursing looks.
    p.s.- is it blasphemy to use my leather Coach duffel as a diaper bag?

  4. I just found out I’m pregnant with my fifth so this post couldn’t be more perfect for me. I love those Tieks. My only question is that when I’m pregnant, my feet tend to morph into wide, stupid, Fred Flintstone feet. Would these work for me do you think? Maybe the Toms would offer more support. I also love those AG jeans, I wore AG jeans for almost my entire last pregnancy (who am I kidding? More like only 4 months of it), but still!, they are so stretchy and wonderful.

  5. Those look really great, and doable even for me. I’m making fashion progress. You’d be proud (I mean, not if you just saw me on the street, but if you saw me now vs a year ago ๐Ÿ™‚ )
    Question though – I love the ever-so-casually-drapy-and-slouchy look, but all I ever get is frumpy slob, so I’ve basically given up on it. I’m larger chested, so I think things hang off the girls and give me a tent look? Or maybe I need to learn how to identify good drape and buy nicer items? If you wanted to make a graph or chart for this…

  6. I love this vibe, too, but it’s not easy with boobs! After almost two years nursing my youngest I’m down to an almost C (can’t quite squeeze in but a single D at most now) and you’re spot on – material matters! The other thing I’ve found is that sizing up (way up) for drape is usually a disaster. Buying a little larger but in a tall size works much better for me. If you’re petite that’s no help, but if you’re medium height it might work. Coupled with Shana’s half-tuck, of course!

  7. S, these looks are PERFECTION. I’m so into that first one it’s not right. … I struggle with cardis, though. As an hourglass, what’s the button situation? Thanks!

  8. Do you think boyfriend jeans work for the pregnant body? Expecting my second and trying to figure out what to invest in for the coming months! Filing away these ideas for the end of August when my baby will be here; they could work for early fall too!

  9. LOVE these looks… but way to pricey for my budget. any idea where to get similar looks that are more affordable? (specifically the tops in #1 & #3)

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